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Apache Spark Solutions

Discover new heights of data analytics with fastest data processing with real-time data analytics.

Drive Organizational Growth with Apache Spark Services

Aegis helps you in identifying the areas where the process could be optimized and integrate them with Apache Spark for best data operations.

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  • Seamless data access
  • High-speed data processing
  • High-level security
  • Innovative features
  • Visual, predictive analysis
  • Ease of use

Apache Spark Implementation Services

When you need to process a large amount of data fast with maximum efficiency, then Apache Spark is the best answer. Apache Spark can work in parallel with a large amount of data and operates in a cyclic flow with multi-stage in-memory processing. It has some of the high-level libraries built in for machine learning, graphics processing and SQL and access from many diverse data sources.

Aegis aims to prove data processing solutions by integrating the advanced capabilities of Apache Spark. We work with our clients to understand their business needs and their current practices with data analytics to help in customizing Apache Spark for maximum benefits and better user experience.

Our Apache Spark services can help your organization to tap into the real essence of the data by better streaming and processing of data.

Major Features of Apache Spark Solutions


Intense Security

As Apache Spark is a part of the HDP platform, it has the same level of security and management policies like the HDP components.


Streamline Data Access

Apache Spark streaming helps in building scalable and error-free processing systems that enable live streaming of the data.


Visual, Real-Time Analysis

Apache Spark processes data faster than most other big data analytical systems which help in getting the analytics in real-time.

Why Should You Choose Apache Spark?

  • Apache Spark can run anywhere on any operating system and it can be integrated with different supporting applications.
  • Compared to the other big data analytical processes, Apache Spark offers a cost-effective solution for data processing.
  • Apache Spark promotes in complete interaction between large volumes of data sets simultaneously.
  • The visual representation of the analytics from Apache Spark is easy and simple enabling everyone to immediately capture the essence of the data processing.
  • Apache Spark implementation can be customized according to the organization’s specific data interests and operating style.

Apache Spark Services at Aegis

Aegis provides a 360-degree service for Spark including Apache Spark consultation, implementation and support services.

Apache Spark Implementation

Apache Spark can run on the open-source Hadoop platform by building it on the Hadoop’s Distributed File System. This integration with Hadoop enables Apache Spark to run with Hadoop’s YARN and work alongside the YARN cluster. This eliminates the need to create separate clusters for Spark to run on and increases the efficiency of the operations and the ease of management by running on a single cluster.

If not on the Hadoop cluster, Apache Spark services can run on its own or on EC2, Mesos or cloud and read the data from various sources like HDFS, Cassandra, S3 and other Hadoop sources. Its in-memory processing runs at a great speed making it one of the high-speed performance engines for big data processing. The developers can write applications for Apache Spark implementation in Java, Python or Scala. Due to its high-end capabilities in processing data, Apache Spark is being used some of the top companies in the world.

At Aegis, we adhere to the best practices and deliver the optimized solution of Apache Spark for better data operations.

Apache Spark Consultation

If you are in doubt about the compatibility of Apache Spark with your organization’s operations, you can make use of our Apache Spark consulting services. During the consultation, you can speak with one of our experts and discuss your data issues. Our experts will consider your current working processes, the organizational ability and the hurdles with data management and processing to provide a better solution. We can advise you on the right course of action and can recommend the possible use of Apache Spark for better data processing in your organization.

Apache Spark Support Services

To ensure the seamless working of Apache Spark, we provide support services to monitor and provide additional modifications for optimizing Apache Spark according to the growing data requirements. Be it the need for scalability, updates, modification or integration, we help you in running the best possible version of Apache Spark customized to your organization.

Want to make use of our Apache Spark consulting services, development options or support services? Send us a mail to to discuss further.

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