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Tableau Services

Getting the best out of data can be tricky and sometimes, understanding the data insights can be even trickier. Tableau BI services fix one of the major issues found in many data analytical tools – quick insights with visualization.

What Is Tableau?

Tableau is an end to end data analytics platform designed to convert the raw data into insights that can be absorbed and put to use immediately. It is best for individuals, SMBs as well as enterprises with its ability to scale up as much as needed. In the times when data scientists spend over 80% of their time just to prepare the data for analysis, there is a desperate need for data analytical tools to simplify this job.

This is precisely where Tableau comes in. Tableau can be used to import and manage data of any size and format within a short duration. As it allows the data scientists to quickly go through the vast mass of data and make sense of it easily, it is one of the most preferred data analysis tools today.

At Aegis Soft Tech, we help you with setting up the Tableau software based on your data needs. Our Tableau development services guide you through customizing and making the best use of the software in your data analytical process. From providing consultations on the Tableau to helping you out with developing the Tableau tool for your business, our skilled data analysts and experienced developers will work alongside you to create a foolproof system of data collection and analysis.

The Best of What Tableau Has to Offer

Tableau has many products from which you can choose the one that meets your needs. Let’s see a quick overview of the primary Tableau BI services to give you an idea.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop tool sits on the desktop of your computer and does a perfect job at analyzing the data. You can import the data directly from the data warehouses and feed it to this tool for data analysis. You can also add data collected from multiple sources to the Tableau Desktop software, combine them and work with them together for accurate data insights.

Tableau Desktop is perfect for those who bank on the real-time data analysis as it is efficient in quickly analyzing the data and presenting it in the visual form. Within a few seconds, you can generate charts and graphs from the results of the data analysis, which comes in handy during time-critical applications.

Tableau Server

Tableau Server brings it up a notch from the Tableau Desktop by making it easy for sharing the data across the platform. It’s useful for enterprises where many people work with the same set of data and require instant sharing of the information. You can also upload and retrieve the data from the cloud and even from the on-premise storage system.

Along with all the features you enjoy with Tableau Desktop, you can take it up a notch by combining it with the networking abilities. You can instantly communicate with peers through secure channels, create interactive dashboards and make use of the Artificial Intelligence-powered features to work with the data points.

Through our Tableau professional services, we help you with setting up the Tableau Desktop across multiple devices and combine them across a single network of Tableau Server for better communication and operation.

Tableau Online

When you need to access the data on the go, then you need a cloud server. With Tableau Online, we will set up your data analytics through the cloud from which you can access the data anytime and anywhere you require.

Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep is one of the innovative features of Tableau that sets it apart from the other tools. Tableau Prep takes visualization to the next stage in data analysis by allowing the data analysts to analyze data in the visual form.

You can see the data in categories, move along the shapes and create the data flow for preparation and analysis. You can quickly edit and add filters to the flow as you need and immediately get the results of the analysis displayed. It is a great tool that allows people to perform data analysis without the knowledge of coding. Anyone can learn to use the Tableau Prep and use it to perform analysis on a set of chosen data and create a constant flow of data process.

At Aegis Soft Tech, we provide Tableau development services with which we set up the complete system of Tableau according to your applications and guide the users to start working with it efficiently from day one.

End-to-End Tableau Development Services We Offer

Tableau comes with a variety of installation options that can be a little confusing. That’s why we are here to make the process simple for you. We provide a range of Tableau professional services that encompasses everything you need to get started with Tableau.

IT Planning and Architecture Design

For installing a Tableau Server, you need to scope out the existing landscape of data flow and come up with the best architecture to migrate your system to Tableau. Our IT experts, developers and analysts will coordinate with your team to check the server, pre-install and configure Tableau.

Tableau Report Building

One of the best parts about working with Tableau is the array of data visualization options available that comes with varying levels of customizations. We quickly understand your organization’s requirements and expectations from the data analysis and help you to set up reports that can be accessed soon to present the results of data analysis in visual form.

Setting Up the Data Flow

With the basic plan all set, we design the data model, the flow of data mining, data extraction, collection of data from various sources and integrate with the Tableau. Designing such data flows require lot of research and understanding of how the platform works. Our Tableau BI experts are experts at creating seamless data flows for your organization by analysing your core needs.

Advanced Analytics

Apart from the fundamental functions of data analysis, Tableau offers a host of advanced analytical options that uplifts your data process. We will guide you to make sense of these sophisticated analytics and use it regularly as a part of your data analysis to extract the best from the data.

Tableau Troubleshooting

Is your Tableau tool not working as you desire? Do you require assistance in using the software for a new application? Well, we are here to help you out. As a part of our Tableau professional services, we guide you to increase the data processing time, use visualizations to its maximum, identify the issues and create new data pipelines for faster working.

Tableau Financial Services

Tableau is fast becoming one of the preferred tools in the financial sector. With the help of Tableau financial real-time analytics and dynamic reporting services, many financial organizations are using Tableau to predict risks quickly, understand the trends and make intelligent business decisions. Make use of our customized Tableau financial services to stay ahead in the market.

Empower Your Organization with Tableau

In the times when data is running the world, you cannot afford to ignore a few minutes’ delays in data processing or analytics. If you want to make the best of what data has to offer, then you need the best tool to make complete sense of it. Tableau provides a wholesome package for data processing and data analysis down to its simple and useful visualization tools that give you an edge.

From setting up the roadmap to the installation of Tableau and training your employees, we provide every help you need to work with Tableau. Just tell us which of our Tableau BI services you require and we will be there to help you at every step of the way. Quickly send out a mail to with your needs and we will get back shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer depends on the use cases that we need to solve. Both languages are popular. We need to select the language so that we can fully leverage its features, for example, Python for MLT.

Some of the popular cloud service providers are AWS, Azure, GCP, Cloudera, etc.

CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery. It is more relevant in agile practice. We develop small features an integrate them with the application. Before the release, we need to run the automated integration test cases to make sure that new change not breaking anything.

We need to use Junit extensively to unit test our application. There are many tools like Corbetura, Eclemma that gives a graphical representation of code coverage metrics.

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