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How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Will Conquer The Cloud World


Aegis Softtech team is sharing this news with CRM users and development community. In this article, we are discussing the things which make Microsoft winner of the cloud wars.

The cloud war is on and Google and Amazon.com are trying to cope up with the competition. Scratching and jotting the way to extend particular cloud hosting client bases, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development is making a difference with its unique cloud computing efforts.


Even when Google has introduced recent cloud services upgrades and price cut, it was then matched by Amazon’s unlimited photo storage package. The news for Microsoft fans is that the company has determined the real opportunity to generate cloud revenues. It is not the hosting, that’s already a commoditized business. It is delivering the MS suite of software solutions via the cloud, and continuing to add delivery channels and solutions through strategic partnerships.

Cloud based solutions offered by Microsoft include Office 365, MS Dynamics CRM, and Azure platform. With all of three cloud based solutions, Microsoft has discovered a winning formula in its drive- with which it is going to win the cloud wars. The company is making attempts and working on the suite to expand its software-as-a-service, or SaaS, line-up.

Few weeks ago, company announced partnership with Salesforce.com and at first glance, it seems counter-intuitive because dynamics CRM is a direct competitor. The company is focusing on empowering individuals and organizations to achieve more productivity.

The integration of Office 365 with Dropbox will enable users (including iOS and android) to edit their office documents directly using the Dropbox application, they will be able to access their Dropbox accounts from Office and in this way, Microsoft is expanding the scope of every solution. Just like the Salesforce.com partnership, Microsoft has got better Dropbox deal and the company will more likely to enjoy the largest profit share via the cloud technology.

The Microsoft cloud’s revenues are at the top of the heap with the annual run-rate - $4.5 billion (approx). It is currently leading the cloud war and making its strategies working everywhere. The company is making efforts to get Office into maximum individual’s hands- on any endpoint and device. Its focus is on delivering SaaS solutions to as many clients as possible including strategic partners.

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