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Cloudera Big Data Solutions

Delivering big data analytical services that can be converted to business solutions.

Cloudera Hadoop Implementation at Aegis

We help you in implementing Cloudera big data analytics for your business operations that sets you in the right path for intelligent decisions.

Hire Us for Cloudera Big Data Services
  • Big data assessment
  • Big data design strategies
  • Developing Cloudera architecture
  • Data enrichment
  • Cloud deployment
  • Big data resources management

Cloudera Big Data Consulting

Cloudera is one of the fastest and easiest big data management and analytics software that turns your data into true business value. Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) enables organizations to store, organize, process and analyse an enormous amount of data in the fastest way.

If you are struggling with the management of your data, we offer Cloudera consulting services to help make meaningful sense from your data. With Cloudera, you can easily capture and manage data and process them with advanced analytics that could help in solving complex business challenges. As Cloudera is built on Apache Hadoop, you can load all your data to Cloudera without being afraid of the security. We also provide consultation for Cloudera Hadoop implementation and offer services to set up Cloudera for your organization.

Through our Cloudera consulting services, we understand the requirements of your organization, take into account the current data management systems and analytics software you use and provide recommendations on better usage and management of data with Cloudera. We also provide solutions that solve the big data challenges and assist you in the practical deployment of the Cloudera system.

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Capabilities of Cloudera Big Data Solutions


Distributed System

Cloudera provides a distributed system enabling computers from different places to access and work on the Cloudera platform in parallel.


High Scalability

With Cloudera, you need not worry about running out of the storage size to store and process data as it is limitless in its scalability.


Reduced Failures

There will be no or very rare instances of failure in Cloudera systems and you will be at reduced risk with Cloudera’s strong data security measures.

All-Inclusive Features of Cloudera

Cloudera boasts a platform which contains everything that an organization needs in data management and analytics software.

  • A fault-tolerant system that leaves no room for data errors.
  • Multiple engines ensure that the platform is up and running 24X7.
  • No complex jargon; just simple software that can be used by everyone.
  • Promotes employee efficiency with workload management.
  • Promotes collaboration among employees with a common pool of data.
  • Automation of the routine tasks helps employees to focus on tasks that really matter.
  • Lower business risks with data security measures and compliance policies.

Simplifying Your Big Data Journey

Nowadays, data from different sources like social media, mobile, internal data and other digital channels makes it difficult to collect and organize it. This high volume of data scattered from different mediums, yet valuable, couldn’t help you with the progress of the organization without an efficient data management system.

Cloudera provides big data solutions for all such complex data challenges. The extraction of data from different sources is made simple with the Cloudera software which also helps in organizing and sectioning them according to the information it holds. Further, the advanced technologies enable in deploying Cloudera big data analytics that helps you in getting actionable insights from the unstructured data.

Cloudera platform also provides seamless integration with the data warehousing services resulting in a streamlined flow of data from the sources till the analytics. With the open source Hadoop platform, the Cloudera will be improved immensely to match with the current requirements and the changing data dynamics.

Aegis helps in Cloudera Hadoop implementation from the start with establishing data warehouses with flexible scalability to creating a customized analytical system based on the specific usages of your organization. We assess the scope of big data in your organization and its specific applications. We then research, build and deploy the Cloudera Hadoop platform with intuitive user interface making it simple for your employees to work on it without any necessary training.

Our Expertise with Cloudera

  • Our team has extensive experience of working with Hadoop and Cloudera for a decade.
  • We exercise complete confidentiality with your data and enforce maximum security measures.
  • We are highly knowledgeable with hands-on experience in data management systems and analytical processes.
  • We have helped a lot of onsite and offshore companies in implementing Cloudera Hadoop platform according to their business capabilities and needs.
  • We empower businesses to get actionable insights by efficient use of the Cloudera.

Our team of experienced Cloudera experts help organizations to migrate to Cloudera system, customize it based on the growing organizational needs and update it when required. We will also provide 24X7 support services for Cloudera systems.

Do you want to grow your organization with valuable data insights from Cloudera? Talk to one of our data experts now.

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