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Digital Transformation Services

Shape Your Digital Future with Aegis

Digital Transformation has evolved as a response to cater to this vital need. Our digital transformation consulting services help you to develop sustainable practices that are scalable as per your needs and expand your reach to a global market. Aegis, with its team of diligent and dynamic digital transformation consultants, has revived its service portfolio significantly. We deliver high-quality tailored digital transformation services ensuring brand loyalty.

Empowered Clients
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Solutions

Lead the Digital Race

Using our expertly designed digital transformation solutions we help you identify and recognize the distinctive nature of your business. At Aegis, we have the technical capability and the domain expertise to help you rise above the noise. Our experts understand the uniqueness of your business and recommend the solutions as per that. They help you in making innovative choices for a data-driven, adaptable, and cost-efficient product roadmap.

Aegis’ Technology Profile – The Ace in your Business Stack

Digital transformation is the process of using technology to transform the various aspects of your business to perform with optimized efficiency. At Aegis, our digital transformation consultants make the process of tool adoption easy and convenient so that you can remain focused on your core competencies. Our extensive capabilities aid us while handling multiple tools to deliver the right technologies to make your transformation journey smooth and successful.

Cloud Computing PlatformsAmazon Web Services (AWS) | Microsoft Azure | Google Cloud
Document ManagementMicrosoft SharePoint | DocuWare | Zoho Docs | Ephesoft
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SystemsSAP | Oracle | Microsoft Dynamics
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) SoftwareSalesforce | HubSpot
Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) ToolsTableau | Power BI | Google Data Studio
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)TensorFlow | PyTorch | IBM Watson
Development PlatformsOutSystems | Mendix | Appian
Collaboration and Communication ToolsMicrosoft Teams | Slack | Zoom
Change Management and Adoption ToolsProsci | G2 Crowd

We Provide Services For Digital Transformation Across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Comprehensive Digital Transformation Consulting Services

The digital transformation consulting services by Aegis have touched businesses in ways that have helped to elevate their mission statement to new heights. Digital transformation solutions requirements in every industry differ according to the specific industry goals.

At Aegis, our digital transformation services are designed keeping this requirement variation in mind. Our experts with their vast experience in multiple industry verticals can talk their language to translate their needs and expectations into unique and intelligent solutions.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation for Professional

Our expertise in areas like edge computing has led us to help tax and audit firms, IT service providers, and other consultancy firm amp up their game in the face of stiff competition. We have helped them spruce up their portfolio to cater to the fluctuating market demands and remain relevant.

Our AI and Machine Learning algorithms have also helped in expediting routine processes to save time and effort to use them for more productive business-building activities.

Digital Transformation for Insurance

We have leveraged our robust understanding of the Insurance domain along with our strong technical abilities in the digital sphere to translate and transform the existing business processes of multiple Insurance organizations. We have used data analytics to help them understand customer trends, behavior, and preferences to design customized products.

This has boosted customer retention leading them to generate more business. Our capabilities in robotic process automation services have enabled us to automate several routine processes in the Insurance business like data entry and claims processing.

Digital Transformation in Financial

We have contributed significantly to helping banking organizations configure and run digital banks by implementing mechanisms like omnichannel banking and collaboration. This has helped them save on costs and enhance customer experience by minimizing the need for physical branch visits.

Digital Transformation Consultants of Aegis

How we Transform your Future

Our digital transformation consultants use a thorough and well-researched methodology for delivering solutions that will help you transform your digital journey.

Design Solution Architecture

Define the digital transformation strategy that sums up your vision and mission objectives.

Define the tools and technologies that are best suited to help us deploy this strategy.

Define the solution architecture that outlines the data architecture, interfaces, anticipated user experience, and points of integration.

Define the technical architecture that includes hardware, software, and the cloud infrastructure that will be required to implement the transformation.

Define cyber security measures that are aligned with regulatory requirements.

Assess Needs

We assess your business objectives and help you understand how digital transformation can be aligned to achieve them.

We analyze your existing infrastructure to identify the best way we can implement the transformation.

As digital transformation is a major culture shift, we require the approvals of all major business stakeholders before we initiate the process.

We do a risk assessment and ensure you are aware of the possible challenges and how we plan to mitigate them.

Develop and Deploy

Develop solutions as per the defined guidelines.

Define the change management plan for effective implementation.

Test the solution to ensure performance and functional accuracy.

We also conduct a short pilot test to ensure a fool-proof deployment.

Deploy the solution.

Why Involve Aegis in your Digital Transformation Journey

Aegis has been providing digital transformation services to multiple organizations for decades. Our digital transformation consulting services cater to organizations of all sizes and with varied scope.

Customer-Focused Approach

Aegis has a distinct advantage when it comes to serving customers. We recognize that every organization is different. It is this difference that highlights their uniqueness. At Aegis, we have designed our practices and strategies to preserve this distinctiveness. We take immense pride in our customer-focused ethos.

Technology Expertise

We believe that to deliver quality we need to breed quality. Our skilled software development experts are sourced based on their excellent credentials and expertise. They bring to the job a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the domain. Our experts display a perfect blend of passion and proficiency which helps them deliver quality in every deployment.

Delivery Guarantee

Our efforts to serve the customers with full diligence have reaped their rightful rewards. We have successfully achieved a 100 % delivery guarantee in all our engagements garnering more happy and satisfied customers as we grow.

Cost-Effective Pricing Models

Cost is an important criterion that must be factored into every business plan. All our pricing models are designed by building into that consideration and our digital transformation solutions are not only cost-effective but also extremely competitive.

Latest Insights

When an organization has a greater amount of data stored on the cloud, it will be more successful in attracting new clients, developing development plans, and strengthening its position in the market position. To store data, other types of storage are used. Today, data warehousing consulting services are growing with the providers, and data warehouse vendors have introduced cloud data platforms to the market.

A digital disruptor is a company that uses new tech to change up old industries. These companies find brand-new ways to solve problems, making the normal ways of doing things outdated.