How Content Creativity Influences eMail Marketing?


Creativity opens up many opportunities in marketing industry; you just need to know how to make it happen. Giving a start with handful of interesting facts for your readers is a good trick to hold them till the end.

The email content of your email marketing program influences your brand image. It is a vital element to engage more readers. Your email marketing success is depending on what your readers or recipients view on their tablet, smartphone, and desktop screens. They usually crave for creative content in your messages, i.e. –

  • Text
  • Images
  • Layout
  • Graphics

Text includes your headlines, product description, call to action, footer, article introduction, definitions, etc. Images can be product hero shots, icons, logos, diagrams, etc. They also see the layout of your message in the mail and check the background colors and graphics that make the content appearance attractive.

Nowadays, online selling business has become an ideal concept of “content marketing” among savvy digital marketers. People notice the content, which educates, explains, assure customers, and entertains the readers, is more impactful than one-note hard sell messages.

Making your emails more interactive and attractive to the readers is a great concept to start with email marketing

You need to think about the emails that you select to receive. Newsletters and promotional stuff are just awesome ways to get into email marketing. However, it is a tough task, moreover challenging one for those who are making promotional emails and corporate newsletters because of management involvement (CEO, boss, sales manager, legal department, etc. might have involved in designing newsletters for company’s clients and product users). Such distinctive personalities make the job of content writer and developer tough due to different taste and preferences.

Digital marketing is a new trendsetter, but what it is doing in email marketing segment?

Marketers have started making maximum utilization of digital platform. The idea to add personal voice, customer voice, and reviews is an innovative thing to do with email marketing.

Tracking user-generated content for your emails is next best thing that works great in email marketing. You can track the customer generated content on the basis of 4 things:

  • Testimonials
  • Comments
  • Reviews
  • Media content

Besides these major sources, you can also take help of your call center, inbound email messages, blogs, product review pages, social networking sites, and media sites to track client-generated content. It is advisable to ask your clients and users to use their comments and testimonials for your official work. You don’t have to rely on vague user agreement for this thing.

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be beneficial for email marketing?

Email and marketing automation into CRM system help you in raising your marketing effectiveness chart. Such tools also help a business in driving ROI more frequently and offer:

  • Visibility to sales and marketing teams
  • Access customer and prospect data
  • Lead nurture campaigns

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