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Databricks Consulting Services

Are you tiring away to build a scalable data analytics platform?
We offer Databricks consulting services that bring together the best of both worlds - automation and data analysis.

Empowered Clients

Databricks take away your headache of creating and managing a data platform through its simple, collaborative and interactive workspace. Databricks is a unified analytics platform built on top of Apache Spark. It combines the power of machine learning with data processing and helps businesses to get deliverable business insights quicker than ever.

How Does Databricks Simplify Your Analytics?

Databricks works with Apache Spark, which is one of the most commonly used analytics platforms by organizations all over the world. It is natively built for the Azure Cloud and, therefore, removes the need for storage infrastructure. At the beginning of any data pipeline, there will be loads of unstructured data that needs to be made ready for analytics. Databricks read such data collected from multiple sources and convert them into understandable insights that are easy to visualize. Our Databricks consultants will help you figure out how the platform operates in integration with Spark and ensure maximum efficiency out of this combination.

Scalable Data Pipelines

Scalable Data Pipelines

With time-sensitiveness becoming a top factor to consider, you cannot compromise for anything less than the quickest possible data processing. Databricks achieves this by:

  • Getting rid of the redundant systems with a unified, simple architecture.
  • Building streamlined data pipelines with no manual processes.
  • Minimizing the overhead running costs with scalable, intelligent workloads.
  • Modernizing data processing with stability and reliability.

Cost-Effective Data Lakes

Data lakes serve as the central data repository around which all the data-related activities are carried out. Delta Lake is an open data lake that offers higher performance than the traditional data lakes and allows data access at all times. Delta Lake is best for:

  • Handling all structured and unstructured data in a single repository.
  • Creating an open data lake that makes the tools and information accessible to all employees.
  • Fast streaming of data analytics without any bottlenecks that slows down the performance.
  • Building a single version of the use cases and accessing it for multiple purposes.
Cost-Effective Data Lakes
Data Science Workflow

Unified Data Science Workflow

Data scientists have increasingly used Databricks due to its simple platform that boosts productivity and promotes collaboration across the complete workflow. It lets the data scientists focus on the logic and all things related to data science services instead of worrying about building the infrastructure. Data scientists can use Databricks to:

  • Write code collaboratively in Python, R, Scala and SQL.
  • Connect with IDE and enjoy unlimited data storage and access.
  • Easily share the insights and results of any data science algorithms with visualizations to the team.
  • Access one-click machine learning algorithms like scikit-learn, XGBoost, TensorFlow and Keras, to name a few.

Simplified Machine Learning

When the data quality is everything in data insights, machine learning is becoming an essential technology needed as a part of data management and analytics. However, some machine learning tools can complicate data processing and makes it harder to include it as a part of the usual operations. Databricks simplifies the way machine learning algorithms are implemented with simple development and deployment of the models. Databricks brings only the best part of the machine learning by:

  • Creating a scalable machine learning platform optimized for use.
  • Unifying the process of data ingestion, tuning, building and visualization in the same platform.
  • Checking for meeting the data compliance standards.
  • Increasing the quality of the data right from the raw data collection to visualization.
Simplified Machine Learning

We can help you

We deliver Databricks Consulting Services Across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Smart Capabilities of Our Databricks Consultants

Our Databricks consultants provide an end-to-end direction and practical assistance in implementing Databricks as a part of your data operations. We help in taking the pain out of the data management and focus on the analytics. We also facilitate the integration with Microsoft Azure, AWS and other similar platforms for a seamless performance. Our Databricks consultants India will work with your team to compile and design your data analytics process. Here’s what you can expect from our Databricks BI consultant:

Quick Delivery of Insights

Remove the unnecessary hiccups in data processing and enable quick data processing, which leads to fast business insights.

Tailored to Your Business

Retain the best parts of your existing system and include Databricks to improve the efficiency of the operations.

High Performing System

Don’t let the data system drag down your performance. Instead, complement and increase its performance with Databricks.

Automated Processing

Avoid the negligences and mistakes with manual operations by automating and streamlining the data processing.

How Can We Help?

Our customized, value-added Databricks consulting services have helped numerous organizations from India and around the world to work faster with data. Every one of our Databricks consultants India is highly skilled at coming up with efficient and impactful solutions that works across various domains and business sizes. We work with your in-house team and our Databricks BI consultant will monitor and lead the way for implementing Databricks as a part of your organization.

Databricks Implementation

If you aren’t sure how to implement Databricks, our consultants will handhold you through the entire process with defined architecture and streamlined processing.

Databricks Use Cases

Every business requirement is different, which is why we will assign a team of Databricks BI consulting experts to develop use cases tailored to your applications.

Databricks BI Consulting

Our Databricks consulting services will help you identify how this platform can impact your data operations and propose the best approach to implement it.

Data Forecasting

Our consultants will set up predictive analysis and forecasting using the most appropriate model to get actionable insights for essential business decisions.

Anomaly Detection

When you use machine learning combined with automatic data processing, you can minimize the errors and fix them sooner, leading to quicker operations.

Support & Maintenance

We help to regularly monitor Databricks and other associated data pipelines and make relevant updates to keep your performance at the peak at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Databricks can be connected to Tableau by starting Tableau and selecting Databricks under Connect. By connecting Tableau with Databricks, you can get meaningful interactive analytics.

Azure Databricks is an industry-leading, useful, and cost-efficient data engineering tool. It is a cloud-based solution that is perfect to be used for processing and transforming a huge quantity and variety of data. The tool helps you to achieve the full potential of collaborating data, ELT processes, and machine learning.

Snowflake and Databricks’ AI and BI capabilities allow the data teams to select a single platform for data management. Although both Databricks and Snowflake are used extensively, they aren’t the same.

Databricks is built on Apache Spark. It offers a data processing engine used by many businesses with a data warehouse; whereas Snowflake is a data warehouse and it supports ELT.

Databricks is a one-stop solution for the analytics team. It is a cutting-edge data tool used to process and transforms the data. It allows data analysts, engineers, scientists, and ML experts to work together. It is known widely for Data Lake.

Databricks support many ways to add data. You can add data to Databricks via getting the data from Azure Blob Storage, browser-based file uploads, AWS, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and a wide range of other supported data sources.

Aegis Softtech has a team of Databricks experts with many years of experience. They will help you get the most out of the platform. Consult us to know more about our Databricks services.

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