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Microsoft CRM Development Services

Empower Your Business with MS CRM Development

Gain more customers, improve customer relationships and drive the sales higher with Microsoft CRM services.

Hire MS CRM Developer
  • Domain Consulting
  • Gather client’s CRM needs
  • Define CRM Roadmap
  • Suggest CRM customization
  • Solution Implementation
  • Online support
  • CRM Implementation
  • Reporting Services
  • Design
  • Develop and generate
  • CRM reports
  • Data Migration
  • Legacy applications
  • Batch Integration
  • Data ETL

Realize New Heights of Customer Service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If you know what it’s like to have your best salespersons waste their time searching for customer data or chasing after pointless leads that have already been targeted, then you understand how unproductive it can be. A robust CRM application can banish all of these issues and bring a cohesive working atmosphere in the departments of sales, marketing and administration.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most used CRM solutions in the world. It provides a flexible solution for all of your customer woes. Microsoft CRM development can be customized according to your industry’s requirements and with several CRM tools available, it is best used for managing all your customer information. A right CRM solution can transform the working of your business and help in settling down the chaos and that is precisely what MS CRM development can do for your company.

Aegis Soft Tech provides comprehensive CRM development services that help you to build solutions that manage the customers, vendors and suppliers all on a standalone platform. As an experienced CRM outsourcing company India, we have worked with hundreds of companies of different scales from various domains and have helped them increase their revenue and conversion rates by a huge margin.

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Core Expertise

Customized Domain Consulting

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Cost-Effective CRM Implementation

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In-Depth Reporting Services

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Seamless CRM Integration

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Continuous Testing and Bug Fixing

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Built-In Application Upgrade Services

Why Do Businesses Need Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Create an Efficient Workplace

When you give all the right resources, the productivity of the employees is bound to increase.

  • With a single application of MS CRM development services, you can customize your marketing efforts, align it with the sales goals and bring a collaborative work atmosphere.
  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM has five modules – sales, marketing, workplace, services and settings – all of which can bring a drastic change to the approach of your everyday work.
  • The combined CRM tools in the platform help to automate tasks, cut the length of the usual administrative processes and help the departments to work together seamlessly.

Provide Top-of-the-Industry Customer Experience

The bottom line of all CRM applications is to serve their customers in the best possible way and MS CRM helps to tap into that.

  • Dynamics CRM has an excellent set of features to collect and save customer information, details about leads and gathering insights about the industry.
  • You can also use the multichannel operations of the CRM platform to target customers with varying marketing strategies.
  • With CRM customization options, you can leverage the tools to obtain data insights from the customer information and marketing results.
  • Further, you can increase your customer retention rates and lead conversion rates by scheduling campaigns, tracking communications and user actions.

Adapt Faster to the Intuitive Platform

Using the Dynamics CRM platform doesn’t need any expertise in IT. Anyone can start using the platform and get the hang of it in a few days.

  • Employees can work with the application, automate tasks and spend their time at the office working efficiently.
  • Soon enough, your employees can build custom dashboards to work with a specific set of data, make use of additional tools for faster operations and create quick strategies that increase your revenue.
  • MS CRM development allows integrating the CRM features with AI tools and big data analytics, which makes it a one-stop platform for corporate decision making.

Aegis Soft Tech is a CRM development company in India that aids you in discovering your true potential with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Make use of our Microsoft CRM development services to improve your customer journey, increase workplace efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.

Develop Your Business on All Fronts with Dynamics CRM

By leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can adopt an accelerated approach to the redefining your business in accordance with the customers. You will be pleasantly surprised at all the positive changes you can bring to your office with Dynamics CRM.

  • Let your employees work with twice the amount of efficiency as before.
  • Equip your company with all the resources you need for the expansion.
  • Maintain and update your customer information for better analysis.
  • Identify the right prospects to sell your products easily.
  • Help your salespersons with all the information they need to seal the deal quickly.
  • Impress customers with your thoughtful and relatable insights.
  • Discover new trends in the industry before your competitors.
  • Make smart decisions with proven data insights.
  • Allocate resources, assign tasks and evaluate their performance from the same platform.
  • No more worries about maintenance or data security with Microsoft’s high-security firewalls.
  • Quickly adopt machine learning and artificial intelligence with MS CRM integration features.

These are just a few benefits of what you can get with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can customize your CRM platform and add new tools according to your requirements with our CRM development and CRM integration services.

If you aren’t sure how to go about that, we are here for you. We are one of the most in-demand Microsoft Dynamics CRM development company in India who have made in difference in the working of various businesses. We can help you figure out the best features, tools and customizations you will need to make the Dynamics CRM platform fit for your company.

We Microsoft Dynamics CRM Company also provide CRM outsourcing services in India and also in other parts of the world. So get it to touch with us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook including your contacts, appointments, tasks and emails and that is one of the reasons it is one of the most preferred CRM tools out in the market.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has native support for Power BI Dashboard, Tiles etc. Also, Microsoft D365 AI offerings like Dynamics Sales Insights, Dynamics Customer Insights, Dynamics 365 Market Insights etc can be seamlessly integrated with Dynamics CRM online.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most intuitive and user-friendly CRM systems in the market. It provides add in and apps for Microsoft Outlook which makes it users to easily adapt to the system.

Dynamics CRM provides Global Search and Relevance Search capabilities and tools like Advanced Find query, to search for any or all the information with it.

Dynamics CRM can be easily integrated with leading Marketing tools in the market like ClickDimensions, Marketo, Adobe Marketing. In fact, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is one of the products from Microsoft specifically designed for the marketing needs as part of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamics CRM provides the capability of importing the data into CRM using Data Import tool. For more advanced capability, a custom tool can be written that consumes Dynamics CRM’s Web API or any 3rd party solutions like KingswaySoft, Informatica, Scribe etc can be used.

Microsoft provides various methodology and set of recommendations on moving from On-Premise to Online. Microsoft FastTrack is one such team that can guide the customer.

In case of Dynamics CRM Online, the data resides in one of the Microsoft’s Data Center. This is one of the reasons why some of the financial organization still uses Dynamics CRM On-Premise version because of regulatory reasons and to have complete control over the system.

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