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Hire MS CRM Developer
  • Domain Consulting
  • Gather client’s CRM needs
  • Define CRM Roadmap
  • Suggest CRM customization
  • Solution Implementation
  • Online support
  • CRM Implementation
  • Reporting Services
  • Design
  • Develop and generate
  • CRM reports
  • Data Migration
  • Legacy applications
  • Batch Integration
  • Data ETL

Nurture Your Customers through CRM Development Services

The customers are an integral part of any business and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a crucial tool to maintain a healthy relationship with them. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM aids in organizing, automating and integrating applications for marketing, sales and for maintaining customer records. Aegis Soft Tech is a certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM company in India specialized in CRM customization that provides a perfect solution for all your customer-related issues throughout all units.

Microsoft CRM development can help with various facets of marketing and managing customer information to guide businesses to gain more businesses and improve customer satisfaction. MS CRM development can

  • Maintain the records of customers like purchase details, sale orders and invoices.
  • Track the activity of a customer during each point of sales.
  • Identify new target customers.
  • Help in designing marketing strategies based on customer behaviour, past searches and historical data.
  • Help in tracking and resolving customer issues immediately.
  • Help in identifying major business issues with regards to customers and resolve them.

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In-Depth Reporting Services

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Seamless CRM Integration

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Continuous Testing and Bug Fixing

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Built-In Application Upgrade Services

Partner with Specialized Microsoft CRM Development Company

CRM customization solutions have become a necessity for business these days no matter if it is a startup or an enterprise. With our MS CRM development services, you can unify your sales and marketing efforts across all business verticals and optimize its utility to get the best performance. We are one of the highly experienced CRM outsourcing company in India helping businesses by building a scalable and customizable CRM software that enables them to manage their workflow efficiently.

Aegis Soft Tech, in partnership with Microsoft, provides comprehensive MS CRM development services that help you to work smarter. Our intuitive CRM solutions can be fit into any business requirements by incorporating the functions that are necessary to increase work productivity. With the CRM integration services, one can access it from anywhere on any device through the MS CRM cloud platform.

CRM Development Services for Productive Business Operations

Microsoft CRM development services add value to your business and increase workflow productivity in all possible ways.

  • Sales

    It provides real-time visibility into the sales pipeline promoting team collaboration among the salespersons and helps them in increasing sales.

    With the data available in the cloud, the salespersons can access data from any time, anywhere thereby aiding them to seal the deals effectively.

    The analysis of sales details and the sales pipeline leads to meaningful discoveries that can be linked back to improve sales efforts.

  • Marketing

    With customer insights and customer data collection from multiple channels combined with the CRM integration services, the complexity in the marketing efforts can be reduced.

    The advanced customer engagement systems with rapid communication and hands-on approach in resolving the issues help in maintaining good customer relationships.

    CRM integration services enable the marketing team to make informed and data-driven decisions, and employ proactive strategies.

    With customer data, the marketing team can implement smart strategies that could bring a significant increase in conversions.

One-Stop Solution for Custom CRM Solutions

Aegis Soft Tech is a pioneer among other MS CRM development services helping organizations for more than a decade to effectively communicate with customers and increase their sales. As a top Microsoft Dynamics CRM development company in India, we provide industry-specific CRM consultation services, CRM development solutions, CRM customization and CRM integration services. We use the latest tools and frameworks to integrate CRM with your existing business processes to ensure a maximum gain. We create a roadmap to assist organizations in identifying the ways by which CRM can drive their business profits.

If you are looking for a CRM outsourcing India to make the best of your data and better your operations, send out a mail to for more information.

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