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Microsoft CRM Development Services

Unlock Global Success with Our Dynamics CRM Expertise

Drive global growth with Dynamics 365 CRM, the cutting-edge solution from Microsoft, available as an on-premise, hybrid, and cloud solution. If you're considering implementing or switching to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you're embracing a tool that can put your business on the global stage. Its powerful features and the industry's evolving trends make it an essential asset for businesses looking to excel in customer relationship management.


As a trusted Microsoft Partner, Aegis Softtech pioneers Dynamics 365 development, implementation, and Consulting Services. Our certified Microsoft professionals and skilled developers deliver agile solutions and on-demand support, aligning Dynamics 365 CE with your unique business goals. With a global clientele, we bridge gaps and explore future opportunities, ensuring your CRM strategy evolves seamlessly.

Dynamics CRM Solutions India

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM in Transforming Business Relationships

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is arguably one of the most popular and widely used Customer Relationship Management software. With flexible deployment options, it brings together all the vital aspects of business with functionalities that include tools to manage sales, marketing, and customer service processes. With a wealth of customization possibilities through advanced extensions, Dynamics CRM stands as a pivotal tool in your business arsenal and has seamlessly transitioned into an analytical platform. Its synergy with other Microsoft products is remarkable.

As your reliable partner for Dynamics CRM solutions in India, Aegis Softtech offers a comprehensive suite of Microsoft Dynamics CRM services. From small businesses to enterprise-level corporations, we tailor SaaS platforms to your specific needs. Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions drive business growth and optimize CRM investments for maximum returns.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Company

Your Trusted Partner to Optimize CRM for Maximum ROI

Various industries are realizing CRM's advantages and adapting it for improved customer relations, prompting widespread adoption. CRM software dominates the market with a 4.60% market share and is set to exceed $80 billion in sales by 2025. Aegis Softtech Customized CRM solutions for sectors like consulting, insurance, real estate, distribution sectors, healthcare, and banking are on the rise, benefiting businesses of all sizes and industries.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Company is a dedicated partner in enhancing customer relationships for all corporate businesses and SMEs. It stands as a pinnacle of innovation and capability, representing a pivotal milestone in the evolution of CRM systems. When it comes to finding a reliable Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution provider, Aegis Softtech offers customized solutions for implementing the Dynamics 365 CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Solutions

Our Command of Dynamics CRM Module Expertise

We deliver MS CRM Development Services Across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Services

Our CRM Integrations Expertise in Action

From swift implementations to intricate customizations and seamless integrations, our adaptable project management ensures minimal disruption while maximizing the benefits of your Microsoft CRM solution.

Power Apps

Power Apps

Experience the power of Power Apps with our tailored solutions, spanning Model Driven, Canvas, and Power Automate Flow applications.



Our comprehensive package includes entities, views, and sitemaps, enhancing CRM efficiency. Our experts specialize in customizing Model Driven Apps for Sales, Service, Customer Support, Marketing, and more, ensuring your CRM aligns with diverse business needs.



We specialize in crafting user-friendly Canvas Apps. These apps make it easier for you to utilize Dynamics 365 without worrying about licensing restrictions. Our development team creates high-performance apps with a unique, mobile app-like design.

Power Automate Flow

Power Automate Flow

We offer Power Automate solutions to automate tasks, enhance accuracy, and handle SharePoint automation, complex Dynamics 365 operations, notifications, and more for business growth.

Workflows & Plugin

Workflows & Plugin

The team of our Dynamics 365 CRM Company excels in crafting out-of-the-box or custom Workflows and Plugins using standard C# code. With extensive expertise, we design and build solutions that streamline calculations, operations, and backend processes, enhancing system reliability and efficiency.

CRM Customization

CRM Customization

In the world of CRM, we excel not only in intricate features but also in tailoring simple customizations. Our expertise covers Entity, Form, Fields, Business Rules, and Views, ensuring solutions align with your business needs and are user-friendly.

HTML/JS Web Resource

HTML/JS Web Resource

From the early days of D365, we've harnessed the potential to craft custom HTML UIs within records. Our skilled developers excel in creating rich, user-friendly custom UIs using HTML and JavaScript libraries, adding a unique touch to your CRM page's look and feel.

Security Roles

Security Roles

Our experienced team excels in devising optimal security strategies for Microsoft D365 users. We tailor security roles, user hierarchies, teams, business units, roles, and permissions to ensure users access only what's necessary for their roles, enhancing your organization's data protection.

Azure Integration

Azure Integration

We transfer specific functions, APIs, and configurations to Azure, creating a segregated environment. This empowers the development of Azure functions and APIs, enhancing data processing, and system integration, and acting as a versatile mediator for large-scale data processes and seamless connectivity with other systems and databases.

Data Migration

Data Migration

Upgrading CRM instances from older to newer versions can be a daunting task, but Aegis excels in addressing this challenge. Our skilled team has real-time experience managing such migrations seamlessly, ensuring no data loss and preserving essential customizations. We facilitate a smooth transition to the latest D365 versions, including data synchronization, with ease and expertise.


MS Dynamics CRM Development Company

Aegis - The Ultimate MS Dynamics CRM Development Partner
MS Dynamics CRM
  • Over many years of experience with a team of 15+ Dynamics CRM consultants
  • Providing complex solutions and customizations for global corporate clients
  • Serving as a global capability center for Dynamics CRM
  • Continuous internal training to stay updated on Dynamics CRM advancements
  • On-time delivery with a skilled team of technical and functional consultants
  • Specialization in out-of-the-box customizations, dashboards, reporting, Power Apps, Canvas Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and more
  • Comprehensive solutions for all CRM versions, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  • Expertise in process and data management, deployment, maintenance, and web server management
  • Designing forms and workflows for business processes
  • Effortless incorporation with various management applications and portals
  • Quick response and onsite/offsite services for software development and consulting
  • Phone and Skype support for team assistance.
  • We have the finest CRM consultants on our team.

Microsoft CRM Development Services

Aegis propels your Business to Unprecedented Heights

Our Microsoft CRM development services expertise empowers businesses, big and small, with efficient Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. We prioritize your needs, leveraging technology to boost productivity, save time, and drive profits. As your dedicated Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, Aegis Softtech leverages over 19 years of SaaS industry excellence. We excel in optimizing user experiences, seamless integrations, and holistic solutions for sales, marketing, and analytics.

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services Offerings

Dive into a journey that's both transparent and hassle-free

Partner with us for end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation and optimize your IT infrastructure. Contact our experts to harness the full potential of Microsoft solutions.

We tailor the platform to your needs by adding fields, modifying views, and adjusting form layouts. Our customization services align the platform with your processes, creating a unique digital environment.

We bridge the gap between your business needs and Microsoft Dynamics CRM by transforming requirements into functional specifications. As a premier Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, we adhere to industry best practices throughout the deployment.

At Aegis Softtech, we excel in harmonizing your CRM with enterprise tools. Elevate business efficiency through seamless synchronization. Access customer data across platforms, gain a unified view, and enhance visibility for streamlined operations.

Our Microsoft Dynamics Services encompass transitioning from on-premises to the cloud, emphasizing security and scalability. We offer continuous maintenance and support for your CRM system, ensuring its optimal performance and reliability.

Our experts ensure minimal system downtime and seamless data continuity during upgrades and integration of new functionalities. Our specialists facilitate smooth transitions to newer versions by planning, testing, and customizing updates.

Transition smoothly from legacy systems to MS Dynamics CRM with our expertise. Our business analysts and engineers will craft a roadmap to ensure minimal workflow disruption.

Aegis Softtech delivers Dynamics 365 CRM QA services, encompassing localization testing for tailored deployments, ensuring precise functionality. Our comprehensive testing encompasses forms, modules, and fields, assuring precision and quality in your CRM customization.

At Aegis Softtech, we prioritize customer success by offering comprehensive training and software adoption services. Our goal is to ensure that users within your organization are proficient and fully comfortable with the new platform, maximizing its benefits.

Our Engagement Models

Fixed Pricing

In this model, we offer a fixed, upfront cost for the entire project, which is particularly advantageous when you have clearly defined project requirements and require budgetary predictability. At Aegis, we guarantee that your project will be executed within the agreed scope and cost, maintaining transparency and accountability throughout the process.

Hourly Pricing

This model offers flexibility, with billing based on the actual hours worked. It suits projects with evolving requirements or when you're not certain about the scope upfront. Our experts diligently track their hours and provide regular reports, ensuring cost-efficiency and adaptability.

Per Ticket Pricing

Tailored for ongoing support and maintenance, this model charges based on the number of support tickets raised. It's suitable for businesses requiring continuous CRM assistance. We ensures quick issue resolution and efficient ticket management, guaranteeing a smooth CRM operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any queries about how Microsoft CRM development will help your organization? Well, here are some of such common questions along with its answers. If you have any more questions, write to us.

There are many reasons why Dynamics CRM is the best. From our experience, here are the top few reasons that have made this platform stand out from the rest.

  • Integration with Office 365 for increased productivity
  • Customizable platforms based on the specific priorities of the business
  • Business intelligence features for the future
  • Unmatched potential to fine-tune and help the business progress
  • Multiple AI tools that minimize human interference

Yes, we can. If you have plans of purchasing the software of Dynamics CRM, we can coordinate with your team to procure the software and get the license for you.

The platform of Dynamics CRM has several intelligent tools available, some of which includes machine learning. Therefore, you don’t need any external applications to incorporate machine learning technology with customer relationship management.

Yes, we offer training services for the initial few days along with support services for Dynamics 365. Your employees can reach out to us any time and get their queries cleared on how to use the platform. Once they get the hang of it, you can see how productive they have become.

If you want to move to the cloud version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 from the on-premise version Dynamics CRM, contact us now. We will make the transition smooth and lossless with minimum downtime.

Latest Insights

In the busy world of selling and buying homes, being well-organized and offering great service to customers is super important. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an awesome program that helps real estate companies handle their work, take good care of their clients, and grow their businesses.

In today’s agile and efficiency-driven business environment, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) tools can change the world in terms of productivity and decision-making skyward. Microsoft Copilot with Business Central & Office 365, comes to represent that full integration, ensuring businesses are covered through the automation of tasks, generating insights, and optimization of cross-platform user interaction.