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Data Streaming Services

Revolutionize Business Opportunities in Real-Time

At Aegis, the Data Streaming Services help the businesses recognize potential of real-time data. It also helps you to maximize efficiency, build vital business intelligence, and promote innovative growth.


Organizations around the world, in the process of their digital metamorphosis, are becoming increasingly reliant on real-time and near real-time data to define their growth strategies. This is different from static data. The real-time data flows in from varied and disparate sources. It is voluminous and needs additional processing mechanisms to integrate, store, and analyze with minimum or no latency.

Data Streaming Solutions

Manage Latency for Optimized Opportunities
Data Streaming Solutions

One of the primary criteria for successfully providing data streaming solutions is to ensure that latency is eliminated. At Aegis, our data experts have very good practices that are extremely efficient in enhancing server capabilities by estimating the average and the expected maximum loads. We understand that there is no perfect architecture that helps to prepare you for sudden and unexpected user load spikes.

Streaming data is very short-lived. It is ingested from multiple sources and is sent to various destinations, both at lightning speed. Moreover, most streaming servers dispose of the ingested data to ensure performance levels for handling the sheer volume of the data it needs to ingest and the speed at which it needs to process. Business organizations often face problems in replicating the issues, if any, since the errors are identified much later, and the data usually does not exist anymore.

Aegis is your ideal partner to help you wade through these issues. We prepare our solutions to persist data as early in the streaming process as possible. We enable you to repeat the entire data-flowing process to track its source and re-ingest it into the system. This recreates the issue to help in quick redressal.

Technology Expertise for Data Streaming Services

Aegis is committed to delivering quality service in all our engagements. We have upgraded and strengthened the technology capabilities to provide the best development solutions and services to our customers.

Streaming Technologies

Streaming Technologies

  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Flink
  • Apache Spark Streaming
  • Apache Storm
Ingestion and Integration of Data

Ingestion and Integration of Data

  • Apache Flume
  • Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics
  • Talend
Data Storage and Persistence

Data Storage and Persistence

  • Post GreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Amazon Redshift

We Provide Services For Data Streaming Across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Data Streaming Solutions for Industry Verticals

Aegis is a preferred partner for providing data streaming solutions to multiple organizations across industry verticals. We have provided support to organizations in the manufacturing and logistics domain for monitoring their operation data. Our guidance and technical expertise have helped them identify issues and address them as early in the ingestion process as possible. Regular monitoring has helped significantly reduce the cost of maintenance.

Our data streaming services and solutions to organizations in the financial sector have enabled them to analyze transactional data in real time. This helps them to protect their business revenue and accelerate growth. We have catered to organizations in the health care domain helping them to promote telemedicine facilities through real-time data analysis. It helped them improve their remote patient monitoring facilities and enhanced their response time to critical emergencies.

The Aegis Methodology and Approach

Our priority is always helping you achieve optimized efficiency for your business. At Aegis, we are aware of the different ways businesses like to operate. We are always customizing our approach and methodology to cater to your requirements. Our basic approach is a time-tested process that helps to provide an end-to-end solution to all your data streaming challenges.

Step 1: Need Analysis

We work with you to understand your business objectives and data streaming requirements. We identify the data sources, current and anticipated data volumes, real-time processing requirements, and the expected outcome from this service initiative.

Step 2: Solution Design

We prepare the architecture design of the proposed streaming solutions. This highlights and specifies:

  • The streaming technologies that are appropriate for your requirement
  • The frameworks to be used for processing the data streams.
  • The data ingestion methods to be used, for example, sensors, log files, external APIs, and so on.
  • The data storage solutions that are ideal for your business to help you meet your scalability requirements, for example, databases, data lakes, and No SQL databases.

Step 3: Pre-Deployment Setup

We help you configure alerts for data monitoring and ensure security compliance for all data being ingested and processed. To help you integrate the insights you generate from the streaming data into your current organization ecosystem we create APIs and integration solutions to provide your systems with access to these streaming data. Conduct rigorous testing cycles to assure you of reliability and performance levels. These include:

Step 4: Deployment

We deploy the data streaming solutions in the production environment.

Step 5: Post-deployment support and knowledge transfer

We provide ongoing support by applying updates, monitoring the health of the system, and addressing issues, as required. Develop comprehensive documentation for the future reference of your internal teams. It includes architecture diagrams, maintenance best practices, and configuration instructions. Provide in-depth training to your internal team on data stream processing, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Aegis Services for all your Data Streaming Services

Cost-Effective Pricing Models

Cost is an important criterion that must be factored into every business plan. As a company delivering solutions for data streaming to multiple clients, we understand that. Our pricing models are designed by building into that consideration. As a result, our services and solutions are not only cost-effective but also extremely competitive.

Technology Expertise

We believe that to deliver quality, we need to breed quality. Our skilled experts are sourced based on their excellent credentials and expertise. They bring to the job a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the domain. It displays a perfect blend of passion and proficiency which helps them deliver quality in every deployment.


Aegis has a distinct advantage when it comes to serving customers with services for data streaming. We recognize that every organization is different. It is this difference that highlights their uniqueness. At Aegis, we have designed our practices and strategies to preserve this distinctiveness.

Delivery Guarantee

Our efforts to serve the customers with full diligence have reaped their rightful rewards. We have successfully achieved a 100% delivery guarantee in all our engagements garnering more happy and satisfied customers as we grow.

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