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Natural Language Processing Consulting, Development & Implementation Services

The ability to create machines that understand language and do so in a way that seems "human" is one of the most exciting developments in AI.


NLP is quickly becoming an industry standard, so it's likely that your organization is investing in this technology now or will soon. But if you're not careful, NLP capabilities can quickly become unwieldy and difficult to use. This is especially true in larger organizations, where dozens of different teams often work on NLP development services.

A well-implemented NLP solution can make your organization more efficient, but it can also lead to confusion and unnecessary frustration.

But don't worry — our NLP services company has the experience and creativity to help you build a system from scratch. We offer NLP implementation services that are capable of analyzing, reporting, and communicating just like humans do.

Reach out to our NLP development company now and book a natural language processing consulting session.

Reach Your Goals Faster with Our NLP Consulting Services

Natural Language Processing Services refers to methods of analyzing and processing human language. NLP includes speech recognition, machine translation, data extraction, and classification.

While initially developed for research purposes, Natural Language Processing (NLP) has quickly grown into a critical technology of the digital age. Advances in neural networks, deep learning, and machine learning have enabled natural language processing to rapidly advance in both accuracy and efficiency.

Today, NLP development services are enabling intelligent applications that can truly understand human language content. Our NLP development company helps businesses to deliver results that are otherwise impossible with traditional data processing. We help you to increase various aspects of your business through our NLP consulting services.


Accurate Operations

NLP solutions can vastly improve an organization’s efficiency by processing data faster and more accurately.


Better Customer Service

By understanding the meaning of human language, NLP solutions can substantially improve customer service by adding context to automated responses.


Quicker Reach

NLP solutions can speed product development by making it easier to incorporate customer feedback into product planning and development.


Automated Processing

NLP solutions can streamline business operations by automating routine tasks, such as document processing.


Increased Security

NLP solutions can significantly improve an organization’s security by recognizing and flagging potentially malicious emails and other content.


Provide Error Flagging

NLP solutions can significantly improve an organization’s accuracy by automatically identifying outliers in data and flagging inconsistencies in reporting.

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Our NLP Development Services

NLP software analyzes language and analyzes it the way humans do. It breaks down the language into units, explores the relationships between those units, creates models of the relationships, and then uses them to make predictions about new text.

There are a lot of big problems NLP software tackles. In recent years, NLP technology has become popular in industries like e-commerce, customer service, education, and healthcare, to name just a few. Natural Language Processing services are used commonly for automation, personalization, customer service, voice recognition, text-to-speech, and text-to-meaning.

While these tasks can still be performed with traditional programming, our NLP services company can increase the efficiency of such operations, cut down the time wastage and help you get to market fast.

Text Analytics

You can leverage text analytics to extract information from extracting specific data from documents, emails, conversations, texts, etc., even when it’s unstructured. You can then classify the data, conduct analytics on it and gather usable insights.

Sentiment Analysis

With sentiment analysis, we help you to determine a sentiment (positive or negative) towards a specific topic or object. You can use sentiment analysis to understand your customer’s intentions and present product recommendations.

Intent Classification

There are several reasons behind users asking the same question and NLP needs to grasp the intent to provide the right solution. Our NLP implementation services help you classify and analyze the user’s intent based on the text or voice data.

Enterprise Chatbots

Enterprise chatbots help businesses to automate and scale communication, increase customer satisfaction and improve employee productivity. We offer various features like queue management, multi-channel support, FAQs, chatbots, and intelligent integration.

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is much more than just analyzing the market. It includes information about customers, competitors, suppliers, and the competitive landscape. At our NLP implementation services company, we help analyze the market data and put it to practical use.

Smart Assistants

The accuracy of smart assistants relies upon the efficiency of the NLP model. We build robust intelligent assistants that understand a request and its intent and use suitable techniques to extract the needed information.

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Why Work with Our NLP Development Company?

With our extensive NLP expertise, we can help you build an NLP model that can read and understand human language more efficiently. We offer natural language processing consulting solutions to support a variety of purposes, including data cleansing, entity extraction, sentiment analysis, and document assembly.

We can also embed NLP in your application to enhance capabilities like speech recognition, machine translation, summarization, and recommendation.

Our engagement model enables you to deploy your NLP projects within a fixed time frame, regardless of the project’s complexity. You can collaborate with our NLP consulting services on the entire process, from requirements gathering to prototyping and deployment.

Our Expertise Spans a Broad Scope

  • In-depth knowledge of how to handle unstructured data.
  • Experience in intensive data analytics integrated with reasoning.
  • Tech expertise in machine learning and computer vision to build next-gen solutions.
  • Comprehensive solutions include text decoding, understanding speech, and semantics, recognizing images, recognizing faces, text to speech, text to image, text to voice, email management, etc.
  • Ability to understand & identify patterns and match them with existing data.
  • Working knowledge of a wide range of use cases — from call centers and customer service to fraud prevention and regulatory compliance.
  • Flexible engagement model based on your project specifics.
  • Expert solutions at affordable rates that come well within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools allow companies to analyze human languages. It enables the computers to read text, hear speech, and identify the sentiment to determine which parts are important. NLP Tools break language down into parts of speech to interpret them.

NLP has revolutionized the digital world, especially with the popularly used smart solutions like Siri, Alexa, etc. Some of the noteworthy examples of NLP include Message Bots, Virtual Assistants, Search Results, Text Analytics, Language Translation, and much more.

Aegis Softtech offers all-inclusive NLP services. Yes, you can hire our team of developers as per your specific NLP requirements. Our team will first understand your requirements and then craft a plan to deliver products and services as per your expectations.

The costs of the NLP application and services may differ based on various factors. However, we make sure that we offer cost-effective products and services.

Yes, NLP, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence work together. NLP, a subfield of AI, depends on ML to automatically learn the language processing rules by analyzing a set of examples. Then it makes a statistical inference.

A few of the most commonly used NLP tools are Amazon Comprehend, NLTK, SpaCy, Stanford Core NLP, Apache Open NLP, IBM Watson, Textacy, TextBlob, AllenNLP, PyTorch-NLP, GenSim, GPT-3, Google Cloud NLP API, CogCompNLP, Aylien, MonkeyLearn, Berkeley Neural Parser, and much more.

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In artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a discipline that allows computers to comprehend natural language – the ideas and phrases that individuals communicate – and to utilize that understanding to generate value.

In the branch of research that focuses on the interactions between human language and computers, natural language, or NLP, is referred to as "natural language processing." It is located at the nexus of computer science, machine intelligence, and applied linguistics (computational linguistics).

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a comprehensive term that refers to the autonomous manipulation of natural language by software, such as voice and text.