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Power BI Services for Data Visualization and Business Analytics

Power BI is an advanced all-in-one platform that offers complete control over the data in your organization. It’s developed by Microsoft to help businesses to gather insights from data stored in a cloud platform or an on-premise system.


Power BI Development has it all. It allows you to gather data from disparate sources analyze and visualize the vital insights by sharing the results with others. One of the best features of Power BI is its ability to visualize data through interactive dashboards that give a free hand to the user. Since Microsoft builds it, you don’t have to worry about data security.

Why Choose Power Business Intelligence (BI) Platform?

Well, to start with, it’s one of the simplest BI platforms out there. Anyone can quickly learn how to interact with the platform as it’s utterly user-friendly and intuitive. When coming to its data management and visualization capabilities, there are many.

  • Product Application Development

    Single-View Dashboard

    You can have a bird’s eye view of your entire business on a single dashboard! Though you may be using different applications integrated with Power BI, this dashboard will offer a single view of all the data operations.

  • Web Application Development

    Interactive Visualizations

    One underrated feature that many organizations overlook is the interactive nature of BI tools. Power BI is the best at transformations, analysis and visualization of data that gives the users a better sense of the data.

  • Cloud Application Development

    Natural Language Q&A

    This feature of Power BI is the most powerful one. You can write the questions and add answers on Power BI and get stunning visualizations for your answers. You can call back previous reports and create quick visuals.

  • Mobile Application Development

    Vast Libraries

    Power BI has more than 200 functions, and it’s increasing too. You have access to so many libraries that allow performing any complex data functions efficiently and enable the creation of analytical models.

  • Database Application Development

    Easy Collaborations

    You can create one reusable model and use it across your organization. The people you give access to can collaborate on Power BI, interact with the data, share visualizations and ensure consistency of data.

  • Enterprise Application Development

    Mobile Access

    Power BI can be used on mobile phones, be it Android, iOS or Windows. You can access the dashboards, create reports, have a peek at the data and take advantage of the real-time metrics from anywhere.

With the best features and loads of customizations, all you need is Power BI consulting services to empower your team with data, and we can help you achieve that.

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How Do We Help with Power BI Development?

Power BI has numerous features that can be used for any data challenge. You can use these features to create any platform for any industry for any data capability. As an organization, you need to customize the platform from scratch with these features. This customization should be based on your business and your expected applications from Power BI.

At Aegis Softtech, we have Power BI developers who will create the dashboard, enable interactions, set up the data pipeline and optimize the reporting functions. Our Power BI services will ensure that the platform is customized to the ‘T’ so that your analysts and engineers can start working with it from day one.


We can help you with the:

  • Creation of the data lakes and gathering from multiple data sources.
  • Setup of the analytics and accessible reporting features.
  • Quick, easy-to-use, pre-built visualizations built just for your applications.
  • Management of the data flows throughout the organization.
  • Creation of interactive reports that everyone can share with Power BI.
  • Transfer of data from Excel to Power BI.
  • Tracking of social media conversations and data storage directly to Power BI.
  • Setting up the analytics with your specific KPIs.

These are just a few things that we customize depending on your key takeaways from Power BI. You can always reach out to us for further customizations as and when the need arises.

Our Power BI reporting services are specifically aimed at helping you visualize the data, which is a huge part of understanding the real insights. Or, you can reach out to our Power BI consultants to solve a specific data issue or to improve your overall performance.

Power BI Consulting Services - Get the Best Out of Its Features

Power BI is a great platform, yes, but you need the help of expert Power BI developers to get the best out of it. We ensure that you get the right information needed to drive informed decisions. We work practically with the complete breadth of Power BI Development and are, therefore, quite adept at helping you out with anything regarding this platform. Our Power BI services cover the entire scope of everything you can do with the platform. Let’s partner together to simplify how you analyze, interact and work with data.

Power BI Development

Experience a 360-degree view of the customers and get all the metrics in one place. We help in creating such a user-friendly, customized platform that simplifies data operations.

Dashboard Development

To align with your business efforts and goals, we develop appropriate dashboards that offer a single view of the data in the entire organization as well as the insights.

Power BI Reporting Services

Get creative with the reports and become clear with the data insights. Achieve quick delivery of the results of data analysis with our Power BI reporting services.

Power BI Migration

Running your data operations on another platform? Let’s help you move to Power BI and manage your data with greater efficiency at lower costs.

Power BI Developers

You may have the best resource, but if you need your team to adapt quickly to Power BI without any delays, let’s help you to speed up the learning curve.

Power BI Consultants

Our consulting team will be there to help you with any development needs or data challenges with Power BI.

Experience Efficiency Like Never Before with Our Power BI Consulting

Is your team already using the Power BI but you still think that there’s a scope of improvement? We completely understand. Power BI has vast features that can be combined and leveraged for numerous purposes. Our Power BI services are aimed at helping businesses to uncover the true potential of what they can do with data as well as Power BI to become a market leader truly.

We have some of the highly skilled and experienced Power BI consultants who have helped many global companies to grow their business with data as the backbone. If you aren’t sure about your data needs, you can always schedule a Power BI consulting session and get your queries answered.

Our Expertise Spans a Broad Scope

  • Proven expertise of our Power BI developers ever since Microsoft released the product.
  • Helpful Power BI consultants who look beyond the platform and consider your data troubles and business needs.
  • Ability to fill the resource gaps with our customized training aimed at not just empowering employees about Power BI but the whole data process and analytics.
  • Customized Power BI reporting services that take interaction with data to the next level.

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