Endless Opportunities with Apache Spark Analytics

Apache Spark has revolutionized the way we manage with big data. In technical terms, it is an open-source cluster computing framework. And, in simple terms, it is an advanced engine that has capabilities to process large data sets at a great speed enabling you to tap on the endless opportunities that big data presents.

The Apache Spark has a comprehensive environment that processes and analyzes data at a lighting fast speed. The Apache Spark ecosystem primarily includes:

  • Spark SQL: A module for processing structured data.
  • MLib: A machine learning library that stores algorithms.
  • Spark Streaming:A model for developing streaming apps.
  • GraphX: An API that deals with graphs and computations.

Our Cutting-Edge Apache Spark Services

Spark is one of the core technologies that we at Aegis cater to. We offer comprehensive Apache Spark consulting, analytics, and web services. Each of our service team includes experts who have domain expertise and working knowledge of different big data technologies.

Apache Spark Consulting Services at Aegis comes with host of advantages for clients who seek perfection in what they do. We assess your current models and practices to give you a real picture of the level and depth of work required to make your Apache Spark initiative a success. We give you approximate numbers to plan your investment, and tentative time to prepare involved parties.

  • Develop
  • Customize
  • Implement

Apache Spark Analytics is a high-level service delivered by highly committed professionals at Aegis. We use the unified ecosystem and Apache Spark web services to manage and process large data sets that are either structured or unstructured. We use the machine learning, streaming, and computing features to give you the best and real-time insights that will make your decisions more impactful.

  • ML and Predictive Analysis
  • Enhanced Data Processing
  • Graph Computation

Our Real-Time Apache Spark Web Services

As an organization, we share some commonalities with Apache Spark. While Spark is believed to be the best in what it does, we are best in what we offer. We use the powerful Spark solutions to deliver value adding services.

  • Real-Time Streaming
  • Real-Time Text Analytics
  • Real-Time Text Mining
  • Real-Time Profiling

We use tried-and-tested approaches when it comes to delivering Apache Spark services requiring analytics or consultation.

Get in touch with us at info@aegissofttech.com. for more information on our Apache Spark consulting and analytics services. You can also fill-up the quick inquiry form and our team will get in touch with you within two working days.

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