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Software Testing and QA Services

Leverage our comprehensive software testing services to achieve the best quality at scale and deliver enhanced customer experiences with advanced automation-led, AI/ML-dependent autonomous testing.

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Software testing services are paramount to any project in the digital era. An improperly thought-out and executed testing strategy can easily lead to infrastructure breakdowns, which in turn lead to higher operating costs and reduced time to market. Hence, finding a software testing company that provides clear, rigorous, and uncompromising testing standards and capabilities is essential. This is where Aegis Softtech comes in.

Aegis Softtech is a trustworthy partner for software testing services for many leading organizations in India and across the world. We offer comprehensive QA services with advanced test automation frameworks and proven methodologies.

We provide our clients with strong, secure, and suitable testing solutions and QA outsourcing services. Our team has over (number of) experts who strive to maintain an as low as possible defect leakage ratio without our effective software testing solutions.

Statistics That Speaks our Proficiency in Delivering Software Testing Solutions

Revenue growth saved by the organization after adopting our test strategy & tools
bugs reported from different types of testing
of expert team members
of hubs across the world

What do we Test as a Software Testing Company?

As one of the most outstanding and best software testing services companies in India, Aegis Softtech offers a thorough set-up of testing services so that you can have flawless and ideally performing software. We facilitate reliable quality assurance services, from conducting unit testing to acceptance testing.

Automation Testing

Our QA automation testing services focuses on enabling your business to augment the release velocity, accelerate the testing process, and decrease the overall testing effort.

Manual Testing

Our manual testing, one of the most meticulous methods of software testing, delivers unwavering and highly reliable results.

Performance Testing

Our software testing services for performance testing evaluate the maximum load a software/system can work efficiently.

Mobile Testing

As experts in mobile application testing services, we thoroughly check mobile software and apps for consistency, usability, and optimum functionality.

DevOps Testing

We help you achieve high-quality software releases by using DevOps continuous testing services, which use test automation to deliver fast and accurate feedback to developers.

Security Testing

We are experts in security testing services performing high-end vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, risk assessment, and auditing to validate the security mechanisms and evaluate their effectiveness.

Managed Testing

Achieve superior quality and excellent speed with testing services that are completely managed, repeatable, predictable, and cost-efficient, driving better transformation of your business.

Why Choose Us as your QA and Software Testing Company?

At Aegis Softtech, the leading provider of software testing in India, we have achieved unmatched expertise through our years of extensive services. Our achievement motivates and guides us in effectively addressing our clients' requirements, rendering them the highest-quality products with reduced potential risks.

Unparalleled Technical Expertise

We offer best-in-class software testing and QA services. We implement the finest quality testing frameworks, with automation expertise and reusable test cases, which can significantly reduce your time to market.

Seasoned Professionals

We have QA experts who are profoundly prepared and have in-depth knowledge of the most advanced testing tools and technologies. It assists us to provide top-class Quality Assurance services in view of the current testing trends. We emphasize delivering ideal and advanced solutions that suit your business objectives in the best way.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our methodologies and engagement methods are dynamically adaptive and receptive to evolving trends. You can easily schedule our services as per your particular requirements and expect complete flexibility in the chosen engagement models.

Customized Solutions

With our software testing solutions, we tackle every one of your challenges head-on, ensuring the success of your projects. The strategy leads us to address your unique problems and guarantee seamless execution, ultimately leading to optimal outcomes for your business.

Confidentiality and Security

We prioritize the security and privacy of our QA services for our clients, adhering to stringent protocols. Sensitive data will remain protected throughout the testing process.

Comprehensive Approach

Our experts employ a comprehensive and systematic testing approach to ensure that your software meets the specific quality requirements, InDesign secret, usability, performance, and functional aspects. This approach unveils and resolves every possible potential concern.

Technology we use to Deliver Quality Assurance Services

With our commitment to excellence as one of the leading software testing services companies in India, we deliver exceptional software QA services to prominent corporations. We leverage cutting-edge industry tools. Our arsenal of technologies includes:

Test Management:JIRA | Zephyr | TestRail | QMetry
Test Automation:Selenium | Appium | Cucumber | TestComplete
Performance Testing:JMeter | LoadRunner | Apache Bench | NeoLoad | BlazeMeter
Security Testing:Netsparker | Acunetix | Burp Suite
Mobile Testing:BrowserStack | AWS Device Farm | Genymotion
Accessibility Testing:WAVE | Accessibility Inspector
Continuous Testing:Jenkins | CircleCI | Travis CI
Defect Management:JIRA | Bugzilla | Trello | Asana
Virtualization:Docker | VMware | VirtualBox
Cloud Infrastructure:AWS | Azure

QA Testing Services: Metrics to Check Team Performance

By leveraging certain factors, we strengthen our clients' software capabilities, achieve better quality outcomes, and streamline their development process.

Quality and UX Audit

Quality and UX Audit

Our certified engineers review your existing user interface and recommend updates to enhance the user experience and usability of your software.

Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Our software testing services evaluate your application's performance in different environments to assess various parameters related to scalability, stability, and performance under different load conditions.

Compliance Tests

Compliance Tests

Upon assessment, our QA services team runs compliance and governance tests to unveil any hidden tests and vulnerabilities that can lead to business risks or data breaches.

Code Reviews

Code Reviews

Our skilled team of QA experts analyzes the quality, performance, and usability of your code and recommends relevant modifications to boost its quality and user experience.

Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance

Our software and quality assurance testing teams will ensure your optimum performance and quality at all times through our continuous support and maintenance solutions.

Software Validation

Software Validation

After development, our team will validate whether your software product meets the established requirements and perform the essential actions.

Software Testing Services: Our Approach

Our meticulous QA testing services guarantee comprehensive and efficient testing of your software/applications. It encompasses key stages that are carefully curated to deliver exceptional results.

Requirement Analysis

The process begins by thoroughly assessing your software requirements, understanding your business objectives, and finding the critical functionalities to be tested. It will help us to build a comprehensive test plan and strategy tailored to your unique needs.

Test Design and Planning

Based on your specific requirement analysis, we design detailed test cases and test scenarios that encompass all your software’s key aspects. We prioritize test cases, determine the testing scope, and determine your test environment and data requirements.

Test Execution

After planning, we execute the test cases as per the defined plan. Our team of skilled QA engineers meticulously performs both automated and manual tests, documenting the results and identifying any defects or issues.

Defect Tracking and Management

We utilize robust defect-tracking tools to log and assess issues. Our team will systematically resolve defects, assuring that every reported issue is thoroughly addressed.

Test Reporting

We deliver detailed reports highlighting the testing activities, test coverage, results, and any identified directions. The reports will help you clearly understand the software's quality and make better-informed decisions about further improvement.

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Aegis Softtech’s deep knowledge and excellence help businesses develop robust, flawless software solutions. Whether you need custom software testing services or want to hire highly skilled engineers, Aegis Softtech has you covered!

Partner with us to optimize your software application development and achieve superior quality, security, performance, and functionality standards at the best. Let us level you up from those tech glitches with our limitless testing experience!

Frequently Asked Questions Related to QA Services

Software testing service is when you outsource software testers and QA engineers to test the software to ensure that it is working as required. The testing process checks for errors and bugs and whether the software application meets the desired expectations.

Yes, we do offer TaaS as a part of our offerings. Testing as a Service (TaaS) is an outsourcing model in which an independent service provider undertakes testing activities instead of a software testing company, providing ready access to the right tools, technologies, experts, and automation test environments. Cloud testing, performance testing, security testing, and functional testing are some categories of TaaS.

Software testing is the process of executing the program to identify any errors. There are different types of software testing process; however, the main four are: Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and Acceptance Testing.

There is no perfect answer when it comes to choosing between manual and automation testing. The type of testing methodology depends upon the situation and factors. Here's the list of situations where required testing is preferred: Automation testing when conducting regression, API, performance, smoke, and data-driven testing. Manual testing when performing exploratory, usability, accessibility, security, and localization testing. Both when testing large-scale projects, complex applications, and CI/CD pipelines.

Latest Insights

The progressive environment of modern times focuses on innovation and efficiency to keep pace with the current technological environment. Being a CEO is probably the time when you have to take up the responsibility of making strategic decisions that reflect upon the diversity and the size of the business you run. The first key decision that the vast majority of the CEOs face is whether to outsource software testing.

Software testing is not only one of the oldest but also one of the most significant processes regarding software development, which has been used for many years. It is a preventive measure against unintended application behavior and proof of functionality and quality. With time, the fundamental principles and techniques of testing have been continually revised and developed. Evolution means greater software system complexity, quicker development cycles, and increased reliability.