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Automated Software Testing Company

Flawlessly deploy your software with the highly efficient testing functionalities at Aegis.

Don’t let poor performance or huge delays in software testing dampen your product release. With its due importance given for the on-time delivery of high-quality software, we adopt only the best practices of software testing services to implement the best possible version of the software.


Software Testing Services Offered

A bug-free, error-less, smooth-running, high-functional software application is what we all want. To perfect the software developed, you need a good testing process that checks every nook and corner of the software ensuring that it’s up to the mark to meet the expectations of the users. Software testing is an essential part of the lifecycle of software development without which you can suffer from so many issues. Aegis, a Software Testing Company, offers services for many purposes which checks your software in all respects and fixes all types of problems. Here are some of the top software testing we perform.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Every function on your application should work as you intended. The functional testing is aimed at ensuring that the features are up to the mark without any lags that include unit testing, integration testing, interface testing, regression testing, system testing, etc.

Automated Testing

Automated Testing

Manually checking every single element on the software is tedious and time-consuming. To avoid delaying the software launch, we employ automated software testing services that tests a certain section of the software without any comprises in quality at a much faster pace.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

The performance of your software is the main deciding factor for software’s success. Our performance testing includes load testing, volume testing, scalability testing, stress testing and other similar tests which examines the reliability and efficiency of the application.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Usability testing is more about how much friendly your software is for the users. It’s a crucial test that would give you amazing pointers to enhance the customer experience quotient of the software depending on the behavioural insights from users.

Isolation Testing

Isolation Testing

Sometimes, there are some issues that wouldn’t be identified in the other types of software testing but would be slowly chipping away at the software performance. We employ isolation testing to separate the codes to find out exactly what the root cause of the problem is.

Mobile and Device Testing

Mobile and Device Testing

When you release an application, it should be user-friendly in all kinds of devices no matter the size, OS or configuration. We test your software on different mobile phones and devices to ensure that it provides a uniform performance across all devices.

Browser Testing

Browser Testing

The users can use the application on different browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and many others. Again the software should work seamlessly irrespective of the version or the type of browsers it is run on and this is verified through browser testing.

Other Testing Services

Other Testing Services

Apart from these application testing services, we also provide other types of testing like localization testing, user acceptance testing, security testing, installation testing, documentation testing, reliability testing, globalization testing, database testing and many more.

We deliver QA and Application Testing Services across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Our Software Testing Process

At Aegis, we take up a customized approach to the every software testing services process. Based on the functionalities in your software, the reach of the software and the integrations it has, we design our testing process to cover all grounds of your application. We don’t take up unnecessary time and delay the date of your product launch. We will work within the deadlines, quickly employ automated software testing services wherever we can and include a bit of manual testing when required to test and prepare your application ready for release.

Planning and Design

Planning and Design

At the start of the software testing process, we spend time to understand your needs, costs, final output expectations and prepare the design.

  • Determine scope and resources
  • Review test basis
  • Design software tests
Implementation and Execution

Implementation and Execution

With the design, we go through the software testing process thoroughly to test the entire software and prep it for launch.

  • Prioritize test cases
  • Create test suites and execute them
  • Log the results and compare with the expected outcomes
Evaluation and Report

Evaluation and Report

Once the test is completed, the results of the tests are evaluated and a report is generated with recommendations and next steps to follow.

  • Assessment of the conducted tests
  • Check deliverables and resolve incidents
  • Report generation

How Our Application Testing Services Makes All the Difference?

When you are looking to hire a software testing company, don’t just consider the tests they do or the resources they have. Go one step beyond that and look at how thorough a job they can do. Aegis has grown to be a reliable software testing services provider company because we do so much more than just running tests on the software. We dig deep into the software to find out all minor and major flaws that are detrimental to your application and resolve them. We go way beyond our responsibilities in suggesting you with the best ways to further enhance the application which makes all the difference from the numerous other services you see.

Save Operational Costs

Believe it or not, software testing can actually save your money. We help companies to save money in the long run by launching high functioning, performance-oriented software applications that stand the test of time.

Highly Secure Testing Facility

Security is one critical consideration when it comes to software testing. We don’t take the security of your software lightly. We enforce high-security measures with authentication and encryption to eliminate the risks and avoid unnecessary vulnerability.


Fuss-Free Onboarding Experience

There is no unnecessary, time-consuming process to get us on board. We go through a fairly simple and concise process that will allow us to start testing on your software as soon as possible and quickly prepare it for deployment.

World-Class Product Quality

A brilliant application testing services is what you need to push your software from good to excellent. We ensure that your application performance is unparalleled to your competition and make it possible to bring a world-class product experience.

How Can a Top Software Testing Company Help You?

Well, there are various ways in which our software testing process could come in handy for you. We excel in providing the right software testing solutions to our clients without wasting any time on unnecessary roundabout processes. We are go-getters. We get on the task, do a great job, get feedback from clients, improve it further and deliver user-loving app. We can help you in many ways with software testing.

  • A Complete Sweep of New Software

    A Complete Sweep of New Software

    If you already have a new software developed, we can do the testing for you. We will perform all the required tests on your software, make sure that every function both frontend and backend is running properly and ready to deploy.

  • Improve the Performance of an Existing Software

    Improve the Performance of an Existing Software

    Do you already have software that isn’t running as per the expectations? Well, we can perform a comprehensive check on the functionalities and elements of the software, find the root cause, fix it and improve its performance considerably.

  • Regular Testing and Maintenance

    Regular Testing and Maintenance

    We all know that testing software once isn’t going to last long. You need to run periodic tests on the software to check if everything is performing as expected. Our software testers can run regular tests on your software and keep the software healthy.

We Cater to Testing Services

QA Outsourcing Services

We know that much of your time, money and resources are invested in bringing new products to market.

eCommerce Testing Services

At Aegis, we believe that the testing job is the most useful section of building a successful product.

Enterprise Software Testing

The best way to ensure that your project is successful is by hiring professional software testers.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile apps have become a necessary part of any business strategy and our lives today.

ERP Testing Services

ERP applications are considered to be at the heart of every business.

Test Automation Services

Well, this is why many of our clients have moved to automate software tests.

Digital Testing Services

Digital products are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated.

Functional Testing Consultants

We will not only develop a high-end app for your business but will also make sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions on software testing or how our process looks like, have a look at the following FAQ and the answers from our experts.

If you are developing new software, then you should plan its testing from scratch. The preparation for the testing should be initiated during the development phase with the test cases made ready. Once the software is developed, it will ideally enter the testing phase.

Some even test their software in parallel as it is being developed to avoid unnecessary time delays in redoing the entire thing. It is completely your call to choose when you want to test it.

At Aegis, we offer an agile way of software development where the developing and the testing stages overlap. We also offer individual testing services. You can choose whichever you need.

There is no proper way to say the exact duration for the software testing process as it varies depending on the scale and functions of the application. To give you an idea, the testing would take about 20% to 30% of the development time and for software with complex configurations, the testing could be even longer. A test case ideally takes anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes to complete. So, for big applications, the testing time will be more.

Once we take a look at the scale of the software developed, we will advise on the number of the testers. Generally, we advise one to three testers for a normal software testing project. If you need more testers to include, you can always talk to us.

You don’t have to worry about where your software is stored. We employ various ways to remotely test your software no matter where you are in this world. Just talk to our experts and we will explain to you about how we can access your software and test it efficiently.

Many of our clients hire us to test their software periodically at agreed intervals of time. During these tests, we will check the software entirely or partially as per your requirements, make note of issues, if any, and submit a report at the end. This regular testing will ensure that any problem in the software is immediately noticed and fixed then and there. This will avoid any performance lags, downtime and unfavorable user experience.

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Organizations are required to do testing to eliminate bugs and damage to their reputation. The only way is to collaborate with a reliable top software testing companies with robustness services. This is because a software failure can derail daily operations and adversely impact business.

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