Data Warehousing in Cloud: Top 8+ Options for Indian Businesses


When an organization has a greater amount of data stored on the cloud, it will be more successful in attracting new clients, developing development plans, and strengthening its position in the market position. To store data, other types of storage are used. Today, data warehousing consulting services are growing with the providers, and data warehouse vendors have introduced cloud data platforms to the market.

Acquisition of a “lake house in the cloud” is a euphemism term that describes this situation. When this is combined with new data warehousing designs and processes that are more powerful and more adaptable, such as a data vault, enterprises today believe that they can considerably maximize their return on data via the implementation of a data warehousing modernization effort.

What is a Data Warehouse?

Cloud technologies are used by contemporary data warehouses to provide more adaptable data processing and analytics outcomes from a wide variety of data sources. That is a fairly comprehensive clarification of what a current data warehouse is. Despite the truth that our definition includes each aspect of what causes a data warehouse to be measured as “modern,” every component needs a little bit more explanation, chiefly about how it differs from more conformist data warehousing.

Data warehouses are cloud-based data warehouses, which is the main distinction among the two approaches. In overall, this distinction is the root of all of the other alterations, like the flexibility of the architecture and the data sources as an example. To make a more accurate comparison between the various types of data warehouses, let’s first take a more in-depth look at the specific purpose that data warehousing serves in the first place.

The Purpose of Data Warehouses

Every scheme that is used for data analytics and reportage is known to be a data warehouse. The procedure of extracting expressive information and insights from data that has been gathered, prepared, changed, and modeled for a specific aim is together known as data analytics. Reporting is the process of producing reports that are understandable by humans based on the findings of data analytics, often in the form of charts or statistics.

Purpose of Data Warehouses

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Data warehouses, which are comparable to physical warehouses, are used to store data at a place that is suitable for carrying out the aforementioned functions. Similar to how a physical warehouse might collect, this data can originate from a variety of sources, including sensors, application programming interfaces (APIs), and even blogs.

Conventional Data Warehouse

A significant number of conventional data warehouses are constructed with the express intention of carrying out analytics for business intelligence. As a consequence of this, they collect just certain sales data from particular sources, and then they carry out particular analyses to create particular outcomes similar to sales projections.

Modern Data Warehouse

Modern data warehouses are far more adaptable than their predecessors since they provide a “mixed bag” of data derived from a variety of sources, which may be structured and used for a wide range of applications. It would be the same as if our real warehouses from previously merged carry both pipe fittings and timber, enabling construction businesses to employ any combination of those commodities that they would need. With all due respect, this is the point at which our parallel to the actual world fails. Furthermore, to enable such flexibility, contemporary data warehousing need to make use of architecture that is as versatile.

There is an extensive diversity of cloud-based data warehousing replacements obtainable to many firms in India, offering them a lot of suppleness in this area. Let’s take a more in-depth look at a few of the quite used data warehousing solutions that are now reachable. Also, appraise the most vital features and benefits of every one of these solutions.

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a cloud-based solution named Amazon Redshift. This service is administered via the Internet. Scalability, rapid performance, and cost-effectiveness are a few of the many reasons why it is so popular. Through the use of Redshift, organizations can professionally examine huge datasets and get beneficial understandings that could be used to gain decision-making creativities. Several firms deliberate it to be the finest choice because of its aptitude to fit in with other Amazon Web Services services and to function queries with the help of SQL.

BigQuery made by Google

The Google Cloud Platform offers news that is serverless, extremely scalable, and less priced. This data warehouse is called Google BigQuery. It lets firms the capability to perform complex queries on big datasets in a speed and effectual way. BigQuery is a practical substitute for many companies who are here to use the cloud for their DWS provisions as the ability to do actual time examinations, in addition to ML, and its simple edge with Google Cloud services.


Snowflake is a cloud-based data platform that combines a variety of data management purposes into a sole platform. These functions comprise data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data sharing, and partnership. In addition to its rapidity, it is well-known for its simplicity of use and scaling. With Snowflake’s one-of-a-kind design, calculation and storage are kept discrete, which allows organizations to grow their resources independently according to their actual requirements. As a result of its provision for organized and semi-structured data and user-friendliness, it is an extensive selection between firms of adjustable sizes.

Data Warehousing: 8 Best Companies for Businesses

Data Warehousing Companies for Businesses

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Businesses in India can inspect their separate needs and choose the solution that best meets their demands in terms of performance, scalability, easiness, and simplicity of use by evaluating the many cloud data warehousing solutions that are now available.

1) IDeepeners

Getting the most out of your digital marketing efforts is something that the firm assists e-commerce merchants like yourself in doing. You may put your faith in us to handle the digital requirements of your company since we have assembled a group of specialists who are well-versed in many fields. It is either excessively costly to hire service providers, or they just do not give the level of job that you are looking for. Suppose you were able to locate a firm that could deliver within your financial constraints. The great team of data engineers is comprised of analytical brains who have been selected for their expertise and are producing results from all around the globe.

2) Emeis Technologies

Emeis has developed into a technological firm over the last several years, and it has a demonstrated history of providing high-quality deliveries to organizations that are very demanding all over the world. It has a group of individuals that are highly driven and inclined toward development, and they can produce or bring about a change in the product services. They are the appropriate team to collaborate with if you are seeking individuals who have both passion and heart to build products that touch a suitable touch with their consumers. They have an appropriate mix of innovation in products and customer services, which makes us the right team to partner with.

3) Dualboot Partners

To provide high-quality private data warehousing solutions experiences, it is necessary to place a strong emphasis on finances. It is just as crucial to have digital communication that is accurate and efficient with both customers and employees. Customers get the impression that they are working together in a real manner.

4) Rheal Software

In addition to assisting with the replication of databases to the cloud data warehousing, Rheal Software is also available to help with the integration of reports and an analytical dashboard to their website. A significant consideration in their decision was the level of experience that the organization has in the subject topic. Rheal Software was given a list of business-level needs as well as a DB Manager component simulator, which made it possible for them to make quick progress on the creation of features.

5) Binmile

In 2017, Binmile Technologies was established as a major digital strategy and product engineering firm with branches all over the world. The company’s headquarters are located in India itself. With solutions that are at the forefront of the industry, they provide services that include app testing, online and e-commerce development, app development, and bespoke software development. They provide customers all over the world with experienced guidance as they negotiate the challenges of their digital transformation, which is driven by the most recent technology.

6) Darly Solutions

A software development business that puts your ideas to life, Darly Solutions is a company that you can trust. The company develops individualized mobile and online apps that are tailored to your specific development path. Their track record demonstrates that they are capable of developing software that is of high quality, scalable, and user-friendly. This software automates company operations, which in turn saves costs and enhances productivity.

7) VCreaTek

The consumer Analytics Team at VCreaTek assists customers in locating answers to all of their data-based questions and assists them in making well-informed judgments for their organization. They provide services that are associated with data warehouses.

8) Yellowbrick Data

Yellowbrick Data was recognized in 2014, and the firm is now coming to market as Yellowbrick Data Warehouse, a solution that falls under the group of flash storage data warehouses. In its initial version, Yellowbrick used hardware that included analytic blades that were made with both NVMe flash storage and CPUs. These edges were linked to one additional by an internal network. Cloud object storage, such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), is included in the cloud storage architecture as a means of providing permanent storage, in a deviation from additional services in the public cloud that are similar to this one.


The use of data warehousing in cloud has become an absolute need for businesses in the modern business climate, which is completely driven by data. If intelligent insights are powered in real-time, the process of making decisions based on data becomes much less complicated. For top Data Warehousing companies in India to make the most of CDW. They need to think about either moving their current data warehousing workloads or constructing new consolidated data environments on the cloud. By using this strategy, businesses can take advantage of all the profits that data warehousing in cloud platform have to offer.

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