Latest .Net Development Capabilities Released By Microsoft For Global Developers

Microsoft always bring relishing treats for developers and this time, the company has reinforced its commitment to enhance cross-platform development experience by expanding .net to run on the Mac OS and Linux platforms and by open sourcing the full server side .net stack. The company has also launched Visual Studio Community 2013, which is a free available edition of Visual studio that offers convenient access to the core toolset of Visual studio.

New capabilities offered by latest .net development update

In today’s era, developers required new tools that target several different form factors and platforms due to endless users for distinct devices. Visual studio and .net updates aim for delivering comprehensive end-to-end solution for entire development community to build and handle applications across multiple platforms and devices. Major capabilities introduced by Microsoft are:

Accessible, open, and cross platform

Meeting the promise of cross-platform development support, Microsoft is offering comprehensive .Net server stack for free, including .Net compiler,, .net core runtime, libraries and framework. This empowers developers to intend applications with .net across Mac, Windows or Linux platform.

Visual studio for developers

Visual Studio community is free, fully featured edition that includes comprehensive extensibility. It offers easy access to toolset to developers regardless the platform, and devices.

Visual studio 2015 and .Net 2015 – ideal for any device

Visual studio 2015 allows developers to build apps and services for any type of device on any platform as it has support for iOS, windows and android.

Building for the cloud

With preview of 5.0 announcement, optimization for cloud and server workloads and streamlining of framework become easier.

Additional capabilities for Visual Studio online include:

  • Release management as a service- allows users to automate and handle app releases in the absence of service infrastructure set up.
  • Cloud deployment projects- allow companies to simply and reliably configure test, development and production environments in Azure.
  • Visual studio 2013 update 4

This is fourth rich featured update that includes several productivity enhancements and additional capabilities.

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