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Automotive Consulting Solutions

Digitization has been at the crux of the automotive sector, spearheading the revolution and advancements with innovative technologies. With so many players competing and challenging each other, the digital age solutions have been a critical player in differentiating from the crowd.

Aegis Softtech has partnered with many automotive companies and has helped them to set themselves apart from the surging crowd of competitors. Our ingenious and modern automotive consulting solutions have helped companies blur the lines between incremental growth and maximum ROI.

Empowered Clients

Our Automotive Technology Solutions

Automotive manufacturers have to make fast decisions with the emergence of digital technology to maintain and improve their presence in the global market. This is not just the current demand from the manufacturers but the automotive suppliers too. Aegis is an experienced automotive consulting firm that helps our automotive clients to market their products faster, embrace the technologies and improve their supply chain.


System Engineering

Quicken manufacturing with novel technology solutions that improve the quality of the product, its accuracy and contribute to the overall vehicle performance.


Automotive Analytics

Let our automotive consulting team introduce next-gen solutions to further drive digital transformation, understand marketing, decide optimal pricing, and manage the supply chain effectively.


Vehicle Data Analysis

Analyze the vehicle performance by gathering the system data from the sensors present within the vehicle and enhance the functioning of the individual systems.


Digital Process Optimization

Stay current and updated to the present customer requirements to fashion the vehicle with reimagined solutions that improve vehicle efficiency, life and comfort.

Automotive Consulting Solutions We’ve Worked On

The automotive industry is a huge one with many manufacturers, OEMs and suppliers having their individual plants. As one of the prime automotive consulting companies, we’ve worked on different projects for direct vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, helping them reduce the time to market with new ideas. Here are some of the automotive technology solutions:

  • Connected Vehicles

    Connected Vehicles

    Connected vehicles require in-vehicle embedded systems, data analytics processes and a secure channel for data transfer. Our automotive service consultant will take you quickly from ideation to implementation of your connected vehicle strategy.

  • Infotainment Systems

    Infotainment Systems

    The infotainment systems are fast becoming one of the most-sought after inclusions in cars. We provide high-quality solutions in embedded, HMI and graphic design to integrate the hardware with super-fast software features.

  • Telematics


    Integration is the key to any digital technology. Our automotive consulting team comprises system engineers, developers and designers who can fashion any solution for telematics, based on the vehicle requirements.

  • Smart ERP & SCM

    Smart ERP & SCM

    Our automotive consulting firm has helped many companies to explore and enhance their end-to-end business with smart Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) digitized solutions integrated with the rest of the process.

  • High-Performing EVs

    High-Performing EVs

    Electric vehicles (EV) are one of the fastest-growing industries in the automotive sector. We’ve worked with EV parts manufacturers to design and develop products that enhance the EV’s performance and reduce manufacturing time.

  • Display Systems

    Display Systems

    The efficiency of the display system is crucial for the customer experience. We help develop and design the software for display systems integrated with the vehicle hardware for accurate, instant data transfers for navigation, orientation and entertainment.

We deliver Automotive Consulting Services Across

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Our Automotive Consulting Services

Being one of the long-standing automotive consulting companies, we’ve made it our mission to encourage, educate and empower our automotive clients to do more, create better experiences for the end-users and make more profits.

We provide a wide berth of automotive consulting services that cater to improving a product, developing product solutions, integration, digital technology inclusions, and many more.

IoT-Enabled Solutions

IoT-Enabled Solutions

We develop smart vehicle solutions with IoT technologies that offer immense scope for improving vehicle performance and experiences like driver-assisted systems, V2V applications, V2I interface and other communication tools.

Vehicle Diagnostics Solutions

Vehicle Diagnostics Solutions

Analyzing the problem of the vehicle before it creates another major issue that can help avoid bad experiences. We help develop vehicle diagnostics software solutions integrated with the rest of the vehicle system for quick detection and resolution.

Vehicle Quality Management Software

Vehicle Quality Management Software

We build software that quickly captures the data and transfers it in real-time to the suppliers and dealers to communicate about the vehicle’s issues and get them solved quickly.

Vehicle Device Integration

Vehicle Device Integration

A vehicle will have multiple software integrated with a section of hardware. We help ensure seamless integration between the systems, the devices and the software that leads to optimal performance.

Data Analytics Solutions

Data Analytics Solutions

You can establish yourself in your automotive market with our real-time data analytics setup customized to address your individual pain points and business requirements.

Automotive Software Support & Maintenance

Automotive Software Support & Maintenance

Our automotive consulting team will conduct regular maintenance checks on the software systems used in your automotive dealership consulting firms. We’ll also extend our timely support when you need to fix an issue hindering the output.

Who Do We Serve?

We build digital experiences for customers of automotive companies, enterprise software for improving the performance and analytics tools to support R&D. Our typical customers in the automotive industry can be anyone who’s looking to utilize the advantages of digital technology for their business. Here are some of our ideal customers.

Components Manufacturer

Are you looking to improve the number of components manufactured in a day? Let’s optimize your process with quick, affordable improvements by analyzing your data.

Components Manufacturer

Vehicle Assembling Units

Do you want to choose the right vendors? Our software solutions will help you and choose the best components from multiple vendors to improve the overall efficiency.

Vehicle Assembling Units


From vendor management and supply chain to dealer incentive and marketing, we build customized software solutions that reduce the manpower and improve customer experience.


If you have any particular requirement in mind or want to brainstorm with an expert, you can book a session with our automotive service consultant.