Essential Tools for Asp.Net Apps and Software Development


Things that a developer needs to deliver a successful solution

Aegis professionals have got three major essentials for web development community and with this post we are going to explain each point in detail and make you understand in most proficient manner.

Developers are generally having two choices- either get familiar with useful tools for software development or know the basic necessary tools to implement on app solution. Smart developers required both of the things- they need to understand both the useful and necessary tools for app development in framework. They break these tools into three categories-

  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Browser Tools
  • Version control

IDE or Integrated Development Environment

It is a core piece of software development and used by developers on regular basis. Visual Studio is a default IDE for MS developers as it comprises of everything required by developer for building, testing, and debugging web applications. With this IDE, developers are able to focus on app development project and write code instead of handling multiple applications.

Microsoft keeps on enhancing its popular IDE with regular patches, extension support and add-ons.

Version Control

Sometimes developers waste their so much time in recreating previous version controls. They should know that a simple rollback is sufficient for that. They can use version control for every software development project regardless the size. Git is a popular and freely available tool that provides- support across multiple platforms, user-friendly interface, integration with Visual studio, and website tools via GitHub

Browser tools

Out of all browsers, chrome suite is powerful developer tool that allows programmers to scrutinize each and every aspect of a web page including JavaScript, resource files, CSS, etc. It also provides a JavaScript console. A developer can easily change CSS and other things on the go to access an instant preview without making changes in the source.

All these three tools are most crucial development tools for programmers and development team to design web applications. In case we have missed any tool, you can share in your comments. We would like to receive your feedback for this post.

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