Expert Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developers

Hire the best Microsoft CRM developers in India

At Aegis, we service the needs of both large-scale enterprises and mid-sized companies with end-to-end services in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We are able to deliver these needs at a fraction of the cost that competitors charge owing to a dedicated, full-time team of Microsoft CRM developers and CRM programmers.

MS CRM Development
  • Domain Consulting
  • Gather client’s CRM needs
  • Define CRM Roadmap
  • Suggest CRM customization
  • Solution Implementation
  • Online support
  • CRM Implementation
  • Reporting Services
  • Design
  • Develop and generate
  • CRM reports
  • Data Migration
  • Legacy applications
  • Batch Integration
  • Data ETL

Engage Aegis’ Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer team for an unbeatable value proposition

If you are looking for CRM integration developers in India, Aegis is your one-stop for customized CRM solutions.

When you choose to hire our Microsoft CRM developers, it means that creating a strong value proposition is your primary requirement.

CRM Experience

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM experience spans several projects in MS technologies and products that we have designed developed and deployed. These cost-effective and robust solutions have helped our clients reap effective benefits. We have also provided product maintenance along with end-user support to our global clients.

Better ROI

Whilst creating deeper relationships with customers and personalising every interaction is important, companies also have to focus on quicker and more efficient return on investment. With our CRM solutions, you can achieve your sales targets by setting clearer goals and keeping track of results in real-time.

End-to-End Expertise

Aegis’s end-to-end CRM expertise is renowned in the CRM industry. We employ a team of domain experts and MS-certified consultants who have implementation experience across diverse verticals such as manufacturing, retail, logistics, communication, among others, and that’s not all. We provide product maintenance and end-user support to clients as well.

Why Aegis should be your only choice for hiring MS CRM programmers

  • Experts at package implementation methodology with emphasis on standards and processes
  • Diverse experience in MS Dynamics packages with strong domain understanding
  • In-depth knowledge of application upgrade services
  • Our speed of implementation reduces total cost of ownership and ensures rapid ROI
  • End-to-end services – right from designing to user support and maintenance

What our MS CRM developers can do for you

  • CRM integration services
  • CRM migration services
  • Package evaluation
  • Global implementations
  • DBA support
  • Product Licensing

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