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Digital Mining Solutions

Managing the assets and maximizing productivity is becoming a major challenge for the mining industry. In the current volatile market, you need to create reliable assets and lower operational costs while improving efficiency.

Our digital solutions combined with mining technology innovation help you bring your engineering data together, analyze, and process them to operate at the highest possible productivity levels. You can achieve high-performance expectations with data-driven decisions that work to improve your processes across all verticals.

Empowered Clients

Spearheading Innovations in Digital Mining Industry

Running a mining industry is one of the most challenging jobs out there. With an eye on safety and another eye on performance, it’s difficult to leverage the best assets to materialize your goals. This is why we offer customized mining technology innovation solutions to accelerate your company’s growth across all key areas.

Improve Engineering Efficiency

Improve Engineering Efficiency

Identify and improve areas of trouble and work towards improving the efficiency of the engineering operations.

Run Safe Operations

Run Safe Operations

Create a safe atmosphere for your employees to work in and minimize incidents with data analytical solutions.

Make Smart Decisions

Make Smart Decisions

Inch closer to a decision-making process that relies heavily on facts and data to reach your preferred outcomes.

Find Cost-Effective Solutions

Find Cost-Effective Solutions

Analyze and pick the simple, cost-effective solution that comes with your budget constraints to plan capital projects.

Develop Future Mindset

Develop Future Mindset

Overcome the challenges of today and develop a mindset that unlocks the hidden potential to get ready for future needs.

Pave the Way for Innovations

Pave the Way for Innovations

Move beyond the traditional approaches in digital mining information technology and create an innovative approach for solving problems.

Our Digital Mining Services

There are so many uncertainties in the mining industry — fluctuations in the pricing, profit margins becoming smaller, top quality ores becoming harder to find. During all such uncertain situations, there’s only one answer that can help — technology. With the help of new technologies and defined data processes, we can create intelligent systems that improve overall mining operations.

At Aegis Softtech, we help companies identify their potential and work as efficiently and smart with our digital mining services.

Equipment Maintenance & Optimization

When you’ve invested a considerable part of your profits into procuring hi-tech equipment for your mining operations, you need to make sure that they’re performing as best as they can. Our digital mining solutions for equipment optimization consists of:

  • Historic data collection
  • Equipment status updates
  • Regular maintenance schedules
  • Equipment parts catalog maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance

Corporate Reporting & Monitoring

With so many activities happening all around the business, it can be hard for someone sitting at the helm of the organization to oversee and monitor everything. With corporate resource dashboards, you can:

  • Gather business intelligence
  • Check device statuses
  • Intuitive reporting
  • Corporate resource planning

Process Control System

Creating a strong feedback loop with automated monitoring and control is the key to a well-developed process control system. We help mining companies achieve operational excellence with our flexible process control and distributed control system.

  • Create integrated data collection
  • Facilitate energy management
  • Improve mining safety
  • Increase machine efficiency

Proactive Maintenance

There are some issues which, when left unattended, can lead to huge unforeseen expenditure. To avoid such surprises creeping up on your budget, conducting thorough proactive maintenance is the key. We use the mined data to help in:

  • Data analysis across the organization/in chosen areas
  • Minimize downtime with preventive and predictive analysis and maintenance
  • Asset health analytics
  • Online simulation and risk control

We deliver Digital Mining Services Across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

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  • Norway

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