Best 25+ Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions for Java Developers with Answers [2024]

Interviews used to be conducted only to evaluate a candidate’s fundamental understanding of certain programming languages. However, in recent times, the interview process has become more rigorous, and the number of interview questions asked for Java developers has advanced to a higher level. At this point, you will be challenged with a wide range of AI interview questions for Java Developers originating from a variety of domains, which many Java programmers may neglect. Keep reading below to gain more knowledge!

Java is a prominent programming language that is normally used when it comes to designers. Its syntax is easier to understand, and it is supported by all of the operating systems that are now accessible, which makes it a feasible option. The Java programming language is now being used by more than ten million developers working in the world today. Java software development services has seen significant increase throughout the years to provide more to its customers. You may begin studying Java after familiarizing yourself with the history of Java versions. This will allow you to gain knowledge about the history of Java.

In light of the intense rivalry that is now taking place, firms are quite specific about the qualities that they are searching for in a professional position for a Java developer job. Professionals who can effectively design, code, create, and deploy a variety of applications are in great demand. These professionals must possess knowledge, abilities, and competence in addition to having a Java certification.

Tips for Tackling Tricky AI Interview Questions

Tricky AI Interview Questions

You may come across various AI interview questions, including the challenges of Java coding. If you exercise coding daily, it will help enhance your capability to solve problems and hone your skills.

It is essential to have a powerful understanding of basics related to profound learning and artificial intelligence. It will help you have strong basics that will further help you deal with complicated queries.

If you are dealing with a problematic AI query, you need to think differently by breaking each query. Try to use various approaches, select the appropriate service, and thoroughly assess each problem.

Organize fake interview questions with the help of your teachers and other students, which will help stimulate the original interview scenario. If you will be under stress, you will be able to reply to queries conveniently. Moreover, you can also expect to get an inestimable response.

It is essential to keep yourself up to speed when it comes to dealing with technology. AI is the stream that is growing at the fastest speed. It is extremely necessary to stay updated with the current trends in artificial intelligence development services, research, and other technologies. Users also need to become acquainted with well-known tools and various plans related to AI.

When you incorporate the aforementioned points and devote your time to preparation and practice, you will be able to level up your confidence and deal with complex AI interview questions without tension.

Best 25+ Java Developer AI Interview Questions with Answers

1. What do you mean by main ()?

Answer: The main () method in Java is of utmost significance since it serves as the entry point for the execution of a Java program. The main () function in Java serves as the starting point for each Java application. The main method in Java programming has a certain grammar. The process is declared as public, static, and void, and it takes a String array as its argument. The public and static nature of the main function allows Java to access it without the need to initialize the class. The input parameter is a String array that contains the runtime parameters supplied.

2. What distinguishes path and classpath parameters?

Answer: The pathway is a situation character that is applied by functioning methods to check the executable. This is the reason why when users fix Java for an initial phase or wish an executable to be founded by OS, they add a subdirectory name to the Path variable. Classpath is designed to help Java executables find class files. When launching a Java program, the classpath source might be a location such as a directory, ZIP document, JAR document, etc.

3. Why did Java require a new version?

Answer: Significant hardware advancements necessitated that Java make more efficient use of modern multicore CPUs and, secondly, permit users to implement new Functionality Programming (FP) capabilities.

4. What are the genuine benefits that Java 8 brings?

Answer: Included among the benefits are:

  • Code is more understandable and succinct than before.
  • Increased reusability of code
  • Increased testability and maintainability of the code
  • Now, code is both extremely simultaneous and adaptable at the same time.
  • Users can develop code in parallel.
  • Procedures similar to databases may be written by users.
  • Apps now have improved performance.
  • It is far more productive to use code.

5. What is a Lambda Expression, and why do people use it?

What is Lambda Expression

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Answer: A lambda expression is a concise tool that represents an anonymous function in programming languages. They help to write more readable and maintainable code by reducing the need for defining named functions separately. Lambda expressions in Java can also improve code efficiency by reducing the amount of code you need to write, especially for short, simple functions.

6. What is a functional interface?

Answer: A functional interface is a thought that plays an important part in Java programming. In Java, a functional interface is a boundary that covers just a single abstract technique. There is nothing wrong with being object-oriented, but it does add a great deal of verbosity to the program.

7. What are the entry modifiers in Java?

Answer: The availability or transparency of categories, techniques, and variables may be specified using access modifiers, which are known as keywords in the Java programming language. In the Java programming language, there are four primary access modifiers: open, confidential, safeguarded, and defaulted (sometimes referred to as package-private”).

8. What does the word “method reference” mean in Java 8?

Answer: Method references are a feature that was introduced in Java 8 that allows users to refer to methods or builders without actually calling them. It is a notation that is used to shorten the expressions of lambda, which helps to make the code more concise and accessible. Certain sorts of method references include referring to static methods, instance methods, developers, and unconstrained object functions. Other kinds of technique references include referring to objects.

9. What distinguishes Java break and continue statements?

Answer: The continuation and break statements are utilized within loops to regulate the flow of execution in Java programming. By using the break statement, the current loop is terminated, and control is transferred to the statement that immediately follows the loop. When a specific condition is satisfied, and you wish to exit the cycle early, this can be useful. Conversely, the continue statement can be used to proceed to the subsequent iteration of a loop, bypassing the current iteration.

10. Where can you find the “Super” keyword in Java?

Answer: A method that is used to call and access the constructor of the superclass is referred to as the “Super” keyword. This refers to the parent object. One of the primary goals of this keyword is to clear up any misunderstanding that may exist between the superclass and the subclass.

11. Explain Daemon Thread in Java

Answer: In the programming language Java, an inspiration thread is a thread that functions in the background and does not obstruct the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from abandoning after all user threads have completed their execution.

12. What is “OutofMemoryError” in Java?

Answer: The term “OutOfMemoryError” refers to a runtime issue that happens in Java programming. This error occurs when the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) does not have sufficient recollection to allocate for new objects. In most cases, this issue occurs when an application or program written in Java makes an effort to generate new objects. Nonetheless, there is not adequate memory accessible in the heap to support such objects.

13. What is a ClassLoader?

Answer: During the execution of Java programs, a ClassLoader is an essential component of the Java Virtual Machine, or JVM for short, which is responsible for dynamically loading Java classes into memory. The task of locating and importing classification files via the file framework, network, or any additional source falls within its purview.

14. What is stream pipelining in Java?

Answer: In Java, the term “stream pipelining” refers to the technique of forming a pipeline of data processing by linking together several stream operations. Through the use of this complex feature, you can do complicated data transformations and modifications on datasets in a way that is both brief and efficient.

15. What is the lifecycle of a thread in Java?

Answer: The idea of a Thread serves as the driving force behind multithreading in the Java programming language. During their existence, threads go through several states. When a thread finishes its work or is stopped directly, it enters the dead state and cannot be resumed. This condition is known as the “dead state.”

16. Can a HashMap be sorted by its values and keys?

Answer: The answer is yes; you can sort a HashMap in Java based on the keys and values. You may convert a HashMap into a TreeMap, which will immediately sort the keys in the order that they appear in the HashMap. This will allow you to organize the keys in the HashMap.

17. What is Enum in Java?

Answer: To define a collection of variables, a specific data type is known as an Enum. The Java programming language offers a method for generating a collection of constants that are connected and may be handled as a data type. In most cases, enum constants are used to represent a predetermined collection of values. Enum constants are specified inside an Enum class.

18. How can Java be utilized in AI development?

How Java utilized in AI

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Answer: The answer is yes; Java may be used for the creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The computer language Java is very flexible and may be used for a wide variety of applications, including artificial intelligence. To create artificial intelligence algorithms, Java provides a huge library of packages and resources that may be used.

19. How can you remain up on AI and Java technology to improve your skills?

Answer: If you wish to be a top expert in AI and Java, you are required to keep up with the latest progress in both fields. Joining online systems and chances, contributing to trustworthy AI-focused journals, going to AI conferences and workshops, getting AI accreditations, or finishing online courses are all great ways to keep up with the latest developments in AI.

20. Can you remove duplicates in an Array List?

Answer: The answer is yes; duplicates in an Array List may be eliminated via the use of a variety of programming techniques. One way that is often used is to loop over the Array List and make use of a HashSet to store unique items. When each element is added to the HashSet, duplicates are immediately deleted since a HashSet does not permit duplicates to exist under any circumstances.

21. What is Composition in Java?

Answer: Through the use of the composition design concept, it is possible to generate more complicated classes by merging several more straightforward classes or objects. In contrast to inheritance, which involves passing on behavior from one class to another, the composition includes generating instances of other classes inside a class to accomplish the functionality that is required.

22. What is a marker interface?

Answer: In Java, an interface without any methods or properties is called a marker interface. Its only objective is to identify or label a Java class. When a class supports these interfaces, they function as a unique kind of interface that gives the compiler or JVM vital information. A design pattern known as the marker interface design uses a blank protocol to indicate or communicate a certain feature or capacity of a class.

23. What is the volatile keyword in Java?

Answer: Indicating that the value of a variable will be altered by many threads is done by the use of the volatile keyword. One of the benefits of declaring a variable as volatile is that it guarantees that each thread that reads its contents will be able to see the latest write to that variable that was made by any thread.

24. What is OutOfMemoryError in Java?

Answer: There is a specific kind of problem known as the OutOfMemoryError that manifests itself when the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) runs out of storage that it can allocate to new objects. The most common cause of this error is when software attempts to create new objects, but there is insufficient memory to distribute them.

25. What is JDBC API, and when do we use it?

Answer: Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API makes it possible for Java programs to communicate with databases. Through the facility of a consistent method to attach to and query databases, the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) outline provides a collection of courses and boundaries that enable developers to create database applications in Java.


We trust that this comprehensive guide to the top AI (Artificial Intelligence) interview questions for Java developers has been understood and valued by you. As the demand for AI proficiency grows, being well-prepared for consultations can give you a modest edge in the job market. By understanding these interview questions and concepts, you’ll be better equipped to showcase your skills and knowledge. Hire Java Developers India can be a conscious move for businesses looking to source top talent in the field. Java is a widely used programming language, and Indian programmers are known for their adeptness in Java and proficiency in managing difficult Java interview questions.

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