Best 10+ Essential AI Tools in Business Central for 2024

Utilize the advanced AI Tools in Business Central ERP system to get the most out of it. Cloud-based ERP software called Business Central is intended for small and medium-sized businesses in a range of sectors. Business Central has become more intelligent and allows for more effective business operations thanks to improved AI features. We’ll demonstrate how to use these AI Tools in Business Central to streamline and improve your operations.

Microsoft Copilot AI Assistant

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot, businesses are using Dynamics 365 Business Central differently. By smoothly incorporating AI Copilot support into regular procedures, you can obtain real-time assistance for almost any issue. This ground-breaking technology increases efficiency for organizations of all kinds by automating monotonous chores and encouraging innovation at every size. Copilot, the first fully integrated AI assistant in the world, ushers in a new era of productivity and creativity.

Copilot in Business Central Services makes it simple to write persuasive AI-generated product descriptions, which increases sales and saves time. With Copilot’s instantaneously created marketing content, you can also get beyond writer’s block. Copilot creates captivating descriptions by using product features like color, texture, and size. You may even choose a certain tone of voice, structure, and length for the content to better fit your brand.

Copilot streamlines the process of uploading product listings and descriptions in addition to creating them. You may publish product listings straight to Shopify or other e-commerce platforms with a few clicks. By expediting the release of new goods, Microsoft Copilot in Business Central gets rid of laborious manual procedures so you can focus on expanding your company.

The Image Analyzer

Image Analyzer

For Dynamics 365 Business Central, the Image Analyzer is a free add-on (up to 100 photographs each month). To detect properties in pictures, the extension takes advantage of the robust image analysis made possible by the Computer Vision API for Microsoft Cognitive Services. After that, they are appended to contacts and articles for your convenience in reviewing and matching.

When it comes to objects, characteristics might be things like tables or chairs or colors like blue or red. Aspects for contacts might include age or gender.

The Image Analyzer’s operation

Based on confidence level and tags discovered by the Computer Vision API, the Image Analyzer makes attribute recommendations.

By default, characteristics are only recommended when the attribute’s accuracy is at least 80% certain. Still,If necessary, you can adjust the confidence level.

Once the extension is enabled, each time you import a picture into an article or to a contact, picture Analyzer will launch. You may choose what to do with each attribute when you instantly view the information, confidence level, and attributes.

You must go to the article or contact cards and choose the “Analyze image” action if you have already imported photos before activating the picture Analyzer extension.

Cashflow forcast

AI Forecasting of Cash Flow

AI tools thorough cash flow evaluations that provide you with a thorough picture of your company’s performance and financial accomplishments. With Business Central’s Cash Flow Forecast tool, you can gain forecast insights, simulate various scenarios, and evaluate historical data. To get the most out of your cash flow analysis, just activate the tool and adhere to the monthly time restriction.

AI Forecasting

AI Forecasting of Inventory

Every firm must successfully manage its inventory levels if it wants to succeed. A Sales and Inventory Forecast extension provided by Business Central produces accurate predictions of upcoming need. This function helps you predict possible stockouts and minimize the ensuing losses in addition to assisting in determining when to place new orders for inventory. The extension has to be activated before usage, even though Business Central often comes with it pre-installed.

AI Forecasting of Sales


Creating the best inventory management system is difficult. While low inventory levels mean less working capital is needed, shortages might result in lost revenue and disgruntled clients.

Based on past data, the “Sales and Inventory Forecast” extension projects future sales and gives a summary of anticipated shortages. Optimizing recurring orders is made easier by the forecast. 

AI Sales Document Late Payments Prediction

service invoice

You can forecast whether a certain payment will be made on time by using Business Central’s late payment prediction tool. Equipped with this knowledge, you may modify your system or procedure for collecting payments by modifying the conditions or the mode of payment for the client. This prediction plugin uses a model that has been trained using both your own information and data from different SMBs. As you collect payments and issue invoices, Business Central assesses how well your company fits the typical model. In addition, you may create your own bespoke predictive web model by using public models from the Azure AI portfolio.

Bank account reconciliation using AI enhancements:

For small and medium-sized businesses, Business Central’s bank account reconciliation capability with Copilot completely changes the reconciliation procedure. Copilot uses AI to improve the precision of transaction matching, quickly spot trends, and reduce mistakes. The connection gives users the ability to upload financial information with knowledge, going beyond just recommending that the General Ledger (G/L) account for leftover transactions. With this feature, Microsoft has demonstrated its dedication to efficiency and user experience. Its goals are to decrease manual labor, optimize processes, and expedite reconciliations.


AI Marketing Text Suggestions with Copilot:

Marketing Text

Business Central’s Copilot service for marketing text ideas is now generally available, providing a strong tool for quickly and effectively crafting engaging product descriptions. With the help of this tool, users may create rich-text descriptions that are customer-ready and easily incorporated into other marketing activities.

Copilot expedites the process by using AI-powered recommendations based on item qualities, category, and name. This helps customers save time and improve the caliber of marketing material. Users may also customize recommendations and language characteristics in Copilot to match their brand voice. The feature’s reach is further increased by the integration with Shopify, which makes direct item publication to Shopify stores possible and adds to the functionality of the marketing text creation solution.

Custom Processes and System Integrations:

Marketing Text

  • Business Central lets you build unique processes and system integrations.
  • To automate procedures and establish connections with other services, use Power Automate (previously Flow).
  • Simplify data synchronization, alerts, and approval processes.

 Microsoft AppSource Prebuilt Apps: 

AppSource Prebuilt Apps

Look through a marketplace of prebuilt applications and add-ons.

Select from a range of reporting options, integrations, and industry-specific solutions.

Expand the capabilities of Business Central without having to start from scratch. Work together in Microsoft Teams:

  • Connect Microsoft Teams with Business Central to provide smooth communication.
  • Maintain communication with your team, share papers, and work together on projects.
  • Combine cooperation with corporate processes to increase productivity.

Is AI right for your business?

AI or ML Technology

Not every issue will need to be solved by AI. An AI’s price must be justified by its time and effort to set it up and become proficient in its use. It might not be worth the effort if AI only saves you five minutes a week on a task or increases accuracy by a negligible amount. However, it is worthwhile to invest 1% more in accuracy if doing so would result in significant increases in profitability and/or time savings of 10 hours per week.

Risk must also be considered. Leveraging a ChatGPT system and proprietary or private data exposes your company to security and compliance issues. By entrusting the results of crucial procedures to technology that experiences hallucinations, you run the risk of not only violating rules or disclosing private information to the public but also making some very grave mistakes.

Lastly, it’s critical to keep in mind that AI is only a tool. It will also improve the quantity and quality of work, just like any other instrument. In the end, the operator—not the AI—determines the caliber of the output and the estimated time to completion.

Need For Hiring Business Central Developers

Developers for Business Central are essential to the management and incorporation of AI technologies. Their knowledge guarantees careful execution, smooth integration, and conformity with corporate goals.

Developers of Business Central serve as a bridge between AI capabilities and useful business applications, guaranteeing that AI instruments are efficiently employed and managed within the framework of the enterprise.

Here are some famous platforms where you can hire Buiseness Central Developers: 

 Aegis SoftTech:

  •  Leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s full potential to empower your company.
  • Customizes, expands, and enhances the platform to your particular operating requirements.
  • Select the best option to expedite the development of your Business Central project.
  • Top companies believe and trust in our 24×7 available experts.



  • Toptal is a freelancing marketplace for Business Central developers.
  • For software initiatives that are crucial to the objective, select from a pool of skilled people where reputable companies and new businesses trust them.



  •  Provides you with access to top-tier, full-time, remote Business Central developers who speak English well.
  • helps with access to benefits, taxes, payroll, and local compliance
  • Focuses on facilitating the connection between companies, developers, and consultants for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Expand your development team by adding knowledgeable experts.

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