How to Become a Business Central Developer in 2024

Have you decided to become a Business Central developer in 2024 as your next step? The demand for experts in the domain of Business Central is growing, making it the ideal opportunity to make the primary strides toward accomplishing your objective.

In this article, we will investigate the fundamental skills and methodologies you need to become a top Microsoft Business Central developer. Whether you are hoping to begin a lifelong career or upgrade your current abilities, this guide will give you all the information you need to prevail in this fast-moving and remunerating field.

What is a Business Central Developer? 

When it comes to planning, creating, testing, and managing Dynamics 365 Business Central-based solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central developers is essential. The following are the main duties:

  1. Extension and Customization: 
  • To address particular business requirements, developers extend and configure the platform.
  • They use Visual Studio Code and the AL Language extension for Microsoft Dynamics to develop and manage apps and integrations.
  1. App Development:
  •  To increase the functionality of Business Central, developers create and construct applications.
  • This entails enhancing current modules, including new capabilities, and making sure Dynamics 365 integration runs smoothly.
  1. Technical expertise:
  • They work with stakeholders, do business process analyses, and provide technical requirements.
  • Their specialty is in comprehending the underlying technological architecture as well as business needs.

The role of a developer is to ensure that Dynamics 365 is optimized, improved, and meets the requirements of the enterprise.

Skills Necessary For A Successful Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer

A Dynamics developer has to possess a number of key competencies in order to succeed in this position:

Knowledge of AL Language and Business Central: 

An expert in Business Central must also have adequate knowledge of AL languages as well.

  • Recognize the fundamental ideas of Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Learn the AL (Application Language), which is the language used to create extensions.

Personalization and Expansion:

A Business Central Developer should always aim to make the platform more user friendly and serve all diverse needs of clients.

  • Create applications that increase the capabilities of Business Central.
  • To satisfy particular business needs, add new features or modify the current modules.

Integration Proficiencies:

Business Central must be free to integrate with other programs as well

  • Connect Business Central to other programs, such the Microsoft Power Platform suite of tools.
  • During updates, make sure that data flows between systems seamlessly.

Debugging and Troubleshooting:

  • Determine the system’s core source of problems.
  • Resolve issues and test fixes to make sure they perform as intended.

Performance Optimization: 

  • Locate Business Central’s performance bottlenecks.
  • To boost system performance, write better code.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM): 

  • Recognize the processes involved in continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) and source control management (SCM).
  • Effectively handle different application versions.

Industry Terminology:

  • Become knowledgeable about the terms used in the Business Central industry.

The Function of Business Central in Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365: 

Be a Certified Business Central Developer

Business Application

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To earn your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer certification, do the following actions:

Exam Preparation:

  • Read up on the pertinent subjects to get ready for the certification exam.
  • MB-820: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer is the certification exam (currently in beta) for Business Central developers.

 Skills Evaluation:

  •  Verify that you possess a solid grasp of the principles of Business Central development.
  • Become familiar with the configuration and modification of applications.

Exam Enrollment:

  • Using the official Microsoft certification portal, register for the certification test.
  • Decide on a time that works for your exam.

Exam Finalization:

  • To show that you understand Business Central development, take the MB-820 test.
  • Obtain the Dynamics 365 Developer Associate credential from Microsoft by passing the test.. Constant Learning: Remain current on newest features and trends.

Business central areas

Research further instructive choices and stay aware of industry best practices.

Take Formal Instruction and Certificate Proposals for Selected Understudies Consider seeking after a degree in software development or computer programming if you’re keen on working in turn of events. Also, you can chip away at advancement endorsements. These can vouch for your capacities and skills. Various preparation drives, including as classes and online courses, give active preparation in the turn of events. They give you functional experience by covering things like customisation and application advancement.

Developer Certificate Projects

Inside the biological system, developers might sign up for certificate programs. These are tweaked to meet the extraordinary necessities of developers that utilize Dynamics 365.

The certificate programs focus on skills including framework mix upkeep, Dynamics 365 arrangement customization, and application and augmentation advancement. Having developers in the Dynamics 365 ecosystem is critical.

These affirmation plans confirm the capacities and information on developers. They give an efficient learning way, as well as current materials and best practices, which are all important to stay serious in the fast-paced programming improvement industry.

Clients and organizations will generally be inclined toward confirmed developers since they are more sound. For developers expecting to advance in the biological system, these capabilities may be an extraordinary benefit.

Redone Dynamics 365 Reconciliation

Knowing the Dynamics 365 biological system and the developer’s place in it is vital for turning into a gifted Business Central developer. Individuals could decide to concentrate by signing up for certified affirmation projects and scholarly courses. Gaining from true tasks and working with prepared developers are two methods for acquiring commonsense experience.

The progress of a business and the bigger Dynamics 365 local area might be effectively added to by developers by completely coordinating themselves into the Dynamics 365 climate and embracing consistent expert development.

Acquire Involvement with Real Time Projects

Inside the environment, developers might acquire real advancement projects. They can achieve this using systems administration with neighboring organizations and programming improvement organizations or via looking for agreement or independent work on web worksheets.

Dealing with open-source projects, taking part in hackathons or coding challenges, and adding to online discussions and networks are successful ways for developers to acquire true improvement experience.

To enhance their careers, developers can team up with more prepared developers by attending industry events, joining affiliations, and participating in coaching programs.

The Business Central Alchemist: Transforming Data into Business Insights with AL

Let us unveil how developers can harness advanced AL coding techniques to unlock deep insights from Business Central data.

Hire Business central developers 

Here are some choices if you want to employ developers for Business Central:


  • For elite developers, engineers, and consultants, Toptal is a marketplace.
  • For software projects with a high priority, they provide a pool of highly qualified independent contractors.
  • In just 48 hours, hire the best 3% of Business Central freelancers.


  • This company specializes in putting companies in touch with the best Dynamics 365 developers and consultants.
  • They may assist you in using Business Central’s potential for your initiatives.

 Aegis Softtech:

  • This company offers knowledgeable developers who can expand, modify, and enhance the platform to satisfy your particular operating requirements.3. Xperti: With Xperti’s AI-driven talent marketplace, you can employ the best Business Central developers in as little as 72 hours.
  • Release the world’s unrealized potential


A strong comprehension of the AL language, expansion improvement, and coordination systems are important to turn into a top Microsoft developer. It’s basic to stay aware of the latest stage Dynamics and updates. Achievement requires establishing significant areas of strength by means of schooling and reasonable experience. Participating in local area exercises and building associations with different developers could yield adroit data and vocation-propelling possibilities.

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