List of mistakes that android development companies in India should avoid

Aegis professionals offering android development in India have made a survey and found a list of mistakes made by developers during app development process. With this article, we are making an attempt to prevent development community from repeating these mistakes.

There is nothing to dislike about Android platform- it is free and rapidly growing due to its customizable features and availability on cross-platform devices. Thousands of gadgets and devices with different screen sizes and configurations are available in the market. Yet developers sometimes fail to build apps that perform in the same way on every gadget or device. It happens due to introduction of bugs in the programming. Developers can prevent these bugs with the help of right basics.

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The list of mistakes includes:

1. Developing for iOS

This mistake is less common in present days may be because clients have started realizing that the days are long gone when Apple was setting its design standards. But even now and then, we encounter an app that is an iOS clone. Believe it or not- pushing iOS design standards to development is not so good strategy.

2. Developing for your device

To make your app working on all devices, it is important to consider all devices rather than building an app for a single tablet.

No one can own all thousands of devices and design apps accordingly, but developers can use Android Emulator for replicating physical devices and making successful attempt for android development. One can also try out Genymotion.

Don’t forget to check the app while rotating screen of your device.

3. No use of intents

Intents are the key components of Android. These are used as a way of passing data among different parts of the app or different apps in the system.

4. No use of fragments

Fragments are separate building blocks having their own life cycles- they help in optimizing various screens. Fragments are reusable, manageable, easy to combine, and position as per the need.

5. Not understanding the Bitmaps

Users demand content design. Use of image and graphics can make a big difference. To display bitmaps in efficient way, you need to:

  • Measure the view for your image
  • Crop or scale the large image as per the screen size
  • Show only the things can be displayed

The demand for android app development India is accelerating very quickly. May be the companies have started recruiting the best talent for their premises or developers have understood the mistakes they don’t need to repeat

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