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QA Automation Testing Services

Is manual software testing eating up your time, money & resources?

Well, this is why many of our clients have moved to automate software tests. Our test automation experts can not only automate your existing manual testing but also take your test strategy to a new level of productivity. This means saving time, money, and resources while improving your software testing process's accuracy, reliability, and scalability.

Empowered Clients

Our QA automation testing company has helped our clients achieve 30% more productivity during the SDLC and 40% faster regression cycles - not to mention at least a 25% reduction in the development and testing costs.

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Our Software Testing Automation Services

Test automation is using software to execute predefined tests on a software application. The tests are executed by an automated tool rather than human beings - which increases the speed and efficiency of these tests. Test automation services can test any software, including websites, mobile applications, desktop applications, and even embedded devices such as smart home appliances.

At Aegis Softtech, we provide QA automation testing services to our clients worldwide. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced testers who have been in the industry for more than 10 years. They are skilled enough to identify any bugs or issues in your application and fix them in no time. Here are some of the important software testing automation services we offer.

Automated Functional Testing

Automated Functional Testing

Automated functional testing assures that the application performs all its functions correctly by validating user actions and responses against business requirements. We also verify that the features and functions being developed meet quality standards.

Automated Regression Testing

Automated Regression Testing

Automated regression testing helps companies achieve high-quality software products by reducing the time required to test them after each build. We automate regression tests to ensure that the new changes do not cause errors in existing functionality.

Automated Unit Testing

Automated Unit Testing

Unit tests are used to test individual units of code. We conduct QA automation testing services to determine whether or not one or more code units are working properly. Our testing team automates this test to ensure that any new code doesn't break other parts of the application.

Automated Acceptance Testing

Automated Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is a critical component of the SDLC. We automate the acceptance tests through smart tools and systems to discern the acceptance levels concerning user expectations. We ensure that the software meets the user's requirements to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Automated Performance Testing

Automated Performance Testing

We ensure that applications perform within acceptable limits at various levels of scale and under various workloads through performance automation testing. This will maintain the same level of operability that will continue to function well under real-world conditions in production environments.

Automated Smoke Testing

Automated Smoke Testing

Smoke tests allow you to check whether your system performs at least some essential functions like logging in or loading pages properly. We use smoke tests during the initial stages of development when you're still building out your product or website and want to ensure it's working correctly before moving on to more complex tests.

UI/UX Automation Testing

UI/UX Automation Testing

Our automated UI tests use Selenium WebDriver, one of the most popular frameworks, to test the user interface for its seamless navigation and user-friendliness. This will help you ensure that users can interact with your website or application without any issues or problems.

API Automation Testing

API Automation Testing

Our API test automation service is designed to test an API for functionalities like authentication, authorization, data validation, etc. It ensures that all elements of an API are functioning correctly before releasing it to production. This type of testing can be performed using WebDriver or any test automation tool like Selenium, JMeter, etc.

We Deliver Test Automation Services Across

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Steps Involved in Test Automation Outsourcing

Our QA automated testing services reduce the total cost of testing and quality assurance. Our goal is to improve software quality by reducing the time and resources it takes to test software. Automating tests can help you reduce the time it takes to complete repetitive tasks and ensure that your tests are consistently performed the same way every time. This ensures that any new additions or changes to your application do not break existing functionality.

Our QA automation testing company follows a structured approach to every test automation outsourcing project, beginning with collecting information about your application and end users.

  • Test Case Design

    Test Case Design

    Test Case Design includes creating test cases and analyzing and validating requirements. We help you define an effective test automation strategy that can be used as a long-term framework for all future endeavors.

  • Test Automation Scripting

    Test Automation Scripting

    We use various tools across different platforms to create robust automated scripts that are easy to maintain and support future enhancements to the application under test (AUT).

  • Test Analysis & Reporting

    Test Analysis & Reporting

    We analyze the test results and provide the execution status and defect reports to evaluate performance metrics like defect or error rates. Our team can also further provide test automation consulting sessions to increase the robustness.

Our Approach to Test Automation Consulting Solutions

Aegis has been delivering test automation services for over a decade now. We have extensive experience developing test automation frameworks, tools, and services for various industries. Our software testing automation services include developing application-specific test scripts using Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber BDD framework, or any other open-source tool per the client's requirement.

We are very specific in choosing the best resources to help with our projects. Typically, we prioritize selecting three main things: framework, environment, and techniques.

Test Automation Framework

Test Automation Framework

We use a test automation framework that is highly flexible and has been designed to support the creation of complex test cases. The test cases are built using the best practices and standards to ensure accuracy, reliability and maintainability. This also helps us reduce maintenance costs in the future.

Test Automation Environment

Test Automation Environment

Our test automation outsourcing environment is designed to provide a complete set of tools that can be used to create and manage automated tests. We use frameworks like Selenium and Appium for web testing, QTP/UFT for desktop testing, Loadrunner for performance testing, etc. Depending on your requirements, we choose the best combination of tools for the environment.

Test Automation Techniques

Test Automation Techniques

Our test automation tools are used to automate manual functional tests as well as non-functional tests like load testing or performance testing, which require a higher level of expertise than functional tests. We follow a defined approach using the best practices to provide comprehensive QA automation testing services.

Reach out to our QA automation testing company today to get started or to book a free consultation.

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In the current digital environment, where communication software manages a multitude of tasks, quality is not only an appealing characteristic but also a necessity. Quality Assurance (QA) testing is a key part of this process, it contains methodologies, techniques, and tools to conduct precision testing of software products for conformance with quality, functionality, and optimum performance standards.

The coverage of the Software quality assurance (SQA) area is a fundamental part of the software development life cycle. It guarantees that the output of the software is given by correct functionality and brings with it a good end-user experience. To SQA, however, the testing procedure is the biggest pillar that helps in the identification of faults, functionality validation and general quality of all products. In this exhaustive review, we will investigate the basic elements of the test procedure, its stages, methodologies, and the tools used to guarantee software quality assurance.

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