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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics Company

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a feature-rich business application specifically designed to increase business productivity. If you want to spend more time brainstorming and innovating and less time putting figures from one table to another, then partner with Aegis, the top Microsoft Dynamics AX company.


The Trusted Microsoft Dynamics AX Company

Microsoft Dynamics AX is Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) that streamlines the finance operations and integrates with the processes of the supply chain, HR and CRM. It’s best for companies striving to make a global presence by the consolidation of all the finance operations from all over the world through a single, simple platform. Aegis is a trusted Microsoft Dynamics company by many of our customers who have been immensely benefitted by our customization processes.

Gain the benefits of investing in Microsoft Dynamics ERP by saving your time, cost and efforts now.

Intelligent Integrated Operations

As an organization, one needs to evolve and adapt to new changes. During such changes, Microsoft Dynamics AX has a host of intelligent features that helps in quickly optimizing the business operations and maintaining the process flow.

Simplify Global Operations

When you have offices at multiple locations, then it can be a big headache to manage the finance. However, when everyone works on Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can avoid so much of human errors and have a single-point view.

Anticipate Demands

A good business is when it provides the customer even before the customer knows it. With smart analytics in the Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can identify the demands through the buying patterns of customers.

Personalization of Dashboards

The employees who work on the platform must be completely comfortable and handy with it. That’s why customizing the dashboards with the important workflows, options, reports and parameters are crucial.

Manage Finance and Operations Better with Microsoft Dynamics AX

When we say ERP, many think the unfriendly, complex software that no one ever knows to use properly. Microsoft Dynamics AX is truly the best ERP platform as it enables seamless finance transactions and analysis, which has always been one of the pain points in lots of organizations. With this single platform of Dynamics AX, you can manage all your finance and operations.

Keep an Eye on the Business Performance

Dynamics AX cuts out all chances for human errors, unmatched figures and missed transactions by bringing streamlined operations. The best part is that you can create a unified view of the business performance on the dashboard to keep yourself updated the current status.

Effective Risk Management

No finance department is complete without some risk management. You can check for fraudulent transactions, find user errors and rectify them, and perform risk analysis for possible discrepancies all through the Dynamics AX platform.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Services We Offer

Microsoft Dynamics AX has been created to simplify the ERP by offering a simple interface that requires a minimal process to do any normal operation. Dynamics AX can be made even more powerful by integrating it with the other Microsoft products like Word, Excel, PowerBI and other applications. At Aegis, the preferred Microsoft Dynamics AX company, we offer a range of services for setting up and optimizing the use of Dynamics AX.

Dynamics AX Consultation

Dynamics AX Consultation

Have doubts about how it can sit well with your organizational procedures? Well, we can provide advisory consultation sessions with an analysis of your business operations and guide you in making a change to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Implementation of Dynamics AX

Implementation of Dynamics AX

Based on the needs and scale of your finance and employee operations, we will assist in setting up the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform that aligns with your requirements. We can also guide you in using the platform for daily needs.

Module Customization

Module Customization

There are several modules involved in carrying out financial transactions and workflows. Our experts at Aegis will customize these modules and include the right tools in the workflows to enable the uninterrupted processes.

ERP Migration to Dynamics AX

ERP Migration to Dynamics AX

Using some stubborn ERP and wish to migrate to Dynamics AX? We can make this transition as smooth as possible for you with no loss of any information. We will further help in customization and setting up of the new platform too.

Automated Process Setup

Automated Process Setup

When it comes to employee management, there are several chores involved. We will help in simplifying the employee lifecycle and set up automated process flows for many employee operations which will cut down the unnecessary human interference.

Dynamics AX Support

Dynamics AX Support

Have access to a dedicated team of Microsoft Dynamics AX experts 24X7 with our support services. These experts will help in troubleshooting any issues, optimizing the platform and lending a hand when you need any other assistance.

Applications of Microsoft Dynamics AX Across Multiple Industries

Dynamics AX has proven to be beneficial for businesses from various industries. Due to the positive effect it brings on the overall financial performance, more organizations are opting to use Dynamics AX as their ERP platform. To implement the platform according to the results you expect, you require an expert Microsoft Dynamics company with you. Aegis has helped many organizations to make the transition to the Dynamics AX platform with our long years of expertise based on the industry needs.

Microsoft Dynamics AX in Retail

Microsoft Dynamics AX in Retail

When you are running a retail chain, there are several inflows and outflows of money that can prove to be real distress. You can streamline a part of these financial operations, balance out the transfers and keep track of every order easily in the Dynamics AX platform.

  • Integrate all your e-commerce websites and view their performance in the unified dashboard view
  • Streamline the operations from sales to shipping
  • Minimize the human errors in the financial transactions, get daily updates and view consolidated reports
Microsoft Dynamics AX for Sales and Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Sales and Marketing

Many ERPs provide only features for the management of employees. But Dynamics AX goes one step higher by providing a simple platform that performs multiple functions, including sales and marketing. Through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector, the Dynamics AX platform can double as the sales and marketing software. This allows in accessing and storing the customer data on the cloud for other departments to utilize.

  • Automating the sales channels with specific tasks and data collected at specific points
  • Lead generation management and sales management
Microsoft Dynamics AX for Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Manufacturing

Helping out in the automation and analysis of tasks in the manufacturing sector is yet another application of the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. With the information collected from the multiple processes, you can do a lot in increasing the efficiency of physical as well as digital operations.

  • Forecast the demand for raw materials
  • Create an automated supply chain for the procurement of raw materials even before the supply is over
  • Use best practices for inventory management and integrate it with the finance operations
Microsoft Dynamics AX for Project Management and Accounting

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Project Management and Accounting

Project management is made simple with the user-friendly, simplistic platform of Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can add and manage all of the project actions in this platform, decide the expenditure, keep track of the finances and the process flow and have complete control over the project proceedings.

  • Create breakdown structures of the project with a magnified view of processes to carry out at different stages
  • Integrate it with the other Microsoft projects and view all the updates about the project from the single platform
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