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Smart Education Technology Solutions

Educational organizations are the backbone for the future of our economy. For these institutions to be successful at what they do, they need better access to technology with flexibility and convenience.

The tech world is rapidly changing the way education is offered. From mobile apps to smart learning tools, we’re witnessing a major transformation in the education of the students. Aegis Softtech is one of the experienced education technology companies that has brought next generation education to several global companies.

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Enhanced Learning Experience with Smart Education Solutions

We offer a broad selection of solutions to prepare for future education technology. We support educational organizations as well as their service providers with relevant, student-friendly choices that make their learning experience better.

Better Communication Education Technology

Better Communication Education Technology

To communicate clearly to the students, we recommend smart tools and tech solutions that make it easier for the teachers and professors to educate them.

Improved Collaboration

Improved Collaboration

Organizations work best when they can collaborate seamlessly with each other. Our tech experts recommend simple collaboration tools to allow employees to work better with each other.

Digital Capability

Digital Capability

Digital learning is becoming the current mantra for educational institutions. Our ed-tech specialists will help to transform your physical classroom into an online experience.

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We deliver Smart Education Technology Solutions Across

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Our Advanced Education Solutions Make Remote Learning Possible

Ever since the pandemic hit, there’s an acute need for remote learning solutions that’s easy for both the teachers and the students. The education sector requires the help of technology the most right now.

We offer a variety of education tools customized to the individual institution’s requirements. Our development experts have built solutions for next generation education that comprises the majority of the eLearning services. We develop Learning Management Systems (LMS) with a bunch of features for remote learning like:

Lecture Capture System

This is one of the primary requirements in most LMS that allows to view the lectures in real-time and save them for later use.

Online Exam Management

You can use the LMS portals to conduct and monitor online exams, assess the student answers and publish the results online.

Virtual Labs

Virtual labs are useful for both schools and universities where the staff can use a combination of online tools to visually teach the students.

Virtual Simulation

We integrate third-party simulation tools or create in-built features in the LMS for students to work on the simulated engineering & science models.

Virtual Field Trip

You can take the students on virtual educational field trips to different locations of historic or scientific importance and deliver a vivid field experience.

Personal Development Tools

You can include additional education materials in the form of videos, documents and tools that the students can use in their free time to improve themselves.

Our Online Smart Education Services

Aegis is a leader in delivering IT services in the education sector. Our smart education solutions have made the lives of many professors and students easier. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a large influx in the need for customized future education technology with remote learning. We help to modernize the usual models of education with online tools and eLearning platforms.

We are transforming the learning experience, one at a time with our online smart education services.

  • Ed-Tech Consultation

    Ed-Tech Consultation

    Consultation sessions for educators and education service providers on leveraging the best of technologies to improve the learning.

  • Ed-Software Implementation

    Ed-Software Implementation

    Complete roadmap, strategy, planning and implementation of smart education software customized to the learners.

  • Virtualization Solutions

    Virtualization Solutions

    Development of scalable, virtual reality tools in collaboration with educators with a user-friendly interface.

  • Networking Services

    Networking Services

    Build a robust network system comprising the server, enterprise applications, storage and design implementation.

  • IT Deployment

    IT Deployment

    Implementation of IT infrastructure, integration of the various advanced education solutions and tools for a holistic experience.

  • CMS Development

    CMS Development

    Enable content systems for publishing educational information online on the learning platforms with choices to integrate and migrate content.

  • Immersive Experience

    Immersive Experience

    Deliver outstanding education experiences with immersive technology developed to impart better understanding.

  • Business Intelligence Education

    Business Intelligence Education

    Develop eLearning applications with visual learning scores, scales and self-assessment features for students to learn by themselves.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Support & Maintenance

    Extended support after development and regular maintenance check-ups to maintain the health of the educational tools.

Our Clientele in the Educational Sector

As one of the renowned education technology companies, we’ve worked with various organizations, startups and SMBs to improve their overall efficiency with ed-tech solutions. We help with multiple facets in the education sector, including marketing, student management, content operations, analytics and business operations. Here are some of our clientele we’ve worked with.

Education Providers

Education providers

These are schools, colleges and universities who directly intake students and strive to provide the best education. We help with the:

  • Creation of educational tools
  • Creation of VR space
  • Development of business management tools
  • Maintenance of enterprise applications
Educational Associations

Educational Associations

These are associations, mostly online, that provide complementary educational services along with direct educators. For such clients, we generally help with the:

  • Development of LMS platforms
  • Revamping the LMS
  • Integration of new tools and features to the smart learning software
  • Enhancing communication education technology
Testing and Assessment Service Providers

Testing and Assessment Service Providers

These are clients who primarily work online to facilitate testing and assessment for the education providers. We help such clients with:

  • Creating robust online assessment tools
  • Implementation of future education technology like AI, big data, AR and VR
  • Assessing the student needs and customizing the existing platforms
  • Development of new assessment tools for startups
Education Service Supporters

Education Service Supporters

These are companies that are on the circumference of the educational sector to improve the process and supplement with auxiliary services. We help such companies with:

  • Creating business management tools
  • Integration of service-based applications
  • Data analytics tools
  • Development of publishing platforms

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