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Financial Technology Solutions

Digitization is the buzzword in the financial technology solutions sector. But there’s one lesser-acknowledged word that comes to a close second – uncertainty.

While we are modernizing our applications, processes and solutions to evolve with the new demands, the future is mysterious and uncertain. During such times, you need a reliable technology partner to have your back and support you in every development.

Aegis Softtech is one of the top providers of financial technology services, helping companies to manage and get ahead of the fintech innovations. We come up with practical, modern solutions that financial companies can implement to progress and expand.


Envision Your Financial Operations Without…

Business Risks

We know how serious and troubling a risk can pull a financial organization and we take every step possible to mitigate it.

Fraudulent Activities

While the actual fraud activities aren’t in our hands, taking steps to prevent them from becoming an issue is.

Too Much Manual Intervention

We all understand what happens when too many hands are involved. We automate your common manual tasks and avoid most errors.

Security Problems

You don’t ever have to worry about conducting secure transactions with our senior financial consultant guiding you.

Regulatory Issues

You don’t ever have to worry about complying with the regulations with our thorough financial compliance consulting.

Unsatisfactory Customers

You want your customers to stay happy and so do we. We offer various financial consulting services and tools to take care of that.

We deliver Financial Technology Solutions Across

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Germany

  • France

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Our Financial Consulting Solutions

Aegis is an experienced financial consulting company with over 12 years of experience in this domain. We work with various financial institutions like loan providers, banking providers, wealth managers and insurance providers to automate their processes, improve security and customer experiences. Our fintech financial services will enhance your time to market for new products and optimize the existing solutions with the right technologies.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

We digitize the CRM banking services for smartphone users to easily access and conduct their financial transactions. We deliver superior, user-friendly customer experiences with m-banking solutions.

Netbanking Portal

Netbanking Portal

If you want to develop, revamp or expand the netbanking portal, then hiring our fintech experts is the right choice. Right from planning, user understanding to delivery and support, we’ll be there with you.

eWallet App

eWallet App

Many financial institutions are realizing the benefits of eWallet and are in the process of creating one. We develop innovative, simple and user-centric eWallets with various third-party integrations for a smooth experience.

Loan Management Portal

Loan Management Portal

We develop loan management software that has everything necessary to analyze and grant a loan. We include features like risk checks from historical data, data filling, credit costs and automated loan processing.

Insurance Management Software

Insurance Management Software

There can be so many steps involved in granting and processing the insurance. We develop a central interface for storing customer details, insurance limits, and tools to check and validate insurance claims.

Data Analytics Tools

Data Analytics Tools

We customize the data collection, management and analytics software for your financial institution. We create data flows and set up visualization tools to simplify and gather useful financial insights.

Our Technology Solutions in the Financial Sector

Take any company from the financial sector. We can notice that almost everyone talks about innovating with new technology and improving customer experience. But how can you make yourself stand out from the crowd? Well, this is when you need the help of veteran fintech experts.

With our financial technology services, we provide a whole berth of options to achieve iterative growth in the market and a supportive team to build your requirements.

Development of IT Infrastructure

For financial institutions of any scale, we help design, develop and implement an IT infrastructure with security features, integrations and new simplistic, automated features.

App Migration

We migrate any application to a new portal with minimal downtime and customize the new application for easy operations. We also structure features and modify them as necessary.

CRM Setup

Creating a financial CRM is essential. We build new financial applications from scratch or develop an existing CRM to quickly store and process customer information on the cloud.

Financial Enterprise Solutions

This can be anything from the development of a new enterprise fintech application to the tweaking of an existing one. Our team will work alongside you to innovate enterprise apps as needed.


Real-Time Analytics

When you want to come to the top in your sector, you need to know what lies ahead. Our real-time analytics and tools will help you get instant information about your market and decide your strategy accordingly.

Financial Reporting

Creating reports is an everyday occurrence in any financial organization. We simplify this process by automating most of the tasks and creating systems to generate simple, visual reports.

Financial Compliance Consulting

Staying within the walls of the regulations at all times is mandatory for any financial company. Our consultants will help you to manage and monitor your operations for compliances.

Fintech Support Services

Our team will extend our support even beyond project delivery with our regular support to monitor and maintain your application. This way, you can make innovative changes whenever you need.

Why Work with Our Adaptive financial consulting ltd?

  • We are fintech experts with immense experience in handling various tech challenges for the last 12 years.
  • The next-gen technology applied with our financial consulting services has helped many companies to stay ahead of the market trends.
  • With our financial market experience, we can assess and gain a better understanding of your target market quickly and customize the software for maximum user satisfaction.
  • We have developed many omnichannel banking portals, contactless payment options, P2P payment and in-app currency options with our fintech financial services.
  • Our senior financial consultant has worked on several projects, including cryptocurrency operations, ICO and AI-based financial algorithms.

If you want to know more about our process of financial consulting solutions, you can reach out for a free consulting session now.

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