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Microsoft always bring relishing treats for developers and this time, the company has reinforced its commitment to enhance cross-platform development experience by expanding .net to run on the Mac OS and Linux platforms and by open sourcing the full server side .net stack. The company has also launched Visual Studio Community, which is a free available edition of Visual studio that offers convenient access to the core toolset of Visual studio.

New capabilities offered by latest .net development update

In today’s era, developers required new tools that target several different form factors and platforms due to endless users for distinct devices. Visual studio and .net updates aim for delivering comprehensive end-to-end solution for entire development community to build and handle applications across multiple platforms and devices. Major capabilities introduced by Microsoft are:

Accessible, open, and cross platform

Meeting the promise of cross-platform development support, Microsoft is offering comprehensive .Net server stack for free, including .Net compiler,, .net core runtime, libraries and framework. This empowers developers to intend applications with .net across Mac, Windows or Linux platform. Quick Inquiry

Visual studio for developers

Visual studio 2015 and .Net 2015 – ideal for any device

Visual studio 2015 allows developers to build apps and services for any type of device on any platform as it has support for iOS, windows and android.

Building for the cloud

With preview of 5.0 announcement, optimization for cloud and server workloads and streamlining of framework become easier.

Additional capabilities for Visual Studio online include:

  • Release management as a service- allows users to automate and handle app releases in the absence of service infrastructure set up.
  • Cloud deployment projects- allow companies to simply and reliably configure test, development and production environments in Azure.
  • Visual studio 2013 update 4

This is fourth rich featured update that includes several productivity enhancements and additional capabilities.

New .net Framework 4.8 update

.NET framework 4.8 brings latest features in the listed areas-

  • Base classes
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Common Language Runtime

Enhanced accessibility allows an app to offer precise experience for users and it is a major center point of .net framework 4.8.

The .net framework is intended to make apps more accessible for the users. The framework includes a large number of accessibility enhancements that allow developers to build accessible apps.

4.8 version includes latest accessibility features in the following areas-

Windows forms – These forms add support for LiveRegions and Notification Events to several commonly used controls. User can also avail support for ToolTips while navigating to a control by using the keyboard.

  • UIA LiveRegions support in StatusStrips and Labels- UIA LiveRegions enable app developers to send notification to screen readers of a text change in a control that is located apart from the working location of the user.
  • UIA notification events allow the app to raise a UIA event
  • ToolTips on keyboard access

Windows Presentation Foundation

Windows Workflow Foundation workflow designer- it includes the following listed changes in .Net 4.8

  • Users applying Narrator will notice enhancements in FlowSwitch case labels
  • Users applying Narrator will notice enhancements in button descriptions
  • Users who opt for High contrast themes will notice enhancements in the view of the Workflow Designer and its controls.

Base Classes

Reduced FIPS impact on Cryptography

In earlier versions of the .net framework, cryptographic provider classes like SHA256 Managed throw a Cryptographic Exception when the cryptographic libraries of the system are configured in “FIPS mode.” These exceptions are there because the managed versions of the cryptographic provider classes have not undergone FIPS 140-2 certification. Since few developers own development machines in FIPS mode, the exceptions are usually thrown in production systems.

WCF or Windows Communication Foundation

ServiceHealthBehaviour is a WCF service behavior used to extend IserviceBehavior. When it is added to the ServiceDescription.Behaviors collection, a service behavior does the below things-

  • Returns service health status with HTTP response codes.
  • Publishes informtaion related to service health.

WPF or Windows Presentation Foundation

High DPI enhancements

In .net 4.8 framework, WPF adds support for Mixed-mode DPI scaling and per-monitor V2 DPI Awareness. The latest framework enhances support & .net development for hosted Windows forms and HWNDs interoperation in high DPI WPF apps on platforms with supported Mixed-Mode DPI scaling.

Common Language Runtime

The runtime in .net 4.8 framework has listed changes and enhancements –

  • Enhancements to the JIT compiler – the Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler included in .net 4.8 is based on the JIP compiler in .Net core 2.1.
  • NGEN enhancements – The memory management for Native Image Generator images has improved by the runtime. This update lowers the surface area to attack that attempt to execute code of arbitrary by enhancing memory that’ll be executed.
  • Antimalware scanning for all assemblies(AMSI) – In the older versions of the .net framework, the runtime scans all assemblies loaded from disk with the help of Windows Defender or third-party antimalware software. The .net 4.8 version running on Windows 10 has a runtime that triggers a scan with antimalware solutions that implement the AMSI.

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