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Machine Learning Services

It’s no longer a dream for machines to deliver unfathomable levels of intelligence that could bring a drastic change to business progress. By leveraging the machine learning solutions, you can identify new heights of innovation, customer perception and business planning.

Empowered Clients

Delivering Machine Learning Solutions

Thanks to the discoveries and additions to the machine learning solutions, we can now integrate ML with Artificial Intelligence together for new levels of transformation. Our machine learning services consists of developing customized machine learning solutions for specific business needs. Based on your industry and the working of your company, we create a specialized plan for our ML development services to provide you with in-depth insights.

Development of Machine Learning Program

Our ML experts are highly capable of creating a brand-new machine learning program from scratch as a solution to your business challenges.

Creating Deep Learning Engines

Deep learning is closely associated with ML and AI and our data scientists can develop algorithms

Strengthening Cybersecurity

No matter what business you are in, cybersecurity is of great importance and that’s why we can create a secure online space for your critical data.

Healthcare Machine Learning Solutions

Through customized machine learning development services, we create various healthcare software like EMR, EHR, MPMR, HIE and many more.

ML with AI

We bring the best of both together - ML and AI - for results that are ready to be implemented and becomes better and better by each day.

Effective Management of Finances

Finance and non-finance companies can avail our ML development services to ensure proper handling of finances and risk detection.

We deliver Machine Learning Services across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Reputed ML Development Company

There is a lot that you can do with machine learning. From creating simple programs that ensure the overall functioning of your business operations to creating, specific tools that work at lightning speed to deliver unparalleled business insights. At Aegis, we have mastered the knack of practically applying the machine learning technology to help organizations to unearth valuable business insights that were never brought to light.

We are the best ML development company that has versatile experience in building machine learning algorithms for a wide range of purposes. Our services for machine learning development India has been highly useful for our customers and have made a definite impression in the way they work and execute business strategies.


Predictive Analytics

From predicting the traffic on the routes to the trends that can be become huge in the future, ML can be designed to help businesses be future-ready.

Customer Analytics

You can understand your customer better through a customized machine learning algorithm that analyzes and tracks customer data and provides real-time updates.

Video Analytics

Our machine learning development services include building software for facial recognition, video surveillance and analysis, and computer vision use cases.

Anamoly Detection

Machine learning can help to analyze the data patterns to unearth various frauds or discrepancies in financial operations, software security or even in physical processes.

Personalize User Experience

You can offer highly relevant results according to your customer expectations by gathering and analyzing the right data and increasing the relevancy of personalization.

Business Process Automation

You can integrate various software in a network or a streamlined manner ready for automatic implementation of operations or at least a section of it.

Cognitive Search Optimization

Every website has a search query and machine learning can analyze the behavioural patterns and previous interactions to deliver highly relevant results.

Process of Our ML Development Services

It’s vital to create machine learning models that satisfy and answers to the specific issues that a business has. That is why we have a customized approach to machine learning development services wherein we understand the critical metrics of your organization, the driving force behind it, the essential breaking elements and the expected results to deliver machine learning solutions.

Here’s what goes behind our approach for machine learning development, India.

Guage the Business Needs

This is basic for any of our software development process. We spend considerable time in understanding your business, industry and its operations and collect supported data.

Strategy and Roadmap

By mapping the condition of the industry with the business need, we come up with a robust roadmap that answers your issue and is relevant for many years to come.

Feature Engineering

After making the data ready for analysis, we perform feature engineering that works as the base for the development of the machine learning model.

Human Mind

Model Development

We don’t develop just one model; we develop several models with varied parameters, feed them with data and understand its response to choose the best approach.

Real-Time Model Testing

Once the model is vetted to work in sync to your business needs, we will test it with the real-time business environment to check its performance.

Model Deployment and Revision

After checking the model’s relevancy, we will tweak in some changes to ensure seamless operations and include systems that let you track the performance real-time.

Machine Learning Development Services India

At Aegis, we specialize in making your business strategies work no matter how complex it is. Our machine learning experts and data scientists work together on all of machine learning projects which is the secret behind the high-level machine learning software we develop. They have great experience in the subject matter and have a thirst for innovation which makes your software nothing like what your competitors have. So if you are looking for an ML development company that’s ready to handle impossible problems, then contact our experts now.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language processing (NLP) helps with machine learning algorithms to process tons of texts into machine-understandable forms. NLP is vital for ML to find data patterns, analyze texts of customers and deliver better customer experience.

Regression, Classification and Clustering of Data

Regression, Classification and Clustering of Data

Machine learning is all about effectively dealing with the data, and regression, classification and clustering and some of the critical machine learning techniques in getting the best out of it. Our ML experts have hands-on experience in applying these techniques for enhanced results.

Neural Networks

Neural Networks

Working with linear patterns are easier, but when it comes to non-linear patterns, neural networks help in managing vast volumes of non-linear data effectively in devising computer vision models and analysis of the text, audio and video.

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning

By training the model to learn from situations, you can make the machine learning software work better, and that’s what reinforcement learning is all about. We teach the software with some real-world cases and learn from them as it goes.

Machine Learning Consulting Services

Do you have an idea of implementing a machine learning model? Do you want help to figure out if your existing ML system can do better? Do you have questions on how machine learning can help with your business? Well, whatever questions you have on ML, we can help you with relevant answers aimed at your business challenges. Our machine learning consulting services are devised to help businesses get answers to their questions on ML in general, ML models that they have or ideas for ML.

  • Analysis of the current machine learning software, its functionalities and its future scope.
  • Suggesting better ways of optimization of the ML software to match with the current trends and future needs.
  • Advising on the best ways to use your machine learning models for business applications.
  • Analyzing the industry trends, business data patterns and organization’s working to recommend machine learning systems that deliver better performance.
  • Comparisons of the company’s growth with the competition and advise on using ML to reach the top.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the common questions on machine learning that many ask our ML experts.

If this is your first time, including machine learning in your business, then you can come to us for suggestions. We will analyze your business operations and suggest some ways in which ML can make a definite change. You can start with basic ML implementation as simple as reminding the employees to do specific tasks to automating the entire tasks with ML.

Well, it’s all up to you to compare the business performance before and after ML. If you are using ML to create a product or include ML in a product, then you directly mention the ROI difference before and after. If it is for business operations, then you can take an employee survey to understand the effects of ML. We recommend you to wait for at least a few months to a year to see a visible notice of including machine learning algorithms.

Based on the extent to which you include ML, you may require a specific infrastructure. But don’t worry. We will help you to pick and design the infrastructure and even provide maintenance and support services for the same.

There is no specific timeframe that we can provide as it varies based on the extent of your project. To give you an idea, small ML projects can take anywhere from few weeks to 4 months or so and large-scale ML projects can take up to 6 months or even more.

If your project is time-critical, you can consult with us to know a specific timeframe for project completion.

Yes, we provide ML outsourcing services worldwide. Our team of ML experts and scientists will work on your required timeframe to ensure that they are available for discussion of your working hours no matter which country you are in.

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