Robust ASP.Net MVC Development Services

  • 14+ Years of Software Development Expertise
  • 35+ ASP.Net developers
  • ISO & Duns & Brad Certified
  • Delivered & maintaining Large scale systems for
    US & Global clients

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Client Speaks

Client Speaks - Testimonials for Aegis Software

Aegis softtech, the next generation software solutions company assembles excellence and efficiency together, facilitating exceptional outcomes for clientele, especially in the development arena.

By collaborating with Aegis softtech, clients are assured of best possible MVC development services, for we have been rendering high standard services being a diligent .net development company for all these years.

Market-ready ASP.Net Development services supporting 100+ client projects worldwide

Objective of AegisSoftTech ASP.Net development services

  • Market-ready, competitive, high-performing ASP.Net MVC solutions
  • Cost-effective consulting services to suit your mission critical project needs
  • Deliver highly scalable solutions as a reputed .Net Development Company
  • Help client scale up the business and expand manifold cross-industry
  • Maximum utilization of ASP.Net development resources for increased benefits

Breadth of our ASP.Net development offerings

  • Customized ASP.Net software package application development
  • Web application development
  • ASP.Net consulting
  • Software application migration
  • .Net design evaluation and .Net web service provision
  • .Net enterprise application development and portal development
  • Project Management & Planning
  • Architecture, Analysis, and Design
  • Demo and Prototyping
  • Developing Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams etc.
  • Optimizing Database Design and Development
  • Debugging & Performance Tuning

Unmatched technology competence implemented successfully across 80+ client projects

Technology Environment Reporting Third Party Controls Platforms Tools and Libraries
ASP.NET Visual Studio 2013 Crystal Reports Telerik R.A.D Web Controls SharePoint Portal Server 2007 NUnit
MVC Web / API Visual Studio 2012 MS SQL Reporting Services Nhibernate Windows Azure Enterprise Library
Windows Forms Visual Studio Team Foundation Server DevExpress Xtra Reports Infragistics NetAdvantage Office SharePoint Server 2010 NAnt
ASP.NET AJAX Resharper Aspose Components DevExpress Controls Community Server NDoc
Silverlight SharpDevelop Xceed BizTalk Server FxCop
.NET Remoting       Reflector
Web Services         CruiseControl

Expert, Proven ASP.Net Development from a Market Leader

As a leading-edge.Net Development Company, we bring to the fore services with long-term benefits and insights for the client.

Overall client rating is 10/10 for ASP.Net Development customer satisfaction surveys

Benefits of our ASP.Net MVC Development Services

  • Experience spanning over 10 years in ASP.Net MVC Development
  • CMMI certifications
  • Team comprising highly experienced ASP.Net experts
  • Exposure to cross-industry projects globally
  • Comprehensive and customized solutions to render your business effective
  • Reduction in total costs of ownership and operational overheads
  • Infrastructure optimization
User Interface layer Middle Tier Data Layer Advanced Programming Tools
  • Use of Smart Client and Web Client Factories
  • WinForm (custom controls, asynchronous data and message processing, custom designers, Vista look-n-feel, 2D Graphics, GDI+, font management )
  • WebForms (custom frameworks, controls, caching, XML/XSLT, Ajax, XHTML)
  • SilverLight (1.0 and 2.0)
  • Flash/Flex/ActionScript
  • W3C Compliant Code
  • Use of Microsoft Web Service Factory
  • Web Service Extensions, SOAP customization, XSD usage
  • Enterprise Services (distributed transactions)
  • WCF (Windows Communication Framework .Net 3)
  • Custom Activities, Custom Rules Engine


  • Offline database processing (advanced Dataset management, caching, synchronization, automation of data access layer)
  • Database to Object mapping technique.
  • Object Persistence Layer & Typed Queries
  • Reporting (Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, OLAP)
  • LINQ (.Net 3.5)
  • ADO. Net Entity Framework (.Net 3.5)
  • Reflection (dynamic emitting of assemblies, CodeDOM, custom attributes, auto generation of Web Service proxy)
  • Security (windows authorization, ASP.Net Membership, cryptography usage)
  • COM Interop, PInvoke, IE, MS Office and shell integration
  • Multithreading (synchronization, thread-safe UI, thread pooling, com interop apartments management)
  • Serialization (custom, selective, versioning support)
  • Deployment (web deployment, auto-upgrades)
  • Globalization (multi-language application support)
  • .NET Compact Framework (SQL Server CE)
  • Microsoft Enterprise Library
  • Microsoft Software Factory
  • NUnit - An unit testing framework.
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Dyanamsoft Source Anywhere
  • Subversion
  • Visual Source Safe
  • Gemini - Elite Dashboard System (Project/Issue Tracking)
  • ITA - Issue Tracking Anywhere (Project/Issue Tracking)
  • Telerik&Infragestics (Third Party Controls for ASP.Net)

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