Why Offshore .Net Developers Love Plug-Ins And Scripting Languages?

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Plug-ins is an excellent style that helps the developers of asp.net web development team in adding new functionality to the browser. The .net developers just have to download simple piece of the code that plugs itself to the appropriate place in the browser. Plug-in guides the browser that new functionality has been added. You just have to download the plug-in once to your browser.

Plug-in add powerful and fast behavior to the browser. Writing plug-in is not a simple task; it cannot be taken as a part of building a particular website. Extensions can be developed using plug-ins and these extensions are added to browser without the permission of browser manufacturer. It is also possible to create new client side programming languages using plug-ins.

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Scripting Languages

Plug-in further resulted into development of browser scripting languages. The best thing about scripting language is that it is easy to understand as they are written in simple text which is taken as part of HTML page. At the same time, scripting language loads very quickly as you have to hit the server only once to display the web page. The code is also visible to everyone to get an idea about scripting language.


Scripting languages has become integral part of software engineering today. And Software engineering is a difficult and often unruly discipline. For the past half century, computer scientists, system architects , and software engineers have sought to make creating software system easier by providing reusable code. Let us have a close look at the history of software engineering. At first, programmers created computer languages to conceal the complexity of machine language and added callable operating system procedures to handle common operations like opening, reading, and writing to files etc.

Other developers grouped collections of common functions and procedures into libraries for anything from calculating structural loads for engineering (NASTRAN), writing character and byte streams between computers on a network (TCP/IP), accessing data through an indexed sequential access method (ISAM), and creating Windows, graphics, and other GUI widgets on bit mapped monitor.

Many of these libraries manipulate data in the form of open record data structures, such as C language “struct”. The main problem with record structure is that the library designer could not hide the implementation of data used in procedures. This makes it difficult to modify the implementation of library without affecting the client code because that code is often is tied to particular details of the data structures.

By the late 1980s, object oriented programming became popular with C++. One of greatest advantages of OOPs was the ability to hide certain aspects of library’s implementation so that updates do not affect client code. The other important advantage is that procedures were associated with the data structure. The combination of data attributes and procedures is known as class.

Today equivalent of function libraries are class libraries or toolkits. These libraries provide classes to perform many of the same operations as functional libraries but, with the use of sub classing, client programmers can easily extend these tools for their own applications. Frameworks provide APIs that different vendors can implement to allow you to choose the amount of flexibility and performance suitable to your application.

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Plug-in guides the browser that new functionality has been added. You just have to download the plug-in once to your browser.

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