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Aegis developers are sharing this tutorial with global IT development community to help them in Pentaho BI Data Integration using specialized tool and technique. Before starting the project, you need to download

pdi-ce- version. I assume you already have downloaded pdi-ce- (for me this is the latest version).

Extract the Zip file and move extracted folder to /opt/pentaho/ Use below command to move folder

sudo mv <source>/data-integration /opt/pentaho/. Now move to the folder data-integration and run below command.

sudo ./spoon.sh This is your first perspective main screen of the tool.

You can see the Left panel with two options

Get Started with the first step for data integration, lets have a hands on example of MySql datatable to Text file data integration.

On left side you are having Database connection and Partition schemas and on and on... few things are basics and few things are very advance, we will get to know in further studies.

Now Go to Design Tab beside View, and here you can see all these folders Input⁄Output and so many.

In this tutorial we will learn basically how to get used to this component, what is the basic style to use input⁄output source.

Also you can write yout own SQL custome queries inside it.

Lets start >> Double click on it.

(But before that you should have the library (JAR) file to establish a connection with your database. So first go the data-integration folder data-integration⁄lib⁄ and check for the particular jar, if it is not available then add it. I assume it will not have JAR to connect with mysql so add mysql-connector-java-5.1.34.jar and restart the tool.)

Now what I want to do is, read the data from database table and save it to the text file.

Configure an Output source.

Click on that output arrow and place your mouse to the Text file output icon move it till it changes the color of a line and establish connection between Table input and Text file Output.

Now you got the fields and then click on OK, and save the transformation again.
Thats It, you can now RUN the transformation by clicking PLAY button on the top.

Click on LAUNCH and it will execute the transaction.
You should see the execution result like this.

DONE. Go and check your output file with table data.

We hope this tutorial has made you clear how to use pentaho data integration tool. You can feedback this story while commenting below. You can also make queries related to Pentaho development and our experts will reply to them soon.

For further information, mail us at info@aegissofttech.com

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