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Microsoft Power BI Development Services

  • Hire From the Top 1 % of Indian Talent from Our Rigorously Vetted Talent Pool.
  • A Team of 15+ Skilled and Certified Power BI Developers.
  • As the Leading Power BI Development Company, We Ensure 98% On-Time Delivery Every Time.
  • 9+ Years of Experience in Delivering Successful Power BI Projects.
Trusted by Clients: Rated 4.9 Stars.
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Prominent Power BI Development Company

The simplistic and appealing visuals of Microsoft Power BI development services make it easy for even employees from non-technical backgrounds to interpret the message the numbers want to convey. With recent developments, Power BI is integrated with Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, where users can ask queries verbally to access the charts and get information. Moreover, Power BI users can access image recognition and text analytics, create ML models, and integrate with Azure Machine Learning.

Robust Power BI Development Services in India

Power BI is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for beginners; however, when building custom, large-scale solutions, you require experienced Power BI development services. Whether creating custom visuals, integrating Power BI with other applications, or proficiency in DAX for complex calculations, Microsoft Power BI consulting services bring specific and industry-aligned technical expertise to simplify and streamline the development.

Aegis Softtech offers strategic Power BI consultation and development services at cost-efficient rates. Here’s how outsourcing your Power BI development needs to our experts can help in increasing your ROI:

  • We have a team of Power BI development professionals in India with in-depth knowledge of advanced features, DAX, data modeling, and integration capabilities.
  • Hiring and training an in-house team translates to excessive usage of resources and time.
  • Scale up and down the team as per the business requirements.
  • Our team of Power BI development experts in India can expedite the development process, leading to faster time to market.
  • We ensure all our solutions are robust, reliable, and refined for optimal performance.
  • As the leading outsourcing provider of Microsoft Power BI services, we extend 24/7 maintenance and support services so your queries can be handled and resolved immediately.
  • Businesses can free up their in-house teams of IT experts when Aegis Softtech experts have accepted the responsibility of building a streamlined Power BI platform.

Empowering Industries: Tailored Microsoft Power BI Services

We use cutting-edge technologies and develop scalable solutions to give our clients revolutionary reporting experiences. As a leading Power BI development company in India, we use the latest technologies and serve all industry verticals.



Our Power BI dashboards allow health professionals to stay up to date on patient status, disease trends, and operational indicators in real time with advanced reporting and monitoring features.



Our Power BI solution helps with insurance claim tracking, monitoring, and analysis. It offers an in-depth overview of claim trends, helps in fraud detection, efficiently manages claim expenses, and improves decision-making procedures.



Telecom expense management data can be collected, analyzed, and visualized with our Power BI to help with strategic decision-making and provide the best results.



Due to our Power BI tools and technologies, banks can quickly make well-informed decisions. The platform will improve your understanding of complex information in real time by integrating and displaying data.



With our retail BI solutions, we help the retail industry in a variety of ways, including improving customer happiness and retention, optimizing assortment, planning marketing campaigns, finding new sales opportunities, and more.



Businesses in the hospitality and travel industries can use our Power BI expertise to segment their client base better, forecast accurately by analyzing reservation data, and manage revenue through complex pricing strategies.



In the pharmaceutical industry, we support decision-making, maximize R&D, monitor clinical trials, and provide market trends.

Our Engagement Models

If you need an engagement plan for Power BI Development Services, we have the flexibility to fit your needs. We will also solve the problems you have been facing regarding data visualization by using real-time analytics for decision-making.

Time and Material

For projects with changing requirements, the Time and Material hiring model provides flexibility, cost savings, access to knowledge, scalability, and time savings. It is perfect for companies with long-term projects that require future adjustments.

  • There are no hidden costs.
  • Only compensate for measurable work.
  • It offers the ability to hire people when needed.
  • An affordable method of hiring professional developers.
  • The capacity to adjust resource levels as necessary.
  • The chance to collaborate with experts in their field.
  • Complete projects quickly while having minimal overhead.
  • Access to specific knowledge and abilities.


It is the most popular model, best suited for short-term projects with clearly defined scope. With this model, you obtain support for part-time or flexible hours based on your needs. It's a rolling contract with pay-as-you-go hourly pricing.

  • There are no hidden costs.
  • Working hours based on requirements.
  • Minimal risk to finances.
  • Only compensate for measurable work.
  • Ideal for on-demand managed support services.

Dedicated Resources

If you have a project that requires special attention, dedicated resources are one of the best engagement models. Employing full- or part-time IT specialists for Power BI development in India can be more affordable for businesses using the dedicated developer model for complex projects.

  • There are no hidden costs.
  • One hundred sixty hours, full and part-time.
  • Monthly billing: only pay for measurable work.
  • Ability to build a team around the requirements of your project.
  • Maintaining dedication to the success of your project.
  • Access to a large pool of specialized knowledge.
  • The capacity to work with current framework environments.
  • Greater responsibility from a committed group.
  • Savings over time from committed resources.


Aegis Softtech is the best company with a team of skilled experts and a track record of completing Power BI projects successfully. To make sure you turn your data to your advantage, we provide personalized solutions that will meet your company's needs, assure seamless integration, and offer ongoing support.

Yes, our Power BI experts have experience in data migration with much data loss. Our team will seamlessly migrate your data to the Power BI platform and ensure its accuracy and integrity.

The development period may vary depending on how complicated and customized a Power BI needs to be. Our team ensures timely delivery of solutions without compromising quality, and the project's needs usually define the timeframe.

The costs of the Microsoft Power BI Services depend on the project scope and requirements. We are likely to tailor our engagement models and competitive pricing to your unique needs while maintaining services to the best of our abilities.

Yes, we provide full scope, ongoing support and maintenance services for Microsoft Power BI products. Our staff ensures everything works smoothly, fixes problems quickly, and updates your Power BI system with the latest features and improvements.

Yes, the steps in our Power BI development process include understanding your business requirements, data analysis, visualization design, development, testing, and deployment. We work collaboratively, including with you, at every turn to ensure the end product definitely meets your goals and expectations.

The significance of Power BI are:

  • One potent analytics tool for tracking business data.
  • You can create a personalized dashboard and combine on-premises data into a single view using Power BI.
  • When producing interactive reports, it is quite beneficial.
  • Power BI includes three distinct national cloud data centers that provide high standards of security, compliance, privacy, and transparency.
  • Power BI has quicker growth and low cost.
  • Every month, Power BI software is updated with new features and functionalities.
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