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Build a FatJar using Maven

12 Mar. 2020 Maven is one of the most used tools for Java application development. Maven packaging will create a Jar file without dependencies.

All about YARN Explained

12 Mar. 2020 YARN is an open source Apache project that stands for “Yet Another Resource Negotiator”. It is a Hadoop cluster manager that is responsible for allocating resources

Oozie- Scheduling Big Data Jobs

29 Feb. 2020 Oozie is a well-known workflow scheduler engine in Big Data world and is already used industry wide to schedule Big Data jobs.

What is Word Embedding?

22 Feb. 2020 Word Embeddings are the representation of each word present in the document. As in deep networks each word is represented by a dense vector.

Why do we use LODs?

22 Feb. 2020 A visualization in Tableau financial and development services always has the same granularity as per the dimensions we are using in the particular visualization.

Advance Analytics Using Hive

01 Feb. 2020 With growing size of data everyday, the need for business Intelligence is also thriving like never before.Business Intelligence is about analyzing data to gather some business insights to take better business action and these analysis can be performed with the help of some ETL tool.

Cloud Computing Using EC2

01 Feb. 2020 Almost every organization is taking a step closer to cloud. Reason is obvious - To avoid upfront infrastructure cost and to avoid maintainence cost.

Real Time Analytics – Amazon Kinesis

25 Jan. 2020 Traditionally data was dumped into some data warehouse to run analytics queries in batch mode. However, processing of big data in real-time has become possible with the advent of latest streaming technologies.

Jacoco Source Code Coverage tool

21 Dec. 2019.Jacoco is the software metric used to provide how many lines of code covered in each source java file after executing the unit tests.

Watershed Algorithm and its application

15 Dec. 2019.Watershed algorithm is used for segmentation in some complex images as if we apply simple thresholding and contour detection then will not be able to give proper results.

Kafka Streams: An Introduction and Developers Guide

15 Dec. 2019.Kafka Stream is a transformation library that comes with Kafka binary for analyzing and processing data stored in Kafka topics.It is used for data transformation, enrichment, fraud detection, monitoring and alerts.

Updated Information on Spring Initializr

13 Nov. 2019.Recently updated over the last few months, Spring Initializr is an open-source, web-based tool that allows you to quickly create complex software programs within Spring Boot programs.

Getting started with Jersey and Spring Boot

13 Nov. 2019.On account of being at the cusp of API economy, Spring Boot and Jersey have been a boon to all developers. With a 30% adoption rate, Spring Boot is a popular framework, and the Jersey support makes it even more irresistible to use.

What will the latest version of Java bring?

12 Oct. 2019.With general availability slated for the middle of September (9/17), the latest features for the Java 13 release are all ready to go. For those IT managers, developers, and programmers, this new version of Java will include a few distinct developments.

Difference between Spring and Spring Boot

21 Sep. 2019.Enterprise software solutions are not new to the corporate scene any longer; in fact, it seems like now everything – from the simplest to the most complex task - runs on a computer.

5 Step Process to Learn Machine Learning in 3 Months

02 Sep. 2019.An interdisciplinary field, data science uses scientific systems, algorithms, processes, and other methods to gain insight and knowledge from data in different forms, both unstructured and structured.

Spark Versions for Application Compatibility

12 Aug. 2019.Spark is an Apache undertaking publicized as "extremely quick group figuring". It has a flourishing open-source network and is the most dynamic Apache venture right now. Spark gives a quicker and increasingly broad information handling stage.

Do you think a Java programmer earns the most?

15. july. 2019.Java is one of the world’s most famous languages. It is regarded as one of the top languages in the world simply because it makes the life of the programmers easy. Java is used extensively not only by the independent programmers but also by a host of companies that which to make high-end products.

Enterprises Using Spark NLP

04. july. 2019.Spark NLP is an open source NLP library built natively on Apache Spark and TensorFlow. The library includes simple, performant and precise NLP notations for ML pipelines that can scale with an ease in a distributed environment. Spark NLP library is reusing the Spark Machine Learning pipeline along with integrating NLP functionality.

Cloud Culture: Migration Insight

26. june. 2019.In today’s business scenario, cloud computing services have become a strong driving force for businesses and playing a major role in their strategy. Countless companies, whether a small start-up company or leading enterprises - has started to embrace this technology in different ways to be a step ahead of their competitors or on-par in the marketplace.

Dynamics CRM is a top of the line solution for sales reps

06. june. 2019.Sales is an important part of any company. Whether a company deals in products or services, at the end of the number of leads converted or the total number of customers or clients matter the most. Hence, it is utmost important for every organization to make sure that they put in all the efforts that they can in their sales plans.

CentralizedMicroservices configuration using Spring cloud config

30. May. 2019.Spring Cloud Config provides server and client modules for supporting externalized Configuration in a distributed system. With Config server, spring bootmicroservices configuration centralized across all environments.The concept is similar to Environment, PropertySource in client applications.

Better together: Cloudera and Hortonworks Becomes the Multi-Cloud Data Management Provider

29. May. 2019.At the end of the year 2018, Cloudera and Hortonworks announced their merger of $5.2 billion, becoming the second largest open source software company in the world. Previously, both Cloudera and Hortonworks were one of the leading big data technology providers and with this merger, it is aimed to become the top choice for enterprise big data analytics.

Who should make your App: Development Agency or Mobile Developer?

12. April. 2019.There is a famous saying from Bill Gates, if your business is not online, you better be out of business. But, in the current market scenario, it has been transformed into, if you do not have a mobile app for your business, you better be out of business.

Spark Cassandra Datastax

28. February. 2019.Spark is the most popular parallel computing framework in Big Data development and on the other hand, Cassandra is the most well known No-SQL distributed database. Integrating these two technologies makes perfect sense when we want to analyze Big Data stored on Cassandra.

Java Service Provider Interface

20. February. 2019.Service Provider Interface is an API proposed to be implemented or customized by a third-party provider. It can use as an extension or replaceable by existing implementations.

Apache Phoenix and its Use Cases with Issues

08. February. 2019.If the requirement is to host very large tables and we want to access it randomly and in real-time HBase is a great choice which can fulfill our requirement. But what if the completion time of requirement is very less and we don’t have sql-familiar developers to create code in HBase.

Java 8 streams

22. January. 2019.Streams API is a new addition in Java 8. Earlier we use the InputStream or OutputStream to process the streams while handling files and all. The new Streams API provides a set of classes to manipulate the elements in a collection.

How Has The Company Revamped Graph Analytics In Hadoop?

21. January. 2019.Most of the people perceive something as elaborative as Big Data to be just heaps of unstructured data. Big Data is indeed a collection of huge chunks of data, and most part of it is unstructured. But, you would be amazed to know, that regardless of the fact that the volume of data is so high, still you can see some sort of connection or you can see even a structure amongst the various data sets.

Custom Service in Hibernate Framework

17. January. 2019.Services are classes that provide a pluggable implementation of various functionality, in particular, they define specific functionality and then implement those service agreement interfaces. The interface refers to as the role of service, this implementation class is known as a service implementation.

Apache Spark: Tune it to your tunes

08. January. 2019.Big data world comes with big challenges and even more challenging is tuning the big data development application for optimal performance. Apache Spark is fast parallel processing framework but bad design elements or bad configuration could take away the powers of this strong framework.

Introduction to Elasticsearch with a practical example

31. December. 2018.Elasticsearch is a full-text search and analytics engine that can be scaled easily for very large-scale usage. It is an open-source tool written in Java language which makes it compatible with most of the platforms.

What Good Does Healthcare It Outsourcing Hold For 2019?

24. December. 2018.Outsourcing has stepped up the ladder of success like no one has ever. And, the reason is quite simple; outsourcing is enabling corporates to save cost and time, and still meet the right level of efficiency.

How to change the way of Business with Dynamics AX

05. December. 2018.We all are aware of the importance of technology in today's world. Developers design various kinds of digital tools and programs on the basis of the specific task that is needed to be done in the business. Use of business software helps in the elimination of human errors. It automatically improves efficiency and consistency.

Canary Deployments using Kubernetes

30. November. 2018.The Canary release new technique in the software world to reduce the risk of introducing the new version of the product by slow roll out the changes to the small subset of users before rolling out to the entire infrastructure, thus making available to all users.

Why are data scientists struggling to evolve from prototype projects?

03. November. 2018.Data sciences is one of the hottest career option in the existing era. The reason behind this is the immense growth of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence industry. As, both the world of Big Data and AI are growing, so is the need and demand of data scientists.

Tips for Designing a Voice User Interface

25. October. 2018.Those who are new into designing voice user interfaces often find themselves unsure of creating something efficient and worthwhile. User Interfaces are the medium of interacting with users. They need to be good enough to stand the expectation of users.

Top 4 Magento Extensions: You can’t get away with!

24. September. 2018.Have you ever though how would your ecommerce site look if you put all of your products right on the front page of the website? Won’t it look cluttered and unappealing? Plus, do you think visitors will stick to a site even for a few seconds, which will appear like a nightmare, a meters long page that looks never-ending.

Server Side Reverse Proxying using Zuul

20. September. 2018.Resource routing in an integral part of the micro service architecture. For example, if relative URL is /api/users then the request needs to route to be user service, and if the relative URL is /api/shop then, a request needs to route to shop service.

Custom Model Binding In ASP.NET Core MVC Pattern

15. September. 2018.In the MVC pattern, Model binding maps the HTTP request data to the parameters of a Controllers action method. The parameter can be of a simple type like integers, strings, double etc.

Version Controlling in Visual Studio Code with GIT

31. August. 2018.Version controlling is the most required feature that a web development team needs while working in an enterprise environment. GIT is the most popular version controlling system which is open source, free to use, works on Linux based shell scripting, and easy to integrate with any type of IDEs.

Spring Cloud Netflix - Hystrix

28. August. 2018.Microservice architecture is a distributed system where multiple services collaborate with one another. They typically communicate with each other using REST API.

Hadoop Disk Replacement Tutorial - Eureka

08. August. 2018.Big Data Hadoop is widely acclimated by companies these days and with average 50+ nodes cluster and 100+ TB storage used in most of the enterprises there are huge number of errors and issues faced by Big Data Consulting Company India and Admins every single day.

Spring Security using OAuth2

06. August. 2018.OAuth2 is version 2 of Oauth protocol which was created in 2006. It allows the 3rd party applications to obtain limited access to User accounts hosted on applications like Google, Facebook, and Twitter etc.

Hadoop Big Data Tutorial – Load/Get Data Into Hive Partition Column Using Apache Pig

16. July. 2018.Apache Pig is using for summarization and query analysis of data and how this data will load into Hive Partition colum?, This tutorial will be explained by a big data analytic services provider. Here big data service provider introduces a very simple way to understand hive partition and use of pig in hive partition column and further information.

What’s hot about the soaped up edition of Dynamics AX?

12. July. 2018.Microsoft is continuing developing and upgrading its flagship ERP solution, Dynamics AX, but now it is integrated with Dynamics CRM, and is now known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The new version has a host of more features and functionality.

Top Hidden & Brilliant Reasons to Outsource Software Development

6. July. 2018.Technology drives most large businesses in this throat cutting competition. When most large businesses are riding their complex business processes on lean technological business solutions, hiring developers for their software development teams is something extremely critical.

3 Tools that Overpower Hadoop

26. April. 2018. Hadoop, identified as an up-to-the-minute architecture for Big Data Analytics seamlessly integrates with; and adds more value to a company’s existing Business Intelligence (BI) systems.

Big Data in Advertising- Benefits and Threats

10. April. 2018. With the use of Big Data in delivering targeted ads and purchase recommendations, the marketing and advertising companies are planning out the future of the technology in the marketing space.

Smart Ways to Enhance Your Invoice Processing System

28. Jun. 2017. Of the many things essential to an organization, invoice approval process tops the list. It covers almost every department and purchase orders of all sizes. Handling them with utmost precision is the key to a successful business running.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM online 2016 is live!

23. Sep. 2016. Reasons to upgrade to MS Dynamics CRM 2016 are explained by professionals in this blog. Read them thoroughly and evaluate the advantages offered by this upgrade.

How to Show Message Box On Window Close Button?

18. Jul. 2016. This post will make you learn about the steps that will help you in showing message box on window close button. mvc development company experts have intended this post for development community to assist them in web development project. You can read and find the way to show message box or confirm box on window close event.

Entity Record Clonation With Dynamics CRM

29. Jun. 2016. In many cases you will want to make an exact copy of a record. In this article, we will be discussing about the options that you have, to exactly do that. For simple entity records and when I say “simple” it means that you have an entity with some native fields as text, decimal, whole number, lookup and so on but we are not talking about many to many (N:N) relationships or many to one relationships (N:1), you could use native process workflows.

What Is The Use Of Multiple Input Files In Mapreduce Hadoop Development?

17. Dec. 2015. Here Hadoop development experts will make you understand the concept of multiple input files required in Hadoop MapReduce. As a mapper extracts its input from the input file, if there are multiple input files, developers will require same amount of mapper to read records from input files. In this story, professionals are making use of two input files with two mapper classes and a reducer. Read the complete story to know more.

Magento Ecommerce’s Eyes Reflecting a Perfect Mirror Image of Brightness

26. Oct. 2015. Magento, an empowering platform offers companies the ultimate option to provide scalable option and design to support the remarkable benefits of attracting the customers. It has rich features which provide flexibility to the ecommerce store. Well, people from all across the web have shown an interest in the ecommerce store. But what is the different thing that makes Magento e-commerce platform different is the question. Well, to elaborate on it, read the next paragraph.

How to Process on Selected Rows of Table Using MVC / jQuery?

27. July. 2015. To process MVC based applications build on development platform, Aegis developers are using jQuery. The development team members were working on the project and have found successful way to process multiple table rows with MVC/jQuery. You can learn the steps for processing the selected table rows by reading this article further thoroughly.

How developers use JSON serialization and deserialization in mvc development

19. June. 2015. Json is a lightweight format that is used in development for data exchange. In this post, Aegis professionals will make you learn how to use JSON serialization and deserialization in MVC development project. In this post, experts are sharing steps to use NewtonsoftJson in mvc app. You can learn these simple steps and use the features accordingly.

Material Design For Android App Development

18. June. 2015. Android app applications are the trend for today’s society. This is necessary for the visual, interaction and motion designing for the device. Android comes in the 21st century in the market and the craze for such devices is increasing day by day. Android market is considered as the most widely spread market in all over the world.

How developers use jQuery-Cron in MVC based development application

03. June. 2015. Aegis .net developers are efficient in making cost effective and most intuitive applications on development platform. Today, professionals from Aegis are going to explain the use of jQuery-Cron plugin in development to intendmvc based application. You can follow the steps and learn the trick to use plugin and make custom app solution for the client. They will also share major advantages of the plugin and different ways to use the generated code entry during app development.

Hire Android Developers to Get Customized Apps

03. June. 2015. It is about the customization most recently. The companies that offer highly bespoke, customized, and specially made solutions are companies that are churning and thriving out lofty profits. Other companies that sell uniform solutions are ones that are now 'surviving'. Consider that every consumer is different; a lot of companies have taken one step ahead and given their clients the capability to hire Android Developers that will go with great lengths for developing their bespoke Android Applications.

How to call WebAPI from Microsoft dynamics CRM custom activity

25. May. 2015. It was yesterday when I and one of my colleague was working on Microsoft dynamics CRM and we stuck into a situation where we did not know how to call WebAPI method from CRM custom activity. After many efforts and trials, we found the way for it and now, we are sharing it in this post.

How To Define Modern Means Of Authentication- Auth0 In Java Application Development?

25. May. 2015. After getting tremendous response from the readers, AegisSoftTech’s expert Java developers team once again brings new post in which experts are going to explain the concept of Auth0 and its uses. The java application development team once questioned about how to add Auth0 as an identity provider in AWS and to answer it, developers have worked with efficiency on related project that is also instanced in this post. Keep reading further to know more.

Why MVC developers are so optimistic?

22. May. 2015. While talking about the framework, programmers and development team always wish to make best use of such platform that allows them to leverage latest features and technology with which it is intended to hook up the businesses. MVC developers make all of such wishes true by using MVC development platform.

How To Implement Kinesis And Cloud In Java Development For Modern Data Streaming

21. April. 2015. AegisSoftTech Java development team is sharing this post with global developers who want to learn how to implement Kinesis technology and cloud computing to achieve modern streaming of data. You may proceed and read this article further to learn basics and specialized code for Kinesis implementation.

How to use Pentaho Data integration to get rid of MDX?

21. April. 2015. Pentaho BI Developers sharing approaches to get rid of MDX using Pentaho development and data integration The Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) is a query language like SQL; however, if you have learnt SQL before and want to learn to write advanced MDX; you may need to invest your time while learning MDX and its debugging method. It’s crucial to add latest skills and knowledge points for writing MDX.

How to use Data Integration Tool in Pentaho BI.

31. March. 2015. Aegis developers are sharing this tutorial with global IT development community to help them in Pentaho BI Data Integration using specialized tool and technique. Before starting the project, you need to download version.

How to Develop Custom Kendo UI Grid with Sub-grid in MVC

18. March. 2015. Aegis’s development team is sharing this technical document to explain how to use Kendo grid with sub-grid using Kendo UI framework in mvc based application. Keno UI is latest jquey based platform helps in designing modern web apps and data binding. This is a step by step guide that will make you familiar about framework so that you can use it during development without making any error.

Upgrading CRM 2011, 2013, CRM 2015 Service Pack with Customization Approach

18. March. 2015. Planning to upgrade your CRM 2011 or 2013 edition? You can make CRM 2011, 2013 customization and upgrade it to CRM 2015 with the help of solutions framework capabilities. It is necessary to understand the evolvement of the solutions framework from CRM 2011 to CRM 2015.

The Solution Framework was initially released in CRM 2011 and in CRM 2013, enhancements were made to it for swift performance, flexibility, and portability. Here in this post, we will share top features introduced to Dynamics CRM 2015 that intend users of CRM 2011 and CRM 2013 to upgrade their systems and make custom changes as per their requirements.

Banks Relying On Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Personalized User Experience And Operational Efficiency

19. Feb. 2015. More banking institutions are making modern approach for their business operations and choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to migrate from transaction-based business to customer-centric business. For this, banks have to think like their customers and consider their viewpoint for best outcome. They required solutions that make them eligible to deliver superb customer experiences, to protect user data and meet complex regulatory requirements.

How to create Searchable Rad Combo Box with Custom Load on Demand

13. Feb. 2015. Abstract:- This article is describing how to make Searchable Rad Combo Box using the Web Service.

Aegis Soft Tech development team is sharing this technical document with global .net users looking for valuable information on same platform. Here we will discuss on the topic how to make Searchable Rad Combo Box using the Web Service. This is a step by step guide that helps you to compile executable code lines without any programming errors.

Top useful .Net extension methods

20. Jan. 2015. Special extension methods were released in C# 3.0. Developers have continuously been looking for ways to extend classes to every coding and got top most preferable extension methods for .net development. Is there a class that just doesn’t do enough for you? Is it true that you always wanted to add more onto a Date-Time class, but somehow you couldn’t? Things which were not possible earlier can be true with extension methods that C# 3.0 unveiled.

Agile Solutions by The Offshore Software Development Companies

25. DEC. 2014. India is the leading country provides the superior quality software in the testing field and gains the trust of clients. It delivers the software according to the needs of the customers on very reasonable cost. The most reputed offshore software development companies assure good quality software for clients before committed time frame. These companies offer professionally managed services for the good will and maintained reputation.

Table customization for identity 2.0

16. DEC. 2014. There are different types of programs which are installed in desktops and laptops. ASP.NET is also one of those programs. It is difficult to access the ASP.NET for a new person. One should try a lot around their head to solve the problem arising in the app it takes plenty of time also.

Java programmers leveraging Java Temporary Caching API in Java apps

10. NOV. 2014. Introducing remarkable caching strategy that does not emphasis on implementation details much Aegis soft tech team is sharing a wonderful caching strategy – “Java Temporary Caching API”, with global java users, java programmers and java communities interested in latest updates on Java.

How Content Creativity Influences eMail Marketing?

06. NOV. 2014. Creativity opens up many opportunities in marketing industry; you just need to know how to make it happen. Giving a start with handful of interesting facts for your readers is a good trick to hold them till the end.

Essential Tools for Asp.Net Apps and Software Development

06. NOV. 2014. Things that a developer needs to deliver a successful solution Aegis professionals have got three major essentials for app development community and with this post we are going to explain each point in detail and make you understand in most proficient manner.

Visual Studio 14 update with enhancements in vNext development framework

11. OCT. 2014. The fourth community technology preview was released by Microsoft earlier this week for the upcoming Visual Studio 14 update with vNext and .net framework, and few streamlining in C# and C++. Last month, CTP 3 was released with the preview of .Net framework and vNext. For CTP 4 releases, several weeks of efforts and developer community response have started giving shape to those features.

Data warehousing with BI software solution

30. SEP. 2014. We all are aware of the BI module used by companies for data warehousing. But why do you need a data warehouse? There are many reasons that explain the requirement for data warehousing in an organization.

5 New Features Introduced In Ios8 App Development

22. SEP. 2014. Few days ago, Apple launched iPhone 6 versions and now, it’s time for iOS 8 to make its actual appearance in front of users. Developers have had access to the version for iOS app development since June to explore all the latest features and test their developed iOS apps.

iPhone Developers For Small Business Enterprises

20. SEP. 2014. Aegis professionals have got some points to share with iPhone app development community and developers across the world. With this post, our experts will make you understand and explain the reasons to hire iPhone developers for small businesses.

Increasing Value of The Developers because of Android

11. SEP. 2014. One may even publicize applications with third-party companies of software development. Gadgets have made revolution as well as the apps are really simple that people with fundamental knowledge may handle easily.

Latest Security updates for Microsoft .net Framework

Microsoft .net team has recently released important security updates for .net framework that would bypass Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) feature when user is browsing any crafted site. Aegis .net development team is sharing this update with .net community and users to help .net programmers worldwide.

Update Rollup 21 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

Update Rollup 21 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is available. The update is available in multiple languages to help international users. Aegis .net development team is sharing this update with Microsoft Dynamics CRM community and users to help CRM programmers worldwide.

How To Implement Mysql ASP.NET Identity

In this article, Aegis Soft Tech professionals will describe how to implement a custom MySQL ASP.NET Identity storage provider. This topic is shared to help entire ASP.NET development community and its developers across the world.

Global expansion of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

17 new countries can now avail MS CRM development benefits This article is about the global expansion of MS Dynamics CRM development in which 17 new countries will be able to avail Dynamics CRM benefits along with Azure and Office 365. Aegis Softtech professionals are sharing this info with entire Microsoft Dynamics CRM community and developers across the world.

Agile ALM For Robust And Marketable Java Development

Agile ALM speeding time to market, improves overall product quality, and especially designed for disciplined Java developers. Agile ALM can be considered as chain of tools that are flexible, open source, and excellent in quality.

Microsoft BI Solutions Advantages

When it comes to Business Intelligence solutions and toolsdevelopment, Microsoft stands first in the arena of software development with best-in-class tools and support services. Microsoft BI Solutions forma key part of many businesses enabling them to perform well online.

Hadoop As A Service In The Cloud- Introduction

Setting up and implementing Hadoop services in a cost effective way in near to impossible for small and medium sized organizations. Large scale data driven companies and various Hadoop professional services providers can make optimum utilization of Hadoop.

Hiring Dot Net Developer To Ensure Attractive Website Development

Dealing with the excess of expenses to make a programming team for various projects is not an ideal thing for small scale companies. Outsourcing services and facilities don’t meet short term requirements of these companies and the ultimate option left for them is to hire dot net developers who possess some experience and credibility.

What It Takes To Be A Qualified .Net Application Development Provider

Performance and scalability are the essential factors to determine the efficiency of each new application. .Net application development platform is the most preferable and innovative approach for major providers today. It’s an ideal platform used by many development companies for providing high performance and durable enterprise solutions.