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ASP.NET empowers you to develop your own storage provider and you can use it in your developed application without any further or re-coding. In this article, Aegis Soft Tech professionals will describe how to implement a custom MySQL ASP.NET Identity storage provider. This topic is shared to help entire ASP.NET development community and its developers across the world.

Things we will be covering in this tutorial are:

Source to downlead MYSQL storage provider- link

Creating MySQL database sample on Azure

This is how it will appear

3. Select ClearDB MySQL Database from Choose and Add-on wizard and click on next.

4. As we are making a sample, select the free plan and name it to IdentiyMySQLDatabase. After selecting nearest region you can click on next.

5. Accept the legal terms to accomplish database development.

6. Now you can manage your developed database from Add-ons tab available in management portal

7. Now click the Connection Info to avail database connection information

8. You need to copy the connection string by simply clicking on the copy button. You can keep it safe for later use in MVC application.

ASP.NET Identity Tables development in Database
You have to install MySQL Workbench tool for connecting and handling database.

Develop a MVC application project

3. Your new Asp.Net development Project dialog will show you a lsit of templates, you can select MVC template with default options and select OK.

8. You can now open the file- IdentityConfig.cs. Replace UserManager in the ApplicationUserManager.create method with below code:

9. You need to open your Web.config file to replace your DefaultConnection string with this entry replacing the yellow marked values with the MySQL databse connection string created previously:

Running your developed Asp.net app and connecting to MySQL Database by following these steps:

5. You have registered successfully as a new user and logged in.

6. You can check all user entries by going back to MySQL workbench tool and reviewing IdentityMySQLDatabase table’s content.

This tutorial is shared to assist Asp.net development community and developers in implementation of a custom MySQL Asp.net identity storage provider without re-doing alterations in the application by & Aegis Soft Tech .net Development Company.

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