iPhone developers need to get their heads around these features and update their apps

Few days ago, Apple launched iPhone 6 versions and now, it’s time for iOS 8 to make its actual appearance in front of users. Developers have had access to the version for iOS app development since June to explore all the latest features and test their developed iOS apps. If you have just heard this news today, then don’t be guilty because here we have brought a list of five alterations you will experience as a developer while working on your iOS app development project.

Adaptive User Interface

Forget about the old interfaces offered by iOS 7 and older versions, where developers needed to think about certain ways users might encounter their apps- horizontally and vertically. With Auto layout feature, iOS app development becomes easier and developers can simply fit their apps to screens. If you have not used Auto layout feature, the right is now!

Context Sensitivity

Apple users have a special demand for smarter devices that include different modes (day and night) for apps through which they can adjust their brightness as per the need.

iOS 8 new context sensitivity feature makes iOS app development more interesting for Small Business Enterprises iPhone Apps Developers. All latest Apple devices are equipped with sensors to determine altitude and movement, these sensors play vital role for app development.

Extended Functionality

iOS 8 simplified addition of API functionality to apps in general. These APIs assist developers in their iOS app development project and allow them to add new functionality to their application without rediscovering the wheel.

Outside the box

The role of Notification center is going to be vast with iOS 8 apps. More developers will seek advantage to display different and fresh notifications from different apps.


This topic will remain incomplete without discussing about Swift. After releasing worldwide, the language is intended to be simpler to use as compared to Objective C. Apple specially introduced Swift for developers to make iOS app development simpler.

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