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Hire Pentaho Developers

In the era of digital transformation, your data assets have become critical. However, to get the most out of your data assets, you need to leverage the right technology and partner with a professional resource. Pentaho, an open-source integration and business intelligence platform with analytics and data integration capabilities, has gained popularity in recent years as it combines these capabilities into a single platform.

Empowered Clients

If you are looking for a solution that can help you develop applications based on Pentaho, our Pentaho developers India team can help you. They have a proven track record of developing end-to-end business intelligence solutions using Pentaho. Pentaho engineers help you to create custom dashboards and auto-populate reports based on enterprise data. Reach out to hire Pentaho developers today!

How Can Our Pentaho ETL Developers Help You?

Pentaho is one of the leading business intelligence platforms in the world. It combines reporting, data integration and analytics into a single platform. It enables users to access, visualize and explore all data from any source.

Our developers are well versed with all the different components of Pentaho. They can help you with data integration, reporting and analysis to dashboards, predictive analytics and mobile BI. And here are a few ways we can help you.

  • Data Sources

    Connect with Data Sources

    Our experienced engineers use the platform's drag-and-drop interface to pull together data from disparate sources across your business, whether on-premise or in the cloud. We also merge multiple data streams into a single source for easy reporting, analysis and visualization.

  • Role-Based Dashboards

    Create Role-Based Dashboards

    We help you create a single view of all information related to specific roles within an organization. Users can easily access the dashboards we build via web or mobile interfaces. We also ensure that they provide drill-down functionality to access underlying details as required by the user.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Predictive Analytics

    The predictive analytics engine provided by Pentaho allows you to analyze trends in your data and predict future outcomes based on that analysis. Our Pentaho developers India will use this tool to provide valuable insights into your business processes.

  • Deploy Reports

    Design and Deploy Reports

    Our Pentaho ETL developers can build highly customized reports that provide a detailed picture of your organization's performance on critical metrics. We can also deliver advanced reporting and analysis capabilities such as visualizations, calculations, slicing and dicing of data, guided analysis processes, etc.

  • Production Lines

    Creating Efficient Production Lines

    We can help you create real-time dashboards that give your employees instant access to their key performance indicators (KPIs) to make the best decisions for your production lines. This helps reduce bottlenecks and improve manufacturing efficiency.

  • Multi-Dimensional

    Multi-Dimensional Analysis

    We leverage the OLAP feature present in Pentaho for multi-dimensional analysis so that you can get detailed insights into your business metrics. We also create customized reports with Pentaho within a short period and can also create streamlined processes for the same.

Pentaho Developers India For BI Solutions

Our team at Pentaho consultants India can help you integrate new systems with your existing infrastructure to create a streamlined, efficient operation that doesn't interrupt your business. We help with various aspects of data management, from creating new ETL lines and customizing new data platforms to revamping legacy applications and migrating to new ones. We'll ensure you get the best solution possible and work with our clients to get exactly what they need.

Data Warehousing

Our Pentaho ETL developers will help you create an enterprise-wide data warehouse that caters to all your business needs with minimum investment and a complete, scalable data warehouse.

Data Integration

Our Pentaho engineers work on the latest versions of Pentaho tools, including Kettle, Metadata Editor, Spoon, etc., to provide services for your business needs.

Data Visualization

Our team has expertise in providing end-to-end services for data visualization using Pentaho tools like Community Dashboard Editor (CDE), Interactive Reports (CDA) etc.

Business Reporting Analytics

You can hire Pentaho developers for creating intuitive and interactive reports based on complex data sets using tools like Jasper Reports Server or BIRT.

Migrate to Pentaho

Our Pentaho consultants India team will ensure a smooth transition from your existing BI platform to Pentaho so that your enterprise can leverage its complete range of benefits.

BI Application Revamp

We work on real-time and batch integration connectivity with legacy systems and create ETL processes to revamp & make sure that it's capable of handling large volumes of data.

Hire our Pentaho Developers across

  • USA

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  • Singapore

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  • Australia

  • Japan

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What Sets Our Pentaho Engineers Apart?

We understand the importance of data analytics in every business. We are also providing you with a team of dedicated Pentaho developers India who can help you develop a complete data management and analytics platform. Our experienced engineers will ensure that the BI solutions we design for you are scalable, secure and extensible so that you get maximum ROI from your investment.

Custom Platform for Business Insights

Our Pentaho ETL developers use this open-source business intelligence tool to help you gain insights into your business data by building interactive dashboards, reports, and big data analysis tools.

Affordable, High-Quality Solutions

At Aegis Softtech, we are committed to providing you with high-quality, affordable services and a quick turnaround time so that you do not have to wait too long for us to complete your project.

Simplify Complex issues

Our Pentaho consultants have an in-depth understanding of this platform and can suggest ways to figure out the best approach to unravel your complex data problems — and our Pentaho engineers can help implement it.

Complete Support Beyond Deployment

We provide end-to-end support in creating and integrating Pentaho solutions with your existing systems. Our services begin with a consultation and continue until we have developed a practical solution for your business.

A Few Use Cases Our Pentaho Consultants India

If you have a business-critical application, you naturally look for the best people to build it. The decision to hire Pentaho developers can be challenging, but we've worked with many of them and know they are the best. Our skilled Pentaho consultants in India are highly experienced and well-versed in various business performance management areas. As a result, we can help you streamline your data processes and quickly get usable insights.

Market and Customer

Market and Customer Analysis

We work with clients to provide the insight, analytics and intelligence they need to understand their markets. This includes data analysis from multiple sources, including social media, to help clients understand how their customers perceive them.

Performance Management

Financial Performance Management

We can assist with designing and implementing a broad range of financial solutions to analyze various aspects of your business, including profitability, revenue, credit risk, budgeting, forecasting, variance analysis, segment profitability analysis, etc.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Our Pentaho consultants India guide companies to make data-driven decisions by analyzing large amounts of raw data and transforming it into useful information. This leads to informed business decisions, which leads to better outcomes.

Corporate Performance

Corporate Performance Management

We help organizations set objectives, follow through with them, and evaluate performance right from Pentaho. As a result, we can improve decision making, increase profitability and growth, manage risks more efficiently, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Frequently Asked Questionnaire (FAQ)

Pentaho Community Edition is downloadable for free. This edition includes the full functionality of Pentaho BI but does not include technical support.

Pentaho Enterprise Edition is subscription-based. This edition includes all of the features from the Community Edition plus support for additional data sources and platforms, more advanced dash-boarding capabilities, advanced metadata management and other features. In addition, enterprise subscriptions include technical support and commercial licensing for embedding Pentaho products into commercial applications and software as a service (SaaS) applications.

Yes, you absolutely can. Our team can help integrate Pentaho into visualization tools and libraries for easy access.

Pentaho consulting services are empowering your business to achieve its goals. However, the consultant you choose must understand the challenges your organization faces. It takes an experienced hand to avoid pitfalls that can derail your BI initiatives. We have technical expertise in various domains to guide you through the process.

We have worked across several domains, including retail, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, education, aerospace and marketing.

Here are examples of Pentaho BI projects we have worked on:

  • Providing a global performance dashboard for the commercial teams of a leading healthcare firm.
  • Building a data warehouse to provide dedicated reports for users using Microsoft Excel and PowerBI tools.
  • Designing and implementing a self-service reporting portal with integrated dashboards based on Pentaho CDE.
  • The implementation of Pentaho ETL functionality to transfer data to a new finance system.

Our developers can design aggregate functions to combine the datasets you need using custom operations. We can also create streamlined processes to simplify the aggregation and create functions for further analytics.

Yes, Pentaho is known for its scalability to accommodate your growing requirements and data volumes. In addition, we leverage the clustering features of Pentaho to scale your operation across different systems.

Sure, we can. Our team can work in your preferred time zone and get involved in as much of a capacity as you require. We're pretty flexible about the hiring models based on our client requirements, so reach out to us, and we can figure out the best approach.

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