Microsoft announcing Web API 2.1, MVC 5.1, and Web Pages 3.1 for

img developers and researchers is that Web API 2.1, MVC 5.1, and Web Pages 3.1 for development are live now on Microsoft .net site.

You can use NuGet Package Manager Console to quickly install Web API 2.1, MVC 5.1, and Web Pages 3.1 releases for development. Here you have to type commands like this –


For example –

  • Install-Package
  • Install-Package
  • Install-Package

There is some prerequisite mandatory for these releases. You have to use updated version for Microsoft visual studio to use all latest releases on your computer. To use MVC 5.1, download “Visual Studio 2013 Update 1” otherwise you would not be able to edit MVC apps.

List of features in latest releases

MVC 5.1

  • Improvements for attribute routing
  • Template editors are supported by bootstrap loader
  • Views are supported by ENUM
  • Unobtrusive validation for Max Length / Min Length attributes
  • AJAX improvements for “this” context
  • Bug Fixing

Web API 2.1

  • Intelligent handling of global errors
  • Improvements for attribute routing
  • Help guide improvements
  • Support for IgnoreRoute
  • Asynchronous filter support
  • Effective parsing technique for library formatting
  • Bug fixing

Web Pages 3.1

  • Bug Fixing

Tutorials and Help Guide is available for all these releases on Microsoft website. You can discuss about latest releases on .net forums and also submit your queries about the same. You can also discuss with Aegis development team for latest updates on .net and other technologies.

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