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Elasticsearch Development Company

If you want to handle any volume of data, you need a sophisticated search engine like Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch is a tool used for searching through large data sets. It can be used in many different industries and different business sizes. The popularity of Elasticsearch is growing by leaps and bounds. Many companies and organizations have used it to index their data efficiently, like Netflix, Reddit, SoundCloud, and Pinterest.

Empowered Clients

There are many different ways to use this tool, including real-time data analysis and search, distributed crawling, and full-text search. By choosing our Elasticsearch development, you will create a tool that will allow you to quickly find what you're looking for in vast amounts of data.

Our Elasticsearch developers have been working with SMBs and enterprises to refine their data analysis, simplify the process and help them reach accurate results fast. If you want to hire our Elasticsearch developers, reach us now.

Why Do You Need Elasticsearch?

At its core, Elasticsearch is a distributed RESTful search and analytics engine. It is open source software development that makes it easier to search and analyze data in real-time. Elasticsearch is used for many purposes, including logging, monitoring, application metrics and analytics, application usage, and business intelligence. But that's not all. There are a lot more reasons why Elasticsearch has become one of the top choices in data analysis search engines like:


Enhance Your Data Searches

Elasticsearch is an advanced search engine since it uses several techniques to improve its search quality and provides quality replies for searched content.


Analyze Social Media Data

The application of Elasticsearch is not limited to only web pages but also can be used in social media to analyze images, posts, videos, and a lot more.


Easily Scale Your Capabilities

Elasticsearch, built on top of Apache Lucene, makes it easy to scale up or down depending on the need and size of your business.


Quickly Integrate Applications

Elasticsearch is designed by keeping integration in mind. Therefore, they help you integrate with applications quite easily and share data.


Process Huge Data Volumes

Due to its flexibility, the tool is used in small and large installations of various complexities - from small websites to enterprise search engines - with many petabytes of data.


Multiple Functions

Elasticsearch is used for site search, auto-completion, analytics and monitoring, security incident detection, log mining, and full-text search in documents.

Our Elasticsearch Development Services

Elasticsearch can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and can easily scale to hundreds of nodes, thousands of indexes, and petabytes of data with near-zero downtime. In addition, with a solid code base and a great deal of documentation available, users can be confident in its reliability. Our Elasticsearch developers India leverage these platform capabilities to provide scalable solutions for enterprises and discover data insights from their big data repositories.

Elasticsearch Consulting

Elasticsearch Consulting

Our team of Elasticsearch developers has expertise in helping you set up the search engine to process huge amounts of data.

Elasticsearch Architecture

Elasticsearch Architecture

We design Elasticsearch architecture to work on various internet browsers and operating systems without any problem.

Elasticsearch Integration

Elasticsearch Integration

We integrate the search engine with various other applications for SEO, full-text search, real-time analysis, and big data analytics.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Our Elasticsearch developers from India design the platform to handle large amounts of data with reduced latency and provide real-time updates to users.

Dynamic Mapping

Dynamic Mapping

We enable the users to store documents in JSON objects using their indexing system to support dynamic mapping and type definition.

Elasticsearch Support

Elasticsearch Support

When you hire our Elasticsearch developers, we extend our support services to maintain your search engine and further assistance with data analysis.

Extract Maximum Value from Your Data

Analytics helps you understand your customers and extract maximum value out of them. If you are looking for a top-notch Elasticsearch developer, you are right. We have a team of expert Elasticsearch developers who have worked on different projects. Our team of Elasticsearch developers India understands the importance of analytics in the business world.

We have the knowledge and experience to develop any Elasticsearch application you want. With our help, you can analyze your business data, conduct market research, track your inventory and receive feedback from your customers instantly by implementing the best practices in the industry.

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Our Technical Capabilities

Every Elasticsearch developer has years of experience working with this platform and handling several data-based projects. We have a team of highly experienced Elasticsearch developers who focus on coding and creating high-quality solutions that meet clients' requirements. In addition, our team collaborates with our clients to deliver scalable, flexible, cost-effective, and user-friendly software solutions.

A Few Functions of Elasticsearch

For most enterprises, Elasticsearch is a game-changing technology that has opened up new possibilities for them. It has helped reduce the total cost of ownership by allowing enterprises to make the best use of their existing hardware investments. Elasticsearch is ideal for handling large data sets with minimum latency and can be deployed on both cloud and on-premise environments. Elasticsearch is used for numerous purposes like:

Accelerated Process Flow

Build a Web Search Engine

Elasticsearch comes with an HTTP REST API that lets you interact with it using any tool you like. By default, it uses the basic authentication provided by TLS for encryption, but other options are also available, which helps set up a simple web app.

Continuous Software Delivery

As a Data Warehouse for Log File Monitoring

Log files are a way to monitor internal server activity like performance, security, application, etc. But what if you want to analyze all this data? You can use Elasticsearch to store log files as JSON documents and perform various queries.

Minimize Complexity

Searching and Viewing Data

You can use Elasticsearch to search through data that has been indexed. For example, if you have a database storing customer details, you can use Elasticsearch to find specific people by their name or attributes.

Worth for Money

Aggregating Data

Elasticsearch includes several aggregation functions that allow you to analyze data by performing calculations and finding trends quickly. For example, you can count the number of people who live in various regions in your country, or you could aggregate the average price of items sold in any given month.

Collaboration Across Workforce

Creating Reports and Visualizations

You can create visualizations and power bi reports using Kibana, an analysis and visualization application built on Elasticsearch. You can then take these visualizations and analyze them to understand the data and get a better visual view.

Ensure Security Compliance

Full-Text Search

Elasticsearch has been designed to provide full-text search capabilities over large volumes of data in real-time. We can use Elasticsearch to power full-text search capabilities for your application or use it as a part of your existing architecture for fast integrated searching and to store hierarchical data.

Our Industry Expertise

A key element in producing accurate search results is having a proper understanding of the content behind it. Our Elasticsearch developers have years of experience working with content in many different forms. We've built everything from enterprise portals to social networks and all the applications. We can help you get Elasticsearch up and running so you can get back to what matters – delivering compelling content to your users.



You can store encrypted medical records on a decentralized ledger and access the healthcare data any time you need.



We can customize the relevancy ranking and automatically return facets or filters for e-commerce apps based on user behavior.



Elasticsearch is a natural fit for finance as it provides useful analytics when finding patterns in your data.



Elasticsearch is increasingly being used in manufacturing to gain real-time visibility into the production and assembly process.



When you want to scale a media platform fast without any hardware investment, Elasticsearch is the best choice.


Customer Service

Elasticsearch is commonly used for log analysis and search use cases to understand customer queries better and automate replies.



Aviation companies like Airbus have used Elasticsearch to make huge documents accessible to every stakeholder.



We can create an internal search engine for government websites to search through millions of documents easily.

Why Hire Our Elasticsearch Developers?

Elasticsearch also offers a RESTful API that allows users to easily integrate their applications with the database, regardless of the programming language used. The entire platform is highly scalable and will enable users to tailor it to fit their specific needs without requiring additional software or hardware. But to make the most of this technology, you need an expert team who can tap into these features and build an efficient solution for you. And this is where our Elasticsearch developers shine.

Customized Approach

Our skilled Elasticsearch developers can customize our existing applications to fit your project requirements or develop a new software application as per your idea. Our custom software development team thrives on challenges as they help our developers to innovate new ideas and create one-of-a-kind applications.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our Elasticsearch development company offers cost-effective solutions to all verticals across healthcare, financial, retail, e-commerce, travel & hospitality, etc. It can help you improve your profitability and stay ahead of your competitors. Our expert CRM developers are available round the clock to deliver custom solutions worth the money you spend.

Technical Expertise

We have experience with all facets of Elasticsearch development, including handling large data sets and implementing features like geo-location searches. In addition, our Elasticsearch developers have many years of experience in the field and the know-how to develop code that will scale to any business size.

Flexible Development

Our dedicated team at our Elasticsearch development company knows what they're doing, and they're always open to new challenges. They are also flexible and ready to work on various aspects of your project, such as debugging and improving existing features, developing new ones, or creating a complete solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elasticsearch is an open-source full-text search engine. It is also an analytics engine. Elasticsearch enables companies to store, search, and analyze data efficiently and quickly. If you have an application of the software that has complex search features and requirements then Elasticsearch is the best for you.

Aegis Softtech’s experienced developers of Elasticsearch can help businesses with analytics, full-text search, security analytics, infrastructure metrics, and much more.

Elasticsearch gets the data from a wide range of sources like applications, logs, system metrics, and more. Data is ingested before being indexed in Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch is used primarily by businesses that deal with a lot of text searches. It is a customizable and extendable engine. The developers use various plugins based on the requirement.

An Elasticsearch cluster is a group of single or multiple nodes that have the entire data. It provides consolidated indexing and search capabilities across all nodes.

Yes, you can hire developers of Elasticsearch to meet your specific requirements from Aegis Softtech. We have a team of experienced developers that can help you with your Elasticsearch projects.

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