16 Best Banking Software Development Company Keep an Eye on in 2024


The area of bank and finance is always moving forward and becoming advanced. It should come as no surprise that this sector is embracing innovation, given the growth of technology in recent decades. Banking software development businesses are at the forefront of this transition, as it is developing innovative programs and apps that make banking more user-friendly, efficient, and safe. As we go closer and closer to the year 2023, it is essential to keep a close check on these organizations and determine what they have planned for the foreseeable future of AI-powered banking solutions. In this article, we will discuss many of the leading banking software development businesses that you should keep an eye on in 2024. Continue reading to learn about leading Financial Software Development firms.

Aegis Softtech

1. Aegis Softtech

Aegis Software is a successful and innovative company in the banking software market, and it’s creating waves recently. They provide Custom bank software and app Solutions to several firms and have successfully supplied remarkable resolutions to many important clients in the bank industry by placing a significant emphasis on innovation and leading-edge technology. Businesses in all the finance sectors may benefit through the help of Financial Software Development Services as they give functioning competence, improve client engagement and retention, and influence new business models which is lucrative.

Aegis Softtech assists businesses in the BFSI sector in digitally transforming their company processes and opening up new chances for expansion by offering full-cycle IT consulting as well as bespoke software development services. We walk our customers through each phase of the procedure of implementing this software, and we place the utmost significance on guarding sensitive data and being in agreement with appropriate regulations.

Our Bank solution and services

1. Banking Solutions

Developers at our company completely automate all banking system activities, which are compatible with software that is in use with the exterior networks

2. Safety and Scalable

We make safe, scalable, and segmental CORE investment methods with the goals of protecting clients, conforming to management and business values, facilitating safety audits, and stopping data obstacles with retrieval competencies with Anti-Money Laundering requirements.

3. Banking apps

Our specialists in bank software make it simple for clients to conduct monetary transactions while they are on the move by providing a hybrid mobile app. All such apps make use of capabilities that offer constant UX across all digital networks.

4. Legacy Modernization

We aid in the establishment of modernized banking methods by providing complete banking CRM solutions which is less expensive to maintain, more dependable, as well as scalable; they also interface quickly with newly emerging technologies; and need fewer resources overall.

5. Compliance reporting

Our patented frameworks for compliance reporting systems offer a system that is dependable, secure, and adjustable. Additionally, it is entirely flexible and modular so it can be tailored to meet the needs of any individual customer.

6. Robotic process automation

We effortlessly integrate RPA bots into company procedures to boost productivity and save time.
We serve industries related to

Why choose us?

Our banking software development company provides services that allow businesses to personalize their interactions with customers, provide them with optimal options, lessen the likelihood of adverse outcomes, and speed up the process in back and front processes, as well as maximize the effectiveness of the operating procedures. Because of streamlining the important tasks of the bank, we offer to create bespoke banking software on-premise environment.

Our staff has the expertise to create a specialized set of characteristics spanning the many aspects of activities that your banking with financial institution supports by tailoring daily transactions by drawing on the characteristics of your company and the sort of service you provide. We make sure our products match relevant legislation and values, also we use effective finest practices in information security so that sensitive data is always kept safe.

Turn to Aegis Softtech for your baking work

1. Stock interchange software

We assist financial institutions in enhancing their trade functions for reserved stockholders with complete stock interchange software.

2. Financial data analytics

Data analytics using procedures transform financial statistics into company insights and improve risk supervision and policymaking.

3. Customer portals

By building client portals, we let companies involve and interconnect with clients

4. POS software

We create POS structures and promote existing software for better ROI

5. AI options

We assist you in maximizing AI deployment for procedure mechanization, sophisticated personalization, and additional business goals.

6. Robotic process automation

We effortlessly mix RPA with company procedures to boost efficiency by saving time.

We serve industries related to

  • Mobile healthcare
  • Finance
  • Bank CRM
  • Software HI tech
  • Telecom
  • Logistics


2. DataArt

DataArt has been a worldwide software engineer for 15 years. Banks, insurance firms, as well as inter-dealer brokers are some of the firms that work as customers. They offer consultancy and product development facilities in the finance industry.

They assist institutions in adapting to shifting client trends by becoming specialists in digital transformation and legacy modernization. They have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of machine learning and cybersecurity. Because the group is so huge and is dispersed over the whole of the planet, they have offices and teams located on a variety of continents and in a variety of time zones. This also means that their skill set encompasses a very extensive variety of areas.

Services offered

  • Digital transformation
  • Data management and analytics
  • Banking and insurance


3. SDK.finance

SDK.finance is a software supplier that offers a powerful API layer to FinTech firms. The company was started in 2013 in Lithuania, by talented individuals who together have more than 20 years of expertise in this area. The introduction of your payment product will be a breeze with the help of this comprehensive payment platform.

Services offered

  • E-wallet expansion
  • FinTech expansion
  • App development


4. Temenos

Temenos firm is widely regarded as the finest software systems in several countries. Starting in 1993 Temenos has been offering the best software as per the modern banking systems, and so, the firm has accumulated unrivaled expertise and a huge array of system incorporations. Temenos has a 2500 client base due to its best services in core banking software resolutions and leading-edge tech.

Services offered

  • Digital tech
  • Application expansion
  • Corporate Process Outsourcing


5. Praxent

The organization adopts designing apps, UX design exploration, prioritizes consumers, uses quick tough, agile expansion, and user validation to create instinctive and innovative software to subcontract modernization for the longer term.

To make it possible for a greater number of people to achieve success in a manner that is satisfactory to them, Praxent has made it their mission to infuse more humanity into the financial systems on which we all rely.

Services offered

  • Investment management
  • Website development
  • Software Planning
  • Designing


6. Andersen

Andersen, is a foremost firm in the area of bank software that has been honored with awards, and accolades from many top organizations, in recognition of the company’s outstanding contributions to the area of banking and modified software expansion. The firm provides services that are unparalleled and at present it is prospering as a leading software firm. During this period, the organization has been successful in delivering over 640 different projects.

Services offered

  • Project development
  • UI/UX designers
  • QA engineering
  • Mobile development


7. Hedgehog lab

It thrives as a worldwide digital product consultant that helps multinational brands and companies adapt digital technology to achieve business objectives. The top five financial service organizations are experts in tech integration and business logic. The firm offers exceptional design and product development services with over a decade of expertise.

Its design as well as technical skills are evident in iOS, Android, Website, Immersive, and voice-enabled apps. It is the world’s largest bespoke and financial testing services company because of this.

Services offered

  • Website applications
  • Innovation lab
  • Banking Software
  • Research & Insight


8. Flexcube

Flexcube is proud of its team of highly qualified software engineers, designers, and project managers who are experts in the field of building individualized banking software that is tailored to meet the specific requirements of every customer. They have an in-depth knowledge of the banking business and keep themselves current with quite recent developments and expertise, ensuring that their products are constantly at the cutting edge of innovation. Transaction processing, static data changes, settlements, and reconciliations are only some of the functions that may be supported by its app system.

Services offered

  • Bank application development
  • UX UI design
  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance

MultiQoS Technologies

9. MultiQoS Technologies

MultiQoS Technologies is a trusted financial app developer that provides high-quality technological solutions to organizations globally. MultiQoS Technologies is a trusted technology partner for startups, corporations, and Fortune 500 firms due to its focus on quality and customer success. The skilled developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts who love creating disruptive solutions. Customer-focused solutions that surpass expectations. Their objective is to drive their customers’ digital revolution and success.

Services offered

  • Cloud computing
  • Digital transformation
  • Creative design

 Itechart Group

10. Itechart Group

iTechArt Group delivers developer teams to startups and quickest organizations worldwide. Using pioneering technology and developing marketplaces, iTechArt helps firms increase through Series A to unicorn positions. Over $13 billion in acquisitions and 20 IPOs have occurred.

Services offered

  • Architecture design & platform
  • Integration of software
  • Product movement
  • Social media


11. Scand

SCAND is a forward-thinking and dynamic software development firm that is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technological solutions to organizations so that they may achieve their full potential. They have over two decades of experience, and as a result, they have established themselves as a trustworthy and dependable business partner for startups, SMBs, and companies all over the globe. SCAND is an information technology outsourcing and bespoke software development firm that assists companies of all kinds in accelerating the product development process and delivering their goods to the market more quickly than their rivals.

Services offered

  • DevOps services
  • QA services
  • Cloud application development
  • Outsourcing services

VSM Software

12. VSM Software

VSM Software provides banks with specialized solutions in the areas of regulatory compliance, robotic process automation (RPA), application management, and bespoke projects. They help the technical team with former bankers who are on staff. The firm has worked with several best banks in many countries and maintains strong connections with them.

Services offered

  • DevOps
  • Banking apps
  • Software making development
  • Android app expansion

Zadon Technology

13. Zadon Technology

Zadon Technology provides a broad variety of services. Our proficiency in a variety of technologies results in significant improvements to the productivity and efficacy of sizable enterprises operating in diverse sectors such as Real Estate, Healthcare, Travel and Tourism, Construction, and Telecom, among others. The firm is founded on the ideas of quality with appropriate job management and team development, and quantity with innovation. In addition to our organizational functioning, some departments under the leadership of team leaders are solely responsible for managing the business operations.

Services offered

  • Internet Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website design


14. Kpiteng

Kpiteng is capable of not only developing digital solutions for your company’s future but also transforming your current company into a digital experience using next-generation technology and the highest quality. They have been of assistance to businesses of all sizes, from Startups to Fortune 500s, by delivering constantly developing solutions. You have the option of hiring a software team that will advise you to pick the most appropriate architecture and delivery strategy for your solution.

Services offered

  • Digital transformation
  • Blockchain software development
  • Wearable App Development
  • AI/ML App Development

Upswing Financial Technologies

15. Wapdeity Technologies

Wapdeity IT Solutions was established in the year 2020. The Business Services sector is one of the market sectors that Wapdeity IT Solutions supports. Together, Wapdeity IT Solutions has closed approximately $23.8 billion worth of fundraising through 1919 separate funding rounds with the participation of 3165 different investors. Additionally, they are quite good at providing unique development facilities to client requirements.

Services offered

  • Server/API Testing
  • Custom Chatbots Development
  • Deep Learning
  • Software development

16. Upswing Financial Technologies

Upswing Financial Technologies allows consumer enterprises to offer innovative financial products and to authorize monetary organizations with broader spread by using a platform that is Safe, Accessible, and simple to assimilate for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Certified developers, quality assurance engineers, and business analysts are behind every one of their banking services.

Services offered

Bottom Line

For financial institutions to maintain their position as market leaders, digital transformation is essential. These organizations have the necessary experience and knowledge to assist financial institutions in modernizing their operational models and business strategies. Get in touch with Aegis Softtech right now if you are seeking a partner to assist you with the digital transformation of your bank and financial institution.


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