Sever side deployments on Java application development


In recent years, best practices for Java application development has been expanded significantly. The practices have made project management and java development much easier for Java programmers. In this blog, we will discuss how java projects can be completed quickly when variegated deployment options are available for programmers.

Deployment Options

There are plenty of choices availale for Java application development but ultimate goal is successful deployment in production environment. Each deployment facility has unique technical and functional requirements. Capabilities of target server will also decide on technical requirement of deployment facility.

Programmers are creative and they will discover clever ways to solve the problem. They also put significant quality when requirements of end users are considered.

  • Server Outside – Here server is installed outside of web application. Once application is developed and configured, it is loaded to server. The problem is developer need a separate server for application testing. Secondly, there may be compatibility issue during uploading of any web application.
  • Server within a project – In this case, there is built-in plug-ins embedding server. The only problem is that there is still external server required during final deployment. The problem is still the same, so we need game changing solution that can reduce time and testing efforts for programmers significantly.
  • Server inside and alongside – This is an intelligent solution that handles all above listed problems. Here server is installed inside and alongside the application. The method reduces overall deployment requirements and compatibility issues.

Predicting future in realm of life is almost possible. It may take years in developing and deploying single software project to end users. Also purpose of any particular project also varies based on business and customer needs. However, the targeted audience and amount of web traffic will surely affect technical and deployment requirements and programmers need to work accordingly to discover intelligent solutions.

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