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Big Data Analytics Consulting Services

Unearth loads to valuable insights from big data services that transform every single business operation. Rethink your approach to how data is perceived with our big data analytics services now!

Aegis Soft Tech is one of the most experienced big data solution companies with close to 15 years of experience. We guide companies to make faster decisions and move closer to a data-defined process that leaves little room for errors. Our big data analytics consulting services experts can advise the best approach for big data solutions based on your market and vision.

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Big Data Analytics Solutions

We all know the value that big data holds. From hyper-automation, like BPM and RPA, to immersive experiences and holographic meetings, big data combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transcending the possibilities of use cases of data beyond imagination. Data analytics solutions have been at the forefront of various revolutions across industries.

However, extracting the required information from these data isn’t without challenges. Curating all these data, storing them and deriving the information we need is a path filled with lots of problems. When data is the key to business intelligence, we can’t let these roadblocks stop us. To harness the real potential of big data, our big data development services encompass solving every such problem that stands between you and the usable data insights. We are a top big data consulting company having expertise in various big data software, tools and processes to streamline your big data operations. Get the assistance of our big data analytics services now.

Ecosystem Technologies

  • spark
  • cloudera
  • mapr

NoSQL Databases

  • hbase
  • mongodb

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Big Data Development Services

The quality of information gathered from big data depends a lot on the data engineering capabilities that include managing the three main V’s – volume, velocity and variety. When you have an ample amount of data received at a fast pace in many types, it sets the base for proper and practical big data insights that can be put to use in your business processes. At Aegis Softtech, our big data support services are capable of handling any size and scale of data to find answers that your company can utilize.


Big Data Collection

The very first step of big data development services is the collection of data. By collecting the data, we mean the gathering of different types of data from various sources brought together, integrated and made ready for processing.

We make sure that the data is extracted and formatted with the latest tools to facilitate quick data processing. Our big data services India will ensure that the data you gather is validated and dependable.

Big Data Processing

Collecting and processing vast volumes of big data is a time-sensitive process. Often, the relevancy of data insights is lost after a specific duration and during other times, the data can be unreliable.

Being one of the top big data solution companies in India, we make sure that these problems don’t happen. Our big data process setup is streamlined to include various analyses customized to answer your business problems.


Big Data Management

Data management is yet another challenge in big data analytics services. You can store the data either on-site, off-site or on a cloud platform. Our big data consulting services include guiding you to store data of different formats in highly scalable systems to manage the growing volumes of data.

We assist you in choosing the proper storage needs and the data process flow based on your IT capabilities, infrastructure and budget.

We deliver Big Data services across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Big Data Analytics Services Use Cases for Every Business

The volume of data is growing at a pace that many companies are struggling to keep up. In fact, we create more data every single hour today than the amount of data created for one whole year 20 years ago. With such a staggering volume of data, we need proper systems to organize and work with this data. This is where our data analytics consulting services expert comes in to provide all the required data analytics solutions.

At Aegis Softtech, our big data services India is customized to deploy the prepared big data to produce real-time data-backed business solutions. We leverage the domain-specific data tools that increase the performance by working on the KPIs. As an eminent big data consulting company in India, we provide big data services for various purposes.

Enhanced Customer View

Enhanced Customer View

With structured, unstructured and semi-structured data together, we can form a 360-degree view of the customer your business targets. We can gain advanced insights is of immense practical worth to use across various business applications.

Drive Business Efficiency

Drive Business Efficiency

When analyzing the overall data and how it affects the business functions, you can gain enormous amounts of usable information that can reinforce the efficiency of business operations like cost reduction, optimal process flow and employee performance.

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

You can keep an eye on the transactions and the information going in and out of business to identify abnormal patterns with big data analysis. You can pinpoint the source of the frauds and with predictive maintenance, solve them quickly.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

No one wants surprises in the form of sudden outages and system failures. With big data, you can analyze the historical data and the current log reports of the system or hardware to find out any problems before it becomes a major issue.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Big data holds immense merit, but when it combines with machine learning, its value multiples. From the results of data analysis, you can train and define your processes to higher levels of accuracy with machine learning.

Futuristic Innovations

Futuristic Innovations

Big data solutions can transform and set the possibility of future innovations for many companies. Through the analysis of the current operations, market scenario, customer profiles and business interactions, you can create new scope for innovations.

Where Are Big Data Used? Why there needs Big Data Consulting Company for Enterprises?

Did you know that about 60% to 73% of the collected data goes unused in an enterprise? If you’re too losing out on the information from such valuable data, then it could affect your operations.

Maximizing the power of data is one of the underrated needs in the data analytics industry. This is why we offer customized data analytics solutions complete with assistance to set up data pipelines and warehousing to collect, condition and process the data for useful insights. We provide data analytics & consulting services for businesses from various industries based on their challenges. Our big data development services cater specifically to resolve the issues and help companies to depend completely on data analysis for their everyday operations.

Data analytics consulting services have something of value to every business and every process. As one of the famous big data solution companies, we have worked with several organizations from various domains. We develop robust big data systems, setup process flow and offer big data support services to deal with all sorts of data requirements and challenges for companies from different verticals.



Financial institutions can get one step ahead of fraud and duplicate errors with big data insights. Combining that with better customer experience will make big data the vital part that the organization cannot function without.

Education & E-Learning

Education & E-Learning

Big data can help the students and educators to align their goals and assist them in achieving it. As an educator, you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of the students and implement better systems for learning.



Big data consulting services can transform the content provided to the customers. You can identify what the customers expect and generate the required material. Further, marketing the content to the target audience also becomes simple with big data.



Big data development has immense applications in the healthcare services industry. Google’s recent partnership with a prominent hospital chain in the US to develop healthcare algorithms shows the importance of data in healthcare.



You can improve the production line, extract better output from the raw materials, manage inventories, identify equipment failures, minimize wastage, shorten manufacturing time and do much more with the insights from big data analysis.

Retail & E-Commerce

Retail & E-Commerce

In the retail industry, marketing to customers and providing better service than the competition forms an integral part. Big data can prove its worth during all of those endeavors including marketing, customer support and user experience.

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