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NodeJS Development Services

Are you planning to leverage NodeJS to create a highly-functional application that solves a complex challenge? Well, our NodeJS development services are suitable for companies of any scale and any domain to create an innovative app around your idea.

The developers of our NodeJS web development company have around 10 years of experience with this platform working with SMBs and large organizations from various sectors. If there’s any team that can do complete justice to your sparkling idea, then it’s our NodeJS development company.


What’s special about NodeJS Web Development?

NodeJS shines as one of the top application development platforms due to the host of features it has. At Aegis, we leverage these best features of the platform for NodeJS application development and it has become a crucial portion of the technology stack of many clients.



One of the top specialties of NodeJS is its ability to conduct multi-threaded operations. The event loop of the NodeJS can be executed by multiple threads and it also supports forking various processes.


Synchronous Execution

As soon as the calls are sent out, the codes are executed in a synchronous line quickly. So you don’t have to wait for the coding blocks to complete the execution time before sending in the next one.



This feature is one of the best yet underrated capabilities when working with NodeJS. You can go on to execute the next tasks at hand while a code is running through a task and so, make the complete process more efficient and fast.


Same Language on Both Frontend and Backend

Since NodeJS is based on JavaScript, both the backend and frontend environments can be merged with the same language that quickens the development time and uses the server to interact with the HTML rendering.


Sockets for Data Binding

With the usage of sockets in NodeJS, you can broadcast messages to an entire group of people instead of the basic request and response. This data binding capability makes NodeJS best for developing chat apps.


Wide Open Source Community

The NodeJS community is enormous, helpful, and innovative. There are over 60,000 free, open-source packages in the community that can be leveraged for the customized NodeJS application development.

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We deliver Node.js Development Services across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Our NodeJS Development Services

Aegis is an experienced NodeJS development company that has been providing development services ever since it was introduced in 2009. Our NodeJS development India experts handled the development of applications from several fields including healthcare, education, eCommerce, manufacturing, and finance. Our NodeJS development services cover everything you’ll need to create a highly-functional application.

Custom NodeJS Development

Develop seamless applications custom-made for the target users interfaced with your existing system that meets your business demands.

NodeJS UX Design

Build user-friendly, natural design interfaces with swift navigation options that highlight the application features and useability.

NodeJS Mobile App Development

Create mobility solutions for your application that are lightweight, well-designed, and high performing to maximize the reach.

NodeJS API Development

Scale your application’s features with tailored APIs that are developed by keeping in mind your target users.

NodeJS Migration Services

Move your existing database to NodeJS quickly and effortlessly with the aid of our development team.

NodeJS Real-Time Features

Let’s increase the functionality of your existing application with the real-time features built with NodeJS.

NodeJS CMS Development

Partner with us to develop ultra-fast, customized CMS applications with NodeJS with interactive platforms.

Development of Online Portals

Create shopping carts, education portals, finance dashboards, or any other features to further enhance your application capabilities.

NodeJS Support & Maintenance

Make use of the expertise of our NodeJS developers to keep your application updated and in its best health.

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Benefits of Our NodeJS Application Development

We have a diverse portfolio of working on NodeJS applications with varying degrees of challenges. Our client base goes beyond India and we have worked with companies from several other countries developing applications that take the organization’s prime focus. Here’s why you should hire our NodeJS web development company.

  • We offer a dedicated team of NodeJS developers who work on just your project and nothing else.
  • We provide a multifunctional team who will take complete care of the development including planning, creation of roadmap, scheduling, developing, testing, and maintenance.
  • Offering expert consultation for NodeJS applications to guide you on the best way to further update and utilize its potential to the maximum.
  • Providing full-stack solutions for NodeJS development in India with a team of developers, designers, consultants, and support engineers.
  • Our NodeJS developers are experts in RESTful and other API communications.
  • The developers of our NodeJS development company can write minimal codes for complex problems that result in better handling of time and data.
  • We take care of both frontend and backend development needs with JavaScript and other technology stacks along with NodeJS.
  • We can handle NodeJS application development either from the scratch or even from the middle.

Various NodeJS Applications We’ve Developed

In our 10 years of experience, we’ve many applications of NodeJS development India that have refined our expertise and made us one of the most capable teams you’ll ever come across. Here are portions of the outstanding applications we've chipped away at:

Real-time Chat Applications

We’ve built chat apps with instant messaging and automatic responses that increase the efficiency of customer service.

Shopping Portals

Our NodeJS web development company developed eCommerce solutions with NodeJS for both desktop and mobile phones that include Chatbots, multi-currency and multi-vendor features.

Healthcare Applications

Our HIPAA-compliant applications for healthcare have helped many organizations to reduce their mundane responsibilities and increase productivity.


CRM Applications

By analyzing the target audience and the business domain, we’ve helped to create CRM tools for visualizing and managing customer relationships.

Finance Applications

The online finance and banking platforms of our NodeJS development company offer concise reports, real-time data interactions, and insightful market trends on personalized dashboards.

Apps with AI

We’ve developed applications with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that results in superfast, high-functional app features.

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