Introducing Asp.Net MVC Web Development Update - Telerik UI


What features Telerik UI brings for Asp.Net MVC web development community will be discussed by experts in this article. Keep reading it to know basic things about these features.

1. RadDataLayout

After releases of RadDataLayout, users have accepted it by heart. They can avail all layout capabilities of the layout control while using RadDataLayout. Moreover, the update can automatically develop the required items and editors for data object. User can arrange them easily using drag and drop option and end users will have facility to rearrange the editors.


2. RadDaigram

RadDaigram control is stable and has more features for users. A few highlights are as follows-

  • DataBinding support
  • Text tool
  • Settings pane
  • Localization
  • Information tool
  • Performance enhancements

3. RadDateTimePicker and RadCalendar

Users can now avail the functionality that supports Arabic calendars. The RadDateTimePicker and RadCalendar are now supporting Hijri, Shamsi, and Umulqura calendars.

4. RadGridView

The column group view definition layout is the most popular feature of RadGridView. It enables users to create intricate column layouts. In Telerik UI release, officials have enhanced the functionality and the underlying algorithm to turn on more capabilities of the layout. The new functionality add on to Property Builder will allow user to develop desired columns layout with drag-&-drop option.

5. RadDock

Pinned tabs, latest docking guides for ToolWindows and pinned tabs are few highly requested features available in RadDock.


6. RadPropertyGrid

It has an export functionality using the SpreadProcessing library.

7. RadTreeView

The export to excel functionality is the latest addition to the control- thanks to TreeViewSpreadExport, which uses SpreadProcessing libraries (that allow exporting to csv, xlsx, txt, and pdf files).

Asp.Net MVC web development community can explore major functionalities and features of this latest Telerik UI release. To try it, you can log in to your Telerik account or download a free trial. Genuine reviews are welcome!

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