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Artificial Intelligence Business Solutions

Untangle raw Data chaos into clarity

Deliver maximum impact across all domains, cut down costs and simplify processes with the powerful systems supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Experience the power of AI business solutions now!


Trusted AI Solutions Company

Effortless business transformation

Artificial Intelligence is a combination of technologies that empower businesses to perform the tasks of humans much faster, efficiently and accurately. Through Artificial Intelligence solutions, companies can strike that balance to support human efforts through automated means. Our AI solutions India aims at strategizing and guiding organizations to unleash the potential of AI and help in investing in the right systems from which your operations stand to benefit.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Through sophisticated machine learning algorithms, we help in predicting outcomes, reducing operational risks and increasing efficiency of your operations. You can identify patterns and process large volumes of data explicitly through machine learning.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Develop systems that think like human brains with cognitive technologies. Deep learning enables us to create practical AI business solutions with the human touch that equips to process and respond to non-linear actions.

Conservations with AI

Conservations with AI

AI business solutions aren’t complete without the tools that enable the customers to get quick help and support whenever they require. The AI tools are trained to provide on-time appropriate support to enhance the customer experience.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Drive smart decisions based on the real-time insights obtained from our Artificial Intelligence solutions. Increase the accuracy and reliability of the data behind decisions with predictive analytics and data streaming support in the background.

Image and Text Analysis

Image and Text Analysis

Leverage image analytics for product categorization, product comparison and analyzing the images on social media posts. Text analysis is best for analyzing product engagement, customer reviews and feedback from multiple sources.

Video Intelligence

Video Intelligence

Video analytics has found its application across many domains, including facial recognition, analysis of store cameras and recordings, gauge the sentiment of the people from videos, optical character recognition and many more.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Reduce the need for workforce, minimize errors and maximize productivity with the robotic process automation. This is best for organizations to replace the mundane human tasks in streamlined operations and manufacturing processes.

Cognitive Center of Excellence

Cognitive Center of Excellence

With Artificial Intelligence solutions, your organization can analyze the overall functioning of the organization, including the leadership, employee performance, practical implementation and provide support for maximizing the organizational efficiency.

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Strategized Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Our Artificial Intelligence business solutions cover a broad spectrum of applications across many industries. Right from the automation of simple tasks to complicated algorithms that analyse and presents industry-changing insights, we have helped in the development of various AI tools. Our AI solutions company is one of the very first companies that started providing AI solutions in India. Our team of dedicated AI experts will help you to achieve that solution, which will redefine the way your business functions.

There are several ways in which we can devise AI tools that your organization can benefit from. You can build a cluster of AI tools with a centralized system to enrich the operations of the overall organization with AI business solutions. You can use this AI-powered virtual assistant to interact with your customers, understand what they speak and the emotions they exhibit to provide evolved responses.

Combining Artificial Intelligence business solutions with machine learning algorithms, you can generate advanced insights. It helps in creating accurate customer profiles and gain an in-depth understanding of the behavior and actions taken by the customers. Become our AI implementation partners to develop software for robots and drones from the scratch. Our AI experts have proven capability in capturing images, developing new models for drones and iterating and analyzing data processes.

Strategized Artificial Intelligence

Make use of the high-tech image processing technology to develop highly visual applications that can gather, analyze and learn from images. You can also leverage it to generate advanced insights and identify patterns that lead to useful conclusions. AI business solutions help detect objects from images and video, transcript texts and understand the human emotions. Use Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) for better image analysis and recognize the reason behind human movements in videos.

Cutting-Edge AI Solutions India

Artificial Intelligence has replaced various human tasks and has been successful in performing it much better in all respects. In the long run, AI has helped in cutting down jobs and shaping the organization for the future. As a top AI solutions company, we have helped businesses from many industries to put AI to the best use in the form of tools as a support or as a part of the product itself.

  • Retail AI for Pro-Active Approach

    Retail AI for Pro-Active Approach

    Our AI solutions India has helped in providing top-notch customer service due to the predictive analytics, regression analysis and conversational AI tools. You can also build customer persona, design cloth visual trial systems with AI and merchandising control.

  • Finance AI for Minimizing Risks

    Finance AI for Minimizing Risks

    Artificial Intelligence business solutions for finance is the best way to minimize the risks that finance organizations have to deal with. You can detect fraudulent operations, increase security, stop breaches, identify liabilities and minimize cost risks.

  • Healthcare AI for Personalized Solutions

    Healthcare AI for Personalized Solutions

    In healthcare, quick healthcare assistance is of prime importance. With an AI support system, you can analyze the patient’s history to find out future health issues or any alarming conditions that need to be taken care of in the present.

  • Telecom AI for Tangible Results

    Telecom AI for Tangible Results

    Telecom industries are quickly moving towards including AI for many reasons – optimizing network coverage, predictive maintenance to identify errors and resolve them at the beginning, robotic process automation and virtual assistants for customer interactions.

  • Manufacturing AI for Smart Processes

    Manufacturing AI for Smart Processes

    There are numerous ways in which you can include AI manufacturing processes. We have helped industries to streamline a section of their operation, automate the inventory systems with the plant requirements and act as office assistance.

Transform with AI Business Solutions

At Aegis, we have developed several AI tools that have laid the seeds for business transformation in many organizations. We perform in-depth research of an organization, understand its shortcomings to develop AI business solutions that rectify them all. We work hand in hand with your business as your AI implementation partners and ensure that your employees are completely comfortable working with the new systems of AI and use it until its maximum potential.

Futuristic Thinking Ability

Go beyond the intuitive feeling and make decisions based on the data-proven approach with AI.

The Best Collaboration Ever = Human + AI

Achieve never-before-seen levels of innovations with the best of both working together at high speed and unimaginable efficiency.


Responsible Operations

Though AI is a machine, it still retains the core principles of your organization and has the capacity to make intelligent business decisions without compromising on human values.

Self-Learning System

The best part about AI is that it updates itself constantly. Therefore, the more you use, the better the insights are.

Cognitive Search Ability

Uncover valuable data behind all the noise with the cognitive search ability of AI and integrate the system across the entire business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our Artificial Intelligence business solutions, understand how we function and get more information on how you can use it for your applications.

We can guide you with a seamless transition to the AI system. Our consultants will work with your employees, teach them about how to handle the new system and provide tips on using the entire AI system for their advantage. If you already have an idea in mind, we can work alongside you to implement it practically. If not, we will analyze your business operations and come up with some top areas where AI will have the maximum effect.

We have very stringent regulations on the confidentiality of our clients’ information. You can sign an NDA with us and we will also let you know about the highly-secure systems in which we store your information.

You can ask us any questions you have on Artificial Intelligence during the consultation. You can discuss your business issues and get an idea of how AI can solve these problems, the cost of implementation and the future scope of this system. You can also ask our experts to tell you about the different ways in which AI can be practically implemented throughout your organization.

It depends on the scope and scale of the project. We are completely upfront and honest about the time we take and the resources we may need to develop the project. During the beginning, we will give you a timeline based on the assessment of the project. We will make sure to stick with it during the project development.

Yes, we do provide an online training session with our experts. You and your colleagues can participate in this training session, get clarity on what each one of the parameters means, how you can use it for business decisions and best hacks to use them. You can also hire our AI experts on an hourly basis or a project basis for detailed help and support.

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