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Insurance Technology Solutions

Continuous personalization and utmost safety is the need of the hour for insurance firms.

We provide insurance business solutions spearheaded by innovative technologies, tools and programs to provide a custom-built experience for every one of the customers.

Even in the highly competitive market of insurance and financial services, our turnkey solutions can devise the right IT strategy that maximizes your potential with digital solutions. Apart from the core, IT needs in an insurance company, we also expand and assist with customer acquisition, customer service, financial operation management, and many more.

Empowered Clients

Our Insurance Technology Consulting Solutions

Many insurance companies can use only a portion of the information they need to make informed decisions — be it closing leads, making financial decisions or understanding customer needs. Our consulting insurance agency helps to clear out such bottlenecks in the insurance technology consulting process with our smart tech solutions.

Customer Profile Assessment

Do you realize how many applicants you’re leaving on the table due to the long-winded insurance application process? We help to speed up the process of underwriting with a quick customer profile assessment designed to:

  • Access the health data quickly
  • Analyze the risk elements
  • Stay in touch with the applicants through every stage
  • Decide a suitable insurance amount and term

Processing Workflow

While we can automate the insurance verification process to an extent, the part where the manual work is required often takes the longest. We can simplify your processing workflow with consolidated quick view tools with a streamlined process to quicken the pace.

  • Identify processes that slow down
  • Employ smart solutions like Artificial Intelligence
  • Reduce the cost of operations
  • Quicken the pace of the processing

Claim Audits

Some insurers can overpay the claim amount due to an overlook or misinformation. You can minimize such costs to the company by automating the processing of claim verification before initiating the transfer of the claim amount. Our insurance business solutions help to:

  • Minimize claim errors
  • Move the post-claim process to pre-claim
  • Employ metric-driven claim approval process
  • Deploy process improvements

Fraud Detection

As an insurer, you must’ve come across several fraudulent claims that try to take advantage of your company. While you may be wise enough to stop most of it, it’s essential to have powerful systems in place to ensure that you aren’t tricked by the most intelligent frauds. We design a custom process that guides insurers to:

  • Detect fraud through suspicious activities and links
  • Conduct behavior pattern analysis
  • Track past fraud claims and keep improving the algorithm
  • Stop claim fulfillment of fraudulent before it’s processed

Life-Time Value Prediction

Understanding the customers and the value they bring in is the most crucial aspect for any insurance business. Our insurance consulting firm can create IT and data analytics models to conduct regular analysis of your customers based on segmentation and individual value to propose a suitable claim. We conduct a variety of assessments like:

  • Churn prediction
  • Customer behavior prediction
  • Customer segmentation comparison
  • Character analysis

Price Optimization

Insurance is one of the few industries where everyone has to pay a different price. As one of the most common aspects customers use to pick insurance companies, you require a dynamic pricing model that’s not too high enough that it scares the customers and not too low enough to narrow the profit margins. We devise price optimization models based with:

  • Dynamic pricing based on the market value and customer lifetime value
  • Accurate machine learning and AI models
  • Flexible ranges for market sensitivity
  • Custom algorithms to provide a precise figure

We deliver Insurance Technology Solutions Across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Our Business IT Solutions for Insurance

Aegis Softtech is one of the renowned insurance consulting companies with vast experience working with global corporations in insurance. We understand the nuances, goals and the process inside an insurance company and provide a personalized platform to solve your major challenges. We build various software and tools with new technologies for the insurance industry.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We offer cutting-edge CRM solutions for insurance providers keeping in mind the importance of customer interactions and experiences. We create a unified view of the customer database with streamlined customer data processing to improve customer engagement.


Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)

Our ERM software can be personalized based on your internal process. Right from moving the customer documentation to real-time analytics and financial data management, we build an all-in-one solution in the form an enterprise software.


Content Management Software (CMS)

The CMS in insurance is unlike the other CMS you find in marketing or publishing. This Content Management Software is an internal enterprise platform that allows you to maintain clear documentation on the cloud along with admin details that can smoothen your everyday operations and speed up the information retrieval time.



With digital insurance applications becoming common chatbots are increasingly playing a major role as the first point in a customer journey. Our insurance technology Consulting solutions help companies to design and build interactive chatbots that quickly resolve customer queries. You can improve customer loyalty and provide real-time chat support with a minimal hands-on deck.

Why Choose Us As Your Insurance Consulting Firm?

Being one of the top companies in the insurance Consulting industry, we have been a part of various large-scale operations. Our insurance software portfolio spans from developing real-time data analysis projects to large-scale enterprise management platforms from scratch.

  • A dedicated team of developers with hands-on experience in insurance IT Solutions.
  • 50 + insurance projects delivered to clients spanning from America to Australia.
  • Proven experience across various insurance industry verticals.
  • Expertise in the latest technology, backend platforms and software languages.
  • Employed innovative algorithms and models with Artificial Intelligence, IoT and machine learning.
  • End-to-end insurance industry consulting solutions, from the development of self-service portal to IT governance and complaints.
  • Working knowledge of insurance IT governance.

If you are looking for an expert consulting insurance agency, then reached out to our team for a free consulting session now.

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