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Mobile Application Testing

Mobile apps have become a necessary part of any business strategy and our lives today. As there is so much competition between different companies, developing high-quality applications that stand out is essential.

Empowered Clients

However, developing mobile applications is not an easy task. When developing a new application, developers often face challenges such as performance concerns, infection, lags, etc. To secure your application performs well and encounters the expectations, it is crucial to check the app closely before delivering it to the market.

This is the point a mobile app testing company is available. At Aegis, we have a professional tester team who will focus on every feature of your app - from the UI and flow to components and performance. This way, we find bugs or problems before them impact users or affect your bottom line. Our mobile application testing solutions also include recommendations for improving your product based on our findings.

Want to discuss how we can boost your app with our custom mobile app testing services? Reach out to our professional today.

Mobile App Testing Services

Unleash app perfection across sectors with our mobile testing services.

Mobile app testing is a key step in the entire mobile app development procedure. A flawed mobile app can ruin your marker image, cause embarrassment and even incur losses. To make sure that your mobile app executes as normal, it requires to be examined correctly before its release on the trend.

Our mobile QA Company has experts with over 12 years of experience in providing high-quality mobile app testing services to our clients all over the world. We provide a huge range of mobile application testing services, connecting functional testing, performance testing and security testing. We have worked with clients from different fields, providing those with a customized approach depending on the app functionalities and end-user expectations.

User Experience

eCommerce Apps

eCommerce is a dynamic industry that has a high demand for mobile apps. Due to many users, securing your app performance ideally on all gadgets and screen areas is vital. That's why our mobile app testing company carries out exhaustive testing on every feature ahead of deploying it to the public.

Shopping Cart Functionality

Banking Apps

Safety is one of the major concerns in banking apps, as sensitive data requires to be handled properly. So our mobile app testing company conducts stringent security checks using the best devices to optimize and identify any loopholes that could compromise the app. Also, we make sure that apps have proper encryption so that no one can misuse any information.

Payment Gateway

Insurance Apps

Similar to banking apps, insurance providers also have strict requirements regarding security, compliance with regulations and regulatory audit requirements, as well as to confirm that these applications don't have any errors or issues that might guide to data loss or financial dropping for users.

System Integration

Healthcare Apps

Healthcare apps are used by doctors and patients to access health records, monitor medication or exercise, and send information between healthcare providers. So our mobile QA company tests its presentation, security, compliance, operation, process and a lot more to verify that the mobile app tasks as expected under different conditions.

Checkout Process

Real Estate Apps

Real estate apps require two types of interface access: one from the real estate agents and the from the people looking to buy or rent. So, we require to test the app from both sides to confirm that it's entirely accessible for agents and users to add listings as well as to contact and final decisions.


SaaS Apps

In SaaS apps, we focus on testing your software from an internal perspective, which means testing various scenarios within your organization. In the instance of SaaS providers, we offer mobile app testing services to test whether your app can run without any issues on a segment from different manufacturers and OS.

Data Security & Compliance

Streaming Apps

Streaming applications are used for video streaming, music operation and gaming. These types of apps require high bandwidth connections to work well. So, it is essential to check them thoroughly before delivering them to the trend to work well even under heavy traffic conditions.

Browser Compatibility

Gaming Apps

Gaming apps have many users playing these games simultaneously, which will pressure slave and another infrastructure sections of the application. To provide the top user involvement, we check the graphics processing power, visually appealing features, and smooth gameplay experience.

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Mobile App Testing Solutions

Unlock flawless mobile experiences with our suite of testing solutions

Our mobile application testing solutions are deployed to recover money, time, and resources. Our testing experts are dedicated to offering you the top and most efficient testing service. Whether you require us to fix an existing app or improve the latest app in build, we can do it all.

The most basic kinds of mobile application testing services that applications need are useful, work, similarity and safety testing. These four kinds determine if an app meets all its intended functionalities, can handle high loads without crashing, is suitable for different devices, and protects personal data from malicious attacks. So here is how our mobile QA company conducts these four main tests:

eCommerce Usability Testing

Functional Testing

Functional testing confirms that an app has all of its essential features. Through this test, we confirm that your app works as normal when interacting with other applications. For example, eCommerce apps connecting with a third-party payment processor need functional tests to make sure that your app performs seamlessly.

eCommerce A/B Testing

Performance Testing

Performance testing determines how quickly an application responds when performing operations within the app. This involved testing features like opening an image or loading content from a server in real-time scenarios and login screens where users expect applications to respond instantly.

eCommerce Multivariate Testing

Compatibility Testing

In this testing, we identify even if an app functions properly on different phones, tablets and other mobile devices along with their OS and portals. These assists avoid problems with issues, clashes, or mistakes that only occur on specific platforms or devices.

eCommerce Security Testing

Security Testing

This testing make sure that your application does not have any security vulnerabilities that can be nearly new to gain unauthorized access. We have a testing professional skilled in identifying such loopholes and susceptibility in your application so they can be patched before hackers exploit them.

How Does Outsourcing Mobile Testing Services Work?

Outsourcing mobile testing services can be a cost-effective way to make sure that your mobile applications connect to industry levels and needs. In addition, outsourcing helps organizations improve their QA processes since they get access to a team of experts who can provide an objective analysis of the apps.

Our mobile testing outsourcing services are dynamic, flexible, and extensible - which means they can be customized to fit your budget and needs. Our team of testers will analyze any new features, changes, or updates to your app and provide a detailed report highlighting any errors or issues that require to be fixed before delivering them to the market.

Detailed Test Plan

Detailed Test Plan

To start with, you can discuss with our testing team to identify your testing requirements. We'll create a detailed test plan for each feature or functionality, including everything from the devices used for testing, the method of testing, and the duration for each testing phase.

Developing & Running Scripts

Developing & Running Scripts

Our testing team will then develop test scripts based on the testing plan. We use these scripts during live testing sessions to ensure that applications meet their intended purpose as well as industry standards and regulations. We'll also keep you informed about the status of the testing.

Report on Fixes & Recommendations

Report on Fixes & Recommendations

Once we've completed the tests, we'll give you a complete report on information regarding the features that need fixing, a list of bugs found during testing, as well as recommendations for improving your app's usability. Your internal team can use this exhaustive report to fix the issues and get it ready for release.

Interested to learn more about how our mobile testing outsourcing services can improve your bottom line? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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