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Cloud Consulting Services

Spending too much time, space and costs with the physical storages? Shift to cloud computing and notice an enormous reduction in your operational costs and increase in productive working hours. Let our team of IT experts guide you towards adopting to a cloud environment. Avail our cloud consulting services now.

Empowered Clients

Why Do You Should You Shift to Cloud?

Previously, companies used to download, access and store information on physical devices; however, it was tedious, time-consuming and required too much maintenance. With the introduction of cloud computing, it has now become simple to access, edit and store information from anywhere through any device all to the cloud. Cloud is quickly replacing the physical storage devices and is soon becoming the norm.

Our enterprise cloud consulting services help you to make the transition to the cloud platform. We offer a comprehensive set of managed cloud services that helps companies to extract the most productivity from a cloud platform.

Optimal Use of Resources

The cloud environment allows you to make optimal use of the resources you have with complete flexibility to access the stored information through any device.

Cut Out the Capital Expenditure

When you use a third-party cloud, you can cut out all the capital expenditure for setting up the hardware, which reduces your costs by over 90%.

Ease of Disaster Recovery

With the multi-server setup of the cloud environment, you can easily recover the lost data through the backup from another server.

Better Collaboration

Cloud allows your employees to work on the same documents simultaneously, share them effortlessly and update in real-time.

We deliver Cloud Computing Services across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

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Guided and Customized Cloud Consulting Services

When you have decided to make use of the cloud for your business operations, you will have a lot of questions about how to implement it, right? That’s when our cloud consulting services India will be of immense help. Our cloud experts have worked in various cloud projects helping organizations adjust to the transition to the cloud platform and make the move as seamless as possible.

We are a trusted and experienced cloud consulting services company who will guide you to adapt to the right cloud platform and align your business needs.

With our seamless cloud migration services, we can easily move to a new cloud. Our cloud architecture consulting solutions will suggest the best cloud architecture model that suits best for your business. And our managed cloud services will assist you to manage your day-to-day needs of a cloud platform.

Cloud Consulting Services
  • Data Analytics of the business needs
  • Modelling the cloud architecture
  • Alignment of the current architecture with new trends
  • Implementing new security features
  • Simulation and support services
  • Consultation and guidance on cloud architecture design
Cloud Consulting Services
  • Preparation of cloud transfer
  • Backup and disaster recovery setup
  • Monitoring and assistance for cloud migration
  • Post-migration support
  • Customization of the new cloud platform
  • Health checkups before and after migration
Cloud Consulting Services
  • Regular checkups for cloud platform
  • Cloud usage optimization consultation
  • Cloud infrastructure maintenance for on-premise cloud
  • Managed cloud services for third-party cloud platforms
  • Performance tuning services
  • 24X7 cloud support

Enterprise Cloud Consulting Services for Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

We offer holistic cloud services India irrespective of the type of the cloud environment you have chosen. Even if you are confused to choose among public, private and hybrid cloud, you can make use of our enterprise cloud consulting services to get guidance on which one will be better for your company. We have worked on projects on all of these three cloud environments and each of them has its advantages.


Public Cloud

When you don’t want to take responsibility for the purchase and maintenance of hardware, then public cloud is the best choice. You only pay for what you use and nothing else, which reduces your expenses to a great extent.

Private Cloud

Private cloud offers options for customizations based on your business needs. As it doesn’t allow resource sharing, you experience high levels of security and control than public cloud while enjoying the flexibility.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud uses a mix of public, private and on-premise cloud, thus offering agility and ability to adapt quickly based on the immediate requirements. You can store and move your information between multiple cloud platforms.

Aegis - The Most Trusted Cloud Consulting Services Company in India

We are one of the preferred cloud partners for a host of requirements as we help companies to focus on increasing the productivity and ROI by customized cloud integrations. Our cloud services India are targeted to utilize the cloud platform to the fullest and optimize the resources present while spending as little money as possible. Leverage the expertise of our IT cloud consultants now and get your unique cloud needs addressed.

Our tailored cloud architecture consulting solutions and migration services will help you move from any physical or cloud storage to a better and more efficient cloud platform — with the essential customizations to start working from day one.

Strategy and Consulting Services

From strategizing your cloud adoption to helping you out with cost reduction, we offer consultations for all your cloud management challenges. Our cloud consulting services India includes cloud migration help, digital transformation with cloud, strategic help, cloud optimization consultation and minimizing operational expenditure.

Cloud Maintenance and Support Services

Whether you have an on-premise cloud, private cloud or public cloud, we offer 24X7 support and regular maintenance services. Apart from the usual, we also help you out with increasing performance and ensuring the protection of data. We conduct regular assessments for risks and ensure security compliances.

Cloud Managed Services

There are several areas you need assistance when shifting a cloud platform. From setting up the cloud infrastructure to the optimization of costs and resources, our cloud experts will be with you throughout. We prep your employees for a new cloud environment, identify opportunities and facilitate a smooth cloud shift.

Disaster Recovery Services

Every organization has to be prepared in case of some untoward incident that could wash out all of the valuable information. We help you in setting up a robust system for disaster recovery that won’t result in complete loss of data and assist in backing up your important data for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested to know more about how cloud computing can help your business? Well, here are answers to some of the questions in your mind about the cloud and our cloud consulting services.

You can’t just pick out a cloud platform just because it worked for someone else. There are several factors to consider when choosing a cloud platform like organizational readiness, employee capability, costs, scalability and many more.

Our cloud consultants can help you in choosing the right cloud platform after analyzing your business dynamics.

No matter if you are migrating from on-premise physical storage or a private cloud to another cloud platform, then you definitely need to make a backup of your information. This will help you to safeguard your data even in the worst scenario. You should also prepare the new cloud space for the migration.

We offer cloud migration services where we'll guide you through all of these preparatory steps.

It depends on the type of migration you perform. If there are any issues in cloud migration, then you may face some downtime. To avoid such unwanted time lags, you should hire an expert cloud services company to facilitate the migration with as little downtime as possible.

A good internet connection is vital to use the cloud platform. While you may not lose any data even if the internet goes down, you still need it to upload or download the information from the cloud.

You can reduce the size of the information you store on the cloud and pay less for your cloud subscription. There are several ways to optimize the information you store, make maximum use of the cloud platform and still pay a nominal rate. Our cloud consultants are experts at advising the best use of such resources and so you can schedule a consultation session with them to know all the tips and hacks.

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