How to Handle the Drill on Subtotals in Tableau?



If I create a table viz in tableau Which has subtotals in it, when I drill on the subtotal value it shows all the values instead of showing only the subtotal data?


Let’s first understand the problem statement?

We have a summary dashboard with Product Category, Product Sub Category as dimensions with subtotal for each Product Category.

Subtotals in Tableau

I have another Detailed Dashboard which gives us the details for State, Country and Sales Amount.

Subtotals in Tableau

Now let’s create an action (drill from the summary page to Detailed Page).

Below is the action setup that we are using:

Subtotals in Tableau
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Now we will see what happens when I click on the subtotal of ‘Furniture’:

Subtotals in Tableau

On the drill page, it should have shown me the subcategories which fall under ‘Furniture’ Category. But I can see all the subcategories on the drill page. So the filter on subtotal is not working here.

Subtotals in Tableau

As we are now able to successfully create the problem mentioned above. Let’s look out for the solution or ways to handle this.

  • 1. Uncheck the ‘Run on single Select’ option

    • (a) We can uncheck the option of ‘Run on single select only’ and let the user select more than one value for the drill action.

      Subtotals in Tableau
    • (b) So what this does is, it let the user click on the header ‘Product Category’ and get the desired action results.

      Subtotals in Tableau

      And now the drill is working fine, showing us the product category ‘Furniture’

      Subtotals in Tableau
  • 2. Create another sheet for the subtotal

    This solution is feasible only if you are sure about the dimension values that won’t change in near future and the dimension values are very few.

    For our example, we are using ‘Customer Category’ dimension with values ‘Corporate’ and ‘Consumer’

    • (a) First we will create each sheet for ‘Consumer’ and ‘Corporate’ values and place them one below the other in a vertical container.

      Subtotals in Tableau
    • (b) Now we will create each sheet for the subtotal of Consumer and Corporate and place them below each of the sheets created for Consumer and Corporate.

      Subtotals in Tableau
    • (c) Now remove the padding for all the sheets and do the formatting for subtotals.

      Subtotals in Tableau
    • (d) Now we can create an action on these 4 sheets that will take us to the detailed page. Let’s click on Consumer Subtotal and see if our drill works fine.

      Subtotals in Tableau

      So now the drill is working fine:

      Subtotals in Tableau


Thus, the above two options will help us in tableau professional services to solve the issue of subtotal drills. You can choose one of the above depending on your requirements.

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