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AWS Glue Consulting

If you’re having a hard time managing data and performing analytics at the right time, then AWS Glue is what you need.

AWS Glue ETL services help to orchestrate your data and create customized and automated ETL jobs. It simplifies the complicated data processes and saves you a lot of time! Want to know more about including AWS Glue ETL solutions in your data management system? Contact one of our AWS Glue consultants now.

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How Does AWS Glue Work?

The future of technology and business development lies in doing more in less time. AWS Glue is one essential tool built to minimize the time you spend on data preparation and push the data automatically for storage and analysis.

AWS Glue is a cloud, data integration tool that helps to prepare the data for analysis. Therefore, it’s completely serverless and can be used in conjunction with a lot of data pipelines. It minimizes the level of operations and manual intervention in the data processes.

AWS Glue collects the data and adds them to the data storage platforms like cloud warehouses and data lakes.

It then transforms the data to an acceptable format with API’s.

It finally loads the data into Amazon S3 or Amazon Redshift and notes the job done as metadata in the AWS Glue Data Catalog.

When Do You Need AWS Glue ETL Services?

In the AWS Glue process for ETL, you can perform several automated tasks. Organizations commonly use it to make sense of disparate data sources and process them as needed and keep them ready for analysis. AWS helps to quicken the pace of your data process and data integration without too much maintenance necessities. You’ll need AWS Glue consultants for any of the below functions:

Organize data in ETL

Organize data in ETL

AWS Glue ETL solutions can extract the data, reformat it and integrate it with the warehouses. You can set up automatic triggers to process the data as soon as it arrives through multiple stages of the ETL.

Integration with Snowflake Warehouse

Integration with Snowflake Warehouse

You can use AWS Glue to integrate with the Snowflake warehouse and seamlessly facilitate the movement of data, storage, and edits. This capability offers wide opportunities to store data as needed.

No-Coding Setup

No-Coding Setup

You can use the simple drag-and-drop editor of the AWS Glue Studio to set up ETL and create monitoring systems. The code will be automatically generated in either Python or Scala-based on the blocks in the editor.

Search & Catalog Datasets

Search & Catalog Datasets

With AWS Glue, you can search across different data sets, pick them and create a catalog based on any criteria. You can make this AWS Glue Data Catalog updated instantly across all the other platforms.

Scheduled Triggers

Scheduled Triggers

You can create various scheduled triggers to work with the data at specific intervals or when a particular action happens. This way, you can execute multiple jobs either sequentially or in parallel with AWS Glue.

Automated Schema

Automated Schema

You can crawl and gather schema information automatically with AWS Glue. You can also further save the information in the catalog and subsequently use it for other operations and data management.

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Our AWS Glue ETL Services

At Aegis Softtech, we help businesses to manage their data intelligently and gather useful insights with our AWS Glue ETL solutions. We provide services for the complete implementation of AWS, including the ETL, visualization, and integration. Here are some services we offer.

AWS Glue Consulting Solutions

Our AWS Glue consulting experts will help you figure out how you can make your data processing better with AWS Glue solutions.

AWS Glue Consultants Support & Maintenance

Maintaining your system is essential to extract the maximum efficiency. Our consultants will regularly monitor and keep the Glue updated.

AWS Glue Deployment

We will deploy the AWS Glue with your existing warehouses and workflows and set up triggers based on your current processes.

AWS Glue ETL Development

We build an event-driven ETL process with AWS Glue that happens automatically and sends data to storage or analytics as and when the data comes in.

AWS Glue Scheduling

We can schedule specific events to happen in the ETL process by monitoring the data, transformations, and loading processes.

AWS Glue Data Catalog Integration

We set up a data catalog with AWS Glue, customize the crawlers and integrate it with other Amazon platforms like Athena, Redshift, and EMR.

AWS Glue ETL Solutions for Schema Discovery

We can use AWS Glue to identify the data sources and their formats and suggest the proper schema where you can store the relevant data.

AWS Glue Transformations

We use the built-in transforms in AWS Glue by including them in the ETL job script for data processing.

AWS Migration

Our team will help you migrate to AWS and set up the complete, automated ETL pipeline with the AWS Glue.

The Expertise of Our AWS Glue Consulting Experts

When you’re looking for someone to help with data processing and ETL, you need a person who’s not just an ETL expert but also has a working knowledge of your data requirements beyond that. Our AWS Glue consultants have vast knowledge in working with Amazon Web Services, data warehousing, ETL, and data analytics.

We also provide other data warehousing and analytical solutions apart from AWS Glue ETL services, which means that our team is versatile in all things related to data. Here’s a brief into our technical expertise.

  • Expert in implementing ETL process with AWS Glue
  • Hands-on experience in Spark and Python
  • Working knowledge of AWS technologies like Spark, Redshift, Hadoop, Hive, and Presto
  • Proficient in Snowflake data integration
  • Knowledge of working with big data warehouses, data lakes, and other data analytical tools
  • Good knowledge of data migration, AWS Glue transformations, and data modeling of structured and unstructured data

If you want our experienced AWS consultants to work on your data system, then book a consultation call with us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

AWS Glue Crawler automates the data integration process and crawls your data sources. It creates tables when the source data files use different formats, like CSV, JSON, qzip, etc. The crawler is used to identify the data formats. And then it recommends the schemas to store the data. AWS Glue Crawler generates the code to run the data transformations and loading processes.

AWS Glue is an efficient Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tool. AWS Glue is easy to use and manage, and it simplifies the preparation of data for analysis. The extraction, transformation, and loading of data are smooth with this tool.

Triggers are the data catalog objects that can be added via the AWS Glue console. Triggers can be used use to start crawlers or ETL jobs. With the help of triggers, the users can easily design-dependent jobs and crawlers.

AWS Glue supports both Scala and Python programming languages. An extension of the PySpark Python dialect is used for the ETL jobs. Scala and Python offer flexibility to the users when writing the AWS Glue codes.

Yes, you can encrypt metadata in AWS Glue. The Settings option of the Data Catalog allows you to encrypt the metadata. The setting can be set and changed if needed for the complete Data Catalog.

There are many advantages of using AWS Glue. It allows the users to automate a variety of repetitive tasks linked to data integration. It eases the process of data extracting, cleansing, joining, and loading. AWS Glue also speeds up the overall process of data integration and analysis.

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